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Bot Improvements

The movie was amazing.

It showed a few places and towns very different from the one Codex has seen until now.

The buildings in the movie were wooden and looking somewhat similar to each other. In contrast, the ones he had seen until now through their drive with the car differed greatly from each other.

He and his little Second Lieutenant were also interested in the way the Protagonist fought.

He could feel some slight movement at his sleeve now and then, which he presumed to be Soryn trying to copy the martial art moves from the movie.

Codex couldn't see him, but it seemed like Soryn had some fun in trying that.

'Maybe he will start fighting like that at the next portal.'

He tried to imagine Soryn fighting like that, but it was slightly difficult to imagine as Soryn's body wasn't human like, and the moves probably wouldn't work the same.

He noticed Tira also punching the air a few times and letting some strange sounds similar to what the Protagonist was while fighting.

When the movie ended, Tira turned towards Codex.

"What did you think? The quality of the image may not be the best, but the action was, don't you think?"

Codex nodded as he enjoyed it.

"I have some more for us to watch. They gave me a day off for tomorrow, so I don't have the wake up early. Want to pick the next one?"

Codex was curious about what else there was to see, and he started checking a few small boxes that seemed to contain a circular piece that Tira had put in one machine before the movie began.

There were on the box arts of the movies, and a lot had the same person they just watched on them.

Then he noticed one that seemed different from the others. Instead of people, it had some other strange creatures in poses similar to the moves he had seen in the last movie.

There was a small one at one corner, which his body had a few similarities with his nanobots but still far from it. At least it seemed closer by the rest.

"Do you want to watch this? It is an animated one, so it was more comedy, but I think it has some action in it too."

Tira noticed he was spending more time looking at it.

Codex gave it to her as he was curious to see it. He noticed two more with a similar name, and one fat, white and somewhat partially black creature was on all the covers.

The movie was in a world with animals instead of people, and they were practitioners of Martial Arts who seemed to be the most respectable.

The little creature in the cover didn't appear as much. But it seemed to have given a few ideas to Soryn from what Codex could understand from his movement at his sleeve.

He was interested in how a tiny bot like him could make his sleeve move like that.

'Maybe he is training with others?'

They were too small to do things by themselves, even if they were stronger for something of their size.

He would check if they got any new skills later. For now, he enjoyed the movies.

Tira's tablet screen blinked once in the middle of the fourth movie, and it heard a short 'ding' sound.

She used the small device to pause the movie as she went to check it out.

"An email from FireDigital?"

FireDigital was one smaller company belonging to FireCom. They were responsible mainly for products of pure software like apps and games.

She opened the email, and she saw they let her know about her payment for breaking some records of their main game.

She was confused and thought it to be a prank of short, but then noticed that the name used on the leaderboards was Codex.

She turned towards the boy, who was waiting patiently for the movie to continue.

"Hey, Codex, could you answer some questions of mine?"

He turned his gaze towards her as he nodded.

"While you were in the room, did you play any of the games on the laptop? Especially a platformer puzzle solver one."

"Yes, I played it a bit."

His statement of playing it 'a little' confused Tira .

Not anyone could beat the levels, especially not after playing the game 'a little.'

"Do you remember playing it in the past?"

He shook his face to deny it right away.

She just ran towards his room and returned with the laptop in her hands.

She opened the game, but since midnight passed and it was a new month, leaderboards had reset.

But she could see the game's history. He had played some of the past levels, and each one only once.

"Do you mind playing this game once more? New levels are out."

Codex didn't mind doing so even if he wanted to watch the rest of the movie, but he was interested in seeing what new would be in those levels.

This time he heard the voice inside him speaking after a long time, telling him to go slower.

He started playing the game at a slow rate compared to before. Even so, it looked fast in the eyes of Tira.

It was like watching those professional gamers during e-sport events into her eyes.

He cleared the level without dying once and was first on the leaderboard, but it was still the first day, so it didn't mean it would stay there.

But compared to past times, he was definitely going to be in the top 10 or even top 5.

"That.... that is so cool."

She was amazed how quickly Codex was adapting like he had played the level thousands of time and knew what it was coming.

Codex finished the first new three levels, and at each, he got first place.

He then stopped as the levels didn't seem that interesting.

There were a lot of some differences, but to him, they looked the same as before.

