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Rewards and the guest

Codex noticed more small broken pillars around the place, so he started putting them back together. When he finished one, it would light up to make the number carved on it clearer to see.

But he noticed that some were lighted up red, while others green.

Eight of the ten minutes had passed, and he had just finished his 20th pillar that produced the green light. He guessed that the green ones were parts of the password, and since he found as many as he could type, he was ready to move to the next part of his mission.

But other than knowing the numbers, he still didn't know what order to put them as there wasn't any indication on the pillars.

But then Codex noticed something as he looked at all the correct pillars. The intensity of the light of each one was a little different but barely noticeable if you were watching them separately.

He started organizing them to order from less bright to brighter, which Last Angel helped him with. It seemed like this nanobot really knew what to do in this situation.

He had only two chances left, which was all he needed if his idea was correct. He started inputting the numbers in order, from the one being less bright to the one being brighter.

As he inputted the last number, his countdown was at 20 seconds, and as he pressed the green button, a click sound got heard, and the door slightly opened, as its lock disappeared.


Congratulations on completing SUB-PORTAL 1910

Reward: 40 Exp, ???



Congratulations on reaching Level 2

Reward: 1 Stat Point




Succeeded in your first manual sub-portal mission.

Reward: 1 Skill Point




Succeeded in your first manual sub-portal mission.

Reward: 1 Skill Point




Have two of your nanobots being of a Special Type

Reward: Mentor Function Unlocked




Description: The user can pick a group of at least ten nanobots. The one with the smallest level among them will be the lower limit of the rest of the user's nanobots


It amazed Codex that completing a simple mission led to that many changes. When he had completed the Portal, he had just taken some Exps and the TP Recovery, but now he leveled up for the first time and had a new function on his System that would help him save time.

It took him almost a day to let all his nanobots do just four simple assignments, and that didn't even make them all to level up, but they were close to; just need one more assignment. But now, he could make them all reach level 2 since he already had over ten nanobots reaching that level.

He would have to only focus on them to level them up, but he probably still needed to train them for their Skill, but nonetheless would save him a lot of time.

There was the familiar sight of a portal at the other side of the exit, which Codex used right away. And so he was back to his body once more.

He focused on the MENTOR FUNCTION, and a panel appeared with ten boxes, each with a plush icon. Pressing the box opened another panel which contained a list of all his nanobots, by name or id.

Soryn, Little Angel, and #6354 took three of the slots. Then he picked seven more that were level 2 and prioritized the ones with the highest number of assignments. And that way, all his nanobots were level 2.

He checked on Soryn and noticed that his number of assignments didn't change, but Little Angels and #6354's did increase. He also named #6354 since was one he had to keep using to grow in power.

His right was red, and it reminded him of the red of that weird sign of the restaurant they made a stop with Tira after leaving the hospital. He decided to name it Robbe, after the one who delivered the food.

Robbe was the only nanobot he had named and still was a Task Handler, but Codex was certain that this would change soon.

He called out Little Angel so that he could see his status.


Nanobot Little Angel(Lvl 2)

Battery: 100%

Type: Technician

Skills:  Communication Lvl 3, Hack Support Lvl 1

Successful Assignments: 7


Codex knew that Little Angel got a new Type cause of the notification he got, and it couldn't be for Robbe, as he had done nothing to help. Although he didn't know exactly what the Technician type could offer him, he had an idea of how Hack Support worked.

While he was assembling the pillars, he could feel like something was guiding his hand a bit. It wasn't like Little Angel was telling him what to do, but was passing his experience to Codex's actions, but wasn't controlling them.

He then decided to open his Status to see what changes there were.


Name: Codex

Level: 2

Exp: 0/300 (0%)


HP: 110 (100%)

SP: 30 (100%)

TP: 1(9%)

Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 8

Charisma: 5

Unused Stat Points: 2


R-Tech Hacking: 3

Y-Tech Hacking: 1

B-Tech Hacking: 1

G-Tech Hacking: 1

W-Tech Hacking: 1

D-Tech Hacking: 1

General Tech Hacking: 1

Tech appraise: 1


Unused Skill Points: 1

Jounral Entries: 27


Leveling up seemed to have done a few changes, like increasing his HP and SP and the maximum of TP he could have as he had 1, and it was at 9% instead of 10%. He also now had two points for his stats, as also one for his skills.

He wanted to use them, but he still didn't know how hard it would be to acquire them. He still wasn't confident what his stats or skills affected, other than his Tech Hacking Skills, increasing the chance of success in hacking the type of machines of the same type as the skill.

He decided to wait and research before deciding what to do with them.

He then turned towards his laptop, which was finally connected to the internet after completing the Sub-Portal mission, as he decided to call them.

He wanted to search for different laptops and mouses to see if that would add them to his Journal, but he heard a weird sound from outside his room before he got the chance to type anything. The sound was a part of a melody, but too short but not too annoying unless played over and over, as it was now.

Codex followed the sound, which led him to the main entrance of the house. It seemed like someone was outside and probably was the reason for that weird, annoying sound. Some knocks on the door followed before he heard a female voice, presumably of the one knocking and making this strange sound.

"Open up. I don't have all day."

Codex wasn't certain what to do, but it seemed Tira hadn't heard of their 'visitor' probably because Codex heard some actual music from the room she went to.

Since he wasn't certain what to do, he was curious about who was behind the door, so he opened it. He had seen Tira doing it just a couple of times, and it wasn't something too difficult to do.

Behind the door, there was a pale white-skinned female Polymath. Her hair and most of her makeup were dark, making the white of her skin look somewhat more white than should, as also her eyes were blue, like Codex.

"Finally somewhat opened. You know it is rude to leave a lady to wait for that long."

She didn't wait for Shingi to say anything as she walked in and took a seat at the living room sofa.

"This place is quite small. I mean my wardrobe is bigger than this. Well, that will change soon if you are as fascinating as I hear."

Shingi sat near her but still kept his distance as he didn't really trust her, even if neither Soryn nor his inner voice said anything. Maybe they just still deciding about her.

"Who are you? And what are you doing here?"

A smirk appeared on her face, and she examined Codex with her eyes.

"I am here to change your world."

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