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The White Polymath Girl

Codex kept staring at the unknown woman, as her response was still not enough.

How would this person change his world? Did she know about his nanobots somehow? Did his last mission draw attention from the people he got warned before?

"Where is your guardian? Did she just leave you alone?"

Codex pointed towards the door of the room Tira was on.

"She needed to take a bath."

He had heard Tira say that when they were driving back home, he assumed that this was what she was doing.

"Oh, a bath, you say? Interesting. I wonder if it is a bubble one. You guys had a big day at the Mall, so very possible. I better check to see if she needs any help then." and so she stood up and headed towards the door.

Codex found it reasonable and nice of this person to help Tira when she may be in need. It seemed like she was a good person.

After the Polymath got in, a scream was heard.

"GET OUT. WHO DO YOU THINK… What are you ?…. "

Codex heard no noise other than a splashing noise like something entered an extensive amount of water.

A few moments passed as the Polymath exited, having most of her clothes being wet and her lower part had a few bubble bath remains.

"She will join us soon. Pretty cute, you are a lucky one."

Codex didn't know what just happened, but it seemed like something big happened between the two in this short time. He noticed the unknown woman licking her lips. It was like she wanted to taste something, but Codex saw nothing on them.

She went and sat where she was sitting before, and soon enough, Tira came out wearing a bathrobe and a towel on her head to cover her hair. She looked towards the white Polymath with eyes of anger and some embarrassment at the same time.

She sat next to Codex, but in a way to be between him and the unknown woman.

"Who are you? And why are you here?"

"Straight to the point. Ana told me you were like that. I must admit you tasted better than I thought."

Tira's face turned a bit red after the woman's response.

'Is she somehow a monster? Tira doesn't seem to be wounded, so what could she had tasted?'

Codex was clueless about what happened, but the voice in him told him to just keep spectating things for now.

"So you work with Ana? Did she send you? We already said know to here and her business proposal."

"I know you did, and of course you did. I mean, Ana is great in many things, but speaking with others isn't her forte. But I am certain we can speak and come to an agreement. Or we can have some more fun and call it a day. Win-win situation, right?"

Tira's eyes were wide, and her face turned redder. Codex became more curious about the reason behind these reactions and their meanings. Could this woman be using some kind of Spell on Tira? Codex hoped that it was the case as it would mean that magic existed, and possibly he could learn how to use it too.

"You asked me who I was before the party started. Well, my name is Jasper. Nice meeting you, Tira and Codex."

"How… how do you know our names? And how did you find where I live? I said nothing like that to Ana."

The Polymath, named Jasper, had a smirk on her face as she responded to Tira's question.

"I have my ways. However, I learned nothing about the boy other than a name. This is quite rare and one of the reasons I am here. Also, he seems to have drawn my cousin's attention, so I had to see him with my own eyes. But if she described you better, I would be here sooner."

Tira seemed to be speechless, as she wanted to say something, but no words came out. Codex kept wondering if it was some kind of Spell.

"Well then, let's stop fun for a bit. Just for a bit, though. As you understood, I work for the same company Ana does, and I am here to make you an offer to join us. I can offer you more than Ana may have told you as well some private gifts."

She winked towards Tira at the end of her last sentence.

"I…. I told Ana that we don't care about working with you people. So you…"

"I am afraid this isn't an option. You haven't seen what we can offer as a company, and you just had a slight taste of what I can offer. I would suggest following my back to the office to take a look and talk there. I would like to see Codex in action, too, as Ana didn't seem to be there for it."

"As I said…. "

"We will come with you."

Tira turned with eyes full of surprise towards Codex. He rarely spoke unless someone spoke to him first.

"Are you certain about this? I don't think…. "

"It is ok. Taking a look can't be that bad."

Codex was curious about what those gifts they talked about were, and he wanted to try more games like the ones he played in the Arcade. Maybe this time will be something more challenging.

These people may had more machines he could look at to raise his journal too.

But he still had in his mind the warning of his inner voice and Soryn to be careful, so he wouldn't act without thinking.

"Great choice. You are going to have a bright future, I can tell. So ready to go?"

"I need to get dressed first."

Tira stood up and headed towards her room.

"So, Codex. Why don't you tell me a bit about yourself? Maybe starting with why you were in the hospital not that long ago?"

Codex looked towards her with clear suspicion now. He knew of some characters in the books he had read that were asking questions to the main character, and most times, they were working for someone not so good.

"I don't remember anything before the hospital."

It was the truth, and he was certain that it wouldn't reveal anything big, as having amnesia seemed to be something common, or at least he had encountered it a lot in the books he had read on Tira's tablet.

"Interesting. Then how about Tira? Do you know anything about her? Maybe hearing if she is seeing someone?"

Codex wasn't certain what she meant with that, but a name came into his mind.

"We saw Robbe the other day."

"Robbe? Who is he? How close are they? Is he rich or just good-looking?"

Codex just shrugged, as he didn't know how to answer any of those questions

"Come on. You have to had noticed something? Did they kiss? Maybe left you alone for some time while they had some private time?"

"No, they did nothing like that…. I think."

"What do you mean you think?. Didn't you pay attention?"

"Well… what do you mean by kiss?"

Jasper stayed quiet as she got confused for a second. Then a smirk appeared once more on her face.

"Oh, you little devil. Do you want some of the private gifts, don't you? Well, you are cute, but I think I will pass for now. Maybe soon I can make a 'deposit'."

Codex didn't know what she was talking about, but he didn't let it appear on his face.

Jasper stopped asking questions, and they just waited for Tira to return after getting dressed. She soon was back wearing different clothes than before.

"Nice options. You got style, girl. This is going to be so much fun."

Jasper stood up and started heading toward the main entrance to exit the house. Tira and Codex followed her, and they saw that a crown was outside.

The reason was that someone landed a helicopter in the open space in front of Tira's house. Outside the helicopter's door, there was a fully black-dressed tall human male. He was well-built and wore similar black classes to Ana.

Jasper, of course, headed toward the helicopter as the man that seemed to be still till then started shouting to the people to make way for them to pass.

Joe was among the crowd, and he seemed shocked seeing Tira getting up to the helicopter.

Tira seemed to enjoy that reaction.

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