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New Home

The first thing Codex did was to open his Status Panel.


Name: Codex

Level: 1

Exp: 60/100


HP: 100 (100%)

SP: 20 (100%)

TP: 0 (0%)

Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Intelligence: 15

Wisdom: 8

Charisma: 5

Unused Stat Points: 1


R-Tech Hacking: 2

Y-Tech Hacking: 1

B-Tech Hacking: 1

G-Tech Hacking: 1

W-Tech Hacking: 1

D-Tech Hacking: 1

General Tech Hacking: 1

Tech appraise: 1


Journal Entries: 4


He then looked at his Nanobots.

Everyone had learned communication at Lvl 1, as it seemed the Nanobots had shared his orders for how to communicate with him to everyone else.

#1318 was the only one who had that Skill at Lvl 2.

Also was the only one with different types than the rest, as he had checked what this option was, and it was named Second Lieutenant.

Nothing changed on its stats after he made the change or the way the bot looked.

He thought that way has to do with when he was in the Portal's Space, where he could see what this different type could be about.

He started testing what he could do with them and making them complete assignments.

After a few hours of testing, he came to some conclusions.

When a nanobot completed a Specific type of assignment, it wouldn't count as a new assignment if it repeated it or did similar tasks.

For example, the one who had brought him the Tira's tablet in the past wasn't getting a new assignment from bringing him any item, no matter what it was.

But moving the item away from him and leave they considered it a different Assignment.

He made all his bots do those two assignments by moving small things in the room and bringing them to him and then taking them back to where they were.

He noticed that if he called many nanobots, part of his skin disappeared and could see inside him.

He found it disturbing, so he was using small numbers not to reveal too much, even if that meant it would take more time for every bit of his to fulfill those assignments.

He also tried to give them some new ones to reach them all to Lvl 2, and he found some in the end.

He made them work together to use the laptop to select one of its apps, which counted as one assignment, and he wanted them to keep using some of the other functions of the laptop. Still, it seemed like the assignment counted as using the laptop and wasn't adding any others to the list.

There were some actual books in a small library, and he gave them the assignment of them to turn the pages of the book while he was reading them, which also counted as one.

He needed one more for all his Nanobots to be at five and Level Up.

He looked around but did not know, for now, so he focused on letting them all do those four, at least for now.

He didn't need to communicate with each of them, and after a while, he found out that he could give the task of organizing them to his Second Lieutenant Nanobot #1318.

Since it seemed he would count this one more in the future, he wanted to give it a name and not call it with just a number.

But he wasn't good with names, as he only knew the ones mentioned in the books or the people he met in the hospital.

"Maybe give him one from the books? But which one?"

He tried to look at the library for any books, as he didn't remember any name that seemed suitable.

He came across one that he didn't read.

At its cover, there was the face of a man. His hands were raised at the height of his shoulders with open palms. A sphere of light between the space of his palms existed that had a light blue color.

The eyes of the man were purple, which seemed to be a strange color for one to have.

It was a story about magic that Codex had shown interest in, and he would try to read this one later.

The antenna of #1318 was emitting color of similar color, so Codex gave it the author's name.


Nanobot #1318's name going to change to Soryn

Do you accept this change?



He, of course, accepted it and called Soryn to check his stats.


Soryn (Lvl 2)

Battery: 100%

Type: Second Lieutenant

Skills: Communication lvl 2

Successful Assignments: 8


He felled proud of seeing the name in place of just the number, and he decided he would name his bots accordingly if their type would change.

He wouldn't come up with names for everyone as there were just too many, so he would name only the few who would develop in a different path from the rest.

He noticed that still none other than Soryn have taken a different option of type.

He commanded Soryn to teach others to be the same as him, but didn't seem to fulfill this task.

'I should be more careful who I order to do things next time I get into a portal from now on.'