"Why did you stop? Does your hand hurt?"

"No. I prefer watching the movie."

Tira forgot what they were doing before in her excitement at finding out his skill in the game.

"Oh, sure, we can keep doing that. Maybe later you can finish them all?"

The reward of breaking the records wasn't a small amount, but neither a fortune of getting only one. But Codex seemed like he could beat a lot of them with ease, if not all.

She wasn't getting paid too much from her work in FireCom, and even if they provided the house, she wanted to buy one of her own.

She thought it might use Codex, but he played a game to have fun. Also, since she probably would be his legal guardian for some time, she would move with her to the new house.

She would also buy him some gifts and had an idea already for the first one with today's unexpected payment.

They watched the rest of the movie and called it a night as Tira said they would do some shopping tomorrow.

He returned to his room as he called Soryn to check if anything changed with him.


Soryn (Lvl 2)

Battery: 100%

Type: Second Lieutenant

Skills: Communication Lvl 4, Martial Arts Lvl 1

Successful Assignments: 9


It seemed he actually learned a new Skill but didn't get any extra assignments.

His Communication also leveled up, which should be because Codex gave him the task of ordering everyone up to complete the assignments.

He called forwards any more that may have any new skills other than communication, and there were four more who had Martial Arts but at Lvl 0, which was the first time he saw a Skill be at Lvl 0.

He noticed that all of them were usually staying near Soryn when acting as his skin.

'I guess Soryn likes his neighbors.'

He ordered Soryn to teach the rest, but this time, instead of no response, he barely noticed Soryn bringing out its small antenna and blinking twice.

It seemed he couldn't teach them to others, and possibly they had to show interest in it.

He didn't mind having specific groups with unique skills, as it would make it easier to grow them instead of trying to make everyone learn everything.

He ordered Soryn to continue with the rest of the bots to continue the assignments as he went back to reading books, and especially ones related to games or a system.

He was looking to see if he could take any good idea how to improve his bots.

He also read the book that he got Soryn's name from, even if it wasn't about either a game or a system.

It was about a world of magic and about one being able to control all the Elements and how he trained to do so.

He got interested in magic, but it seemed to be someone in books only and not something he could do.

Although he hoped he could do something similar as the descriptions of the Spells looked so interesting.

He took the laptop with him and was reading some books that Tira had in there, as he also used his TP that he got when midnight passed to add the laptop to his Journal, making it much easier to use it.


R-Tech Hacking Proficiency raised to 3.


This was his fifth entry at the Journal, and everything until now was of R-Tech. He was interested in raising the others Skills Proficiencies, but he needed TP for that.

Since it's been a full day, he tried to use his recharge mode.

He remembered saying the cooldown would increase if used a short time after being available again, so he waited for that much to try it again.

He soon made it work with the laptop as with the tablet, but he was doing more pauses this time.

In the end, things seemed to work better.


Restored 1 TP by use of recharge mode.



Restored 1 TP by use of recharge mode.



Recharge Mode changed to cooldown for 24* hours because of overuse.

*time will increase if more abuse happens in a short time after the cooldown.


He got 2 TP this time, and the cooldown didn't increase since he waited.

He would test in the future if taking longer breaks would cause more TP.

Now that he had more TP, he wondered if he should use them.

He still hasn't used his TP RECHARGE, which could give him 1-5 TP, but he wanted to keep it for later if he could raise his TP max so it would be more effective. He wasn't sure how rare was that item, even if he took it from an Easy Difficulty Portal.

Since the machines he added to the Journal with his made him easier to use, he used his TP only if he wanted to use that machine.

He continues reading on the laptop until another notification appeared.



An R-Portal got detected.

Difficulty: Hard

Do you want to access it?



Codex was ready to pick yes right away, but he could feel something inside him telling him not to do it.

It wasn't the usual voice, but something else.

He tried to detect its source, and he noticed it came from the desk, and more specifically from Soryn, who was standing there.


Soryn (Lvl 2)

Battery: 90%

Type: Second Lieutenant

Skills: Communication lvl 5, Martial Arts lvl 1

Successful Assignments: 9


It seemed like Soryn leveled his Communication at lvl 5 and could send simple messages to Codex without the use of his antenna's light function.

Codex was happy to learn this and heard the opinion of his not to accept the Portal Mission.

For now, at least.

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