He hadn't noticed back then, but Soryn was also giving commands to the rest of the bots, following the tactics of his master. So he was the one making them fight better without being ordered by Codex what to do all the time.

But Codex tried to remember everything that happened back then and remembered the movement of the antennas of Soryn, which was happening when the bots were talking to each other.

Since he could leave the training of the bots to Soryn, he saw if he could find anything interesting on that laptop.

It was like the tablet, and just he had to use a surface of it to move a strange pointy icon to select things instead of clicking on the screen.

He had read for it at his research on the tablet, so he was familiar with using it.

It had little, mainly a program to get access to the Internet, which, from his understanding, was the best way to find things, but the voice warned him before he entered the Portal that they monitored the Internet.

He didn't know what to search, so he saw what else the laptop had.

It seemed to have some simple games that he tried to play.

There was a platformer one that he had to move through obstacles by jumping over them or solve some puzzles of pressing a button or leave something heave to keep it pressed, so a door to open and remain open.

His speed of clearing levels was extraordinary, as he had broken a few of the records on time needed to finish this level.

He needed to put a name for his record, and he used the name Codex as he didn't consider it would be that big of a deal. The records were meant to break in the end.

He moved then to other games, like a racing one or some simple solo card games, but none of them had any leaderboards or record to break, but he enjoyed them.

Little did he know that the game that he broke the records at wasn't one game installed on the laptop by default, but one Tira had bought in the past but gave up on it as it had a competitive community.

Its concept was simple, but it had a simple term that the rest of the games didn't have.

If one were at the top 3 of one of the levels' leaderboards, he would get paid.

The amount of payment depended on the level's difficulty, and the records were getting reset each month.

This made the players keep playing to break the records, making the company earn more than what would give for payments.

They were introducing new mechanics to make the levels more difficult each month to keep the players active, even if there seemed like the one earning the payments were specific people in the end.

But today was the last day of the month, and Codex had broken the records of half the levels and reaching the top 3, with most being.

It surprised people at the forum of the game to appear on the last day and break all these records.

Some even researched the name, and there was no entry in the past of someone with the name Codex.

The ones who got out of the top 3 were furious. Their records weren't beaten by a few seconds, but by a few minutes. They probably would die in the spot if they knew that all those were the time of Codex he took in the first try of playing each level.

People posted, asking, and some demanding Codex make an appearance to teach them or have a 'conversation.'

But Codex wasn't aware of those, as he didn't know of the existence of the forums.

After playing a few more games, he read some books with the help of the bots turning the pages since they already had the assignment to do it.

At night, he heard footsteps towards his room and called all his nanobots back.

It was Tira as she entered the room.

"Dinner is ready. I see you are awake. Oh, were you reading those old novels?"

Codex nodded as he currently had one at his hand, which he had just started a few minutes ago, and was halfway in finishing it.

"I am not hungry."

He enjoyed trying the food, but it didn't seem to give him anything other than tasting something nice.

"Do you want to watch a movie then? It would be best if you didn't stay in the room for so long by yourself."

Codex thought about it, and if he wanted to continue his training, he was curious about what that 'movie' was.

So he stood up and followed Tira out to the living room.

She told him to sit on the sofa.

"I will make some popcorn and brink soft drinks. I hope you like Martial Arts movies. I had found a classic one from before the Advent. Back then, it was the Golden Age for these movies, as now they are adding too many special effects."

Codex did not know what these Martial Arts were. He was curious, but not only him.


Soryn asks permission to enable SHARE EXPERIENCE with user Codex.

Do you accept?



Codex was curious about it and didn't consider it something big would happen, so he accepted.

Soryn came out from his position and hid under the sleeve of Codex but saw towards the screen.

Tira came with a bowl of what she called popcorn and those glasses of soft drinks.

Se then used a device similar to the one Codex saw the one called Joe using that stopped the noise in his room.

The big screen started showing images of a place from above as some texts were appearing, and music was playing.

'So this is a movie.'

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