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The way to new home

He was back, and he noticed from the clock of the tablet that almost one hour passed.

'Wait, why do I know how to read time now?'

He had noticed the numbers at the top right corner, but he wasn't sure of their use then.

He had this knowledge of how to use the tablet and some of its functions better than before.


Entry updated at the Journal.

Entry name: Tablet RG-650(R-Tech)


He was happy that he got this notification and was more pleased when he noticed that it didn't cost him a TP after checking his Status Window.

Nothing had changed at his Status Window.

So he decided to see if anything changed at his nanobots that he took in the portal.

He noticed that the ones that got destroyed there were fine here but noticed when he opened them that their status was slightly different.


Nanobot #4876 (Lvl 1)

Battery: 10% (Minor Weakened)

Type: Task handler

Skills: Communication Lvl 1

Successful Assignments: 2


He wondered what the weakened meant besides the battery percent.

A panel appeared in response to his question.


Nanobots with Weakened State can't restore their battery level. Their skills and actions will be less effective while working on fixing themselves.

The state's duration depends on its severity.

Minor: 2 hours

Basic: 8 hours

Major: 1 week


He noticed that all of them got one Successful Assignment added to their count and the Communication Skill, and all had it at Level 1.

He noticed that those who didn't get killed in the battle not only didn't have the Weakened State but had increased their S.A., as he called it from now on, by two instead of one. That was except for #1318, whose S.A. got increased by four instead, and reached the highest S.A. among them all.


Nanobot #1318 (Lvl 2)

Battery: 12%

Type: Task handler (+1 choice)

Skills: Communication lvl 2

Successful Assignments: 7


He noticed that the other two with three assignments before and now had five were also Lvl 2, but their communication was still Lvl 1 and didn't have the +1 choice at their type.

They needed five assignments to level up but didn't know what exactly needed to raise their skill level. Codex doubted it had to do with the extra S.A., so maybe it was cause he interacted with it more than the rest.

He commanded them all to go back in place and work on fixing themselves or recharge.

He didn't notice anywhere at his Status Window mentioning his TP Recharge but then remembered a mechanic that some had in the books he read.


A new panel opened with 20 boxes that seemed to be slots of his inventory.

Only one of them wasn't open and had a strange yellow pill icon and the text x1 at the top right corner.

That meant he could stack them together if he got multiple of the same item, although he didn't know what he could store in the inventory.

He tried the only item he currently had, his tablet, by pushing it at the panel, and it actually disappeared, and one of the empty slots had an icon of the tablet.

He pressed the icon, and three options appeared.


Scrap (+1 TP, Defective Mechanical Parts)


Upgrade (Requirements not met)


The Upgrade option was greyed out, meaning he couldn't use it.

He was interested in trying the Scrap one, but since Tira would notice her tablet gone, he decided against it.

He picked the Drop option, and it appeared in his hand.

He wasn't sure how it worked, but he was confident that it would be pretty helpful in the future.

He continued reading stories on the tablet, which he noticed was a bit more responsive than before, although it may be because he knew how to use it now.

The rest of the night passed doing nothing else but just read most of the books on the tablet.

His reading speed was inhuman as he was each book in matters of minutes where it would take hours or even days to do so.

The tablet could barely keep up with its speed as it looked like he just kept going to the next page.

At midnight a Panel appeared, letting him know that 1 TP of his got restored.

He decided not to use it for now.

Tira woke up early in the morning and noticed her tablet being with Codex, who wasn't under his covers anymore.

If one were looking at him, it would look like he was browsing at the tablet and not actually reading.

"Good morning, Codex. Are you excited about today? I will check with the Dr., but we should soon be out of here. I see you are reading. Found any stories that interested you?"

"A few."

Of course, if she knew that a few, he meant a few dozens, she would think him crazy.

She wasn't worried about him getting access to any work-related pieces of information as their latest security system locked everything.

"Do you mind borrowing it for a bit? Will need it for a few papers of me I don't have with me."

Codex had his fill and knew that it wasn't the last chance he would get to use it.

She seemed to open an app, and she had a confused look for a second.

"It loaded it faster than normal. Did they finally release the new software update?"

She waved goodbye at Codex for now as she headed towards Dr. Angler's office.

She was away for less than ten minutes as she returned with Dr. Angler and the first nurse he had met after waking up.

The nurse brought one of those hover chairs.

"You should be able to walk by yourself by now, but I suggest some more rest to be safe. Will use this to get you at the car of Miss Tira."

Codex didn't find any of that completely unreasonable, so he followed the instruction of Dr. Angler.

On the way out, he saw more nurses and doctors, who smiled at him as he seemed like he got discharged. Some even wished him to have good health and take care of himself.

They soon reached the main lobby of the hospital and the main door and headed outside, where there was a parked car.

He had seen some pictures of cars from the history books on the tablet, but this one looked nothing like it.

It had some similarities, but it had no wheels, just some similar machines like the chair he was using to make it hover.


New entry added at the Journal.

Entry name: Hover Car

Details: Can make traveling easier


Codex was pleased once again with increasing his Journal Entries, but no new function yet.

He was sad, though, that he once again had no TP and had to wait a few hours to get one by Recharge Mode.

'Maybe at five, I will get something.'

His nanobots Leveled up at five S.A., so maybe he would get something at five Journal Entries too.

He got in the car and sat in the right front seat while Tira sat at the left front, which was the driver's one.

She helped him put on his safety belt as she pressed a button to lock the doors and another one to start the hover boosts.

They didn't fly but just hovered a few centimeters from the ground.

She put some music to be heard by a machine that here was in the car.

Since he didn't have any TP, he couldn't learn what it was, and the voice was silent for a while.

The last time it heard anything from it was before he went into that portal.

He hoped it didn't just disappear as it was pretty helpful.

They didn't try too far as Tira stopped in front of a big building, but not as big as the hospital they left from.

It had a sign written on it 'The Summer Lobster' with red letters and a mechanical Lobster in a kettle.

Tira got out her phone and called someone.

"We are here."

She then ended the call, and after a few seconds, a man came out with some bags in hand.

"You got just in time. Everything was just cooked, so they are still warm. Is that the lucky guy?"

"Thanks, Robbe. And yes, he is the one I had told you about, but I didn't think you should call him the lucky one."

A smirk appeared on Robbe's face as he spoke again.

"Well, he got access to the forbidden grounds before me. If that doesn't make him lucky, I don't know what is."

She got out of the car, took the bags from his hands, and put them on the back seats in a box that seemed to fit the bags of food perfectly.

Then she smiled at Robbe, who smiled back and not noticing her hand hitting the top of his head until it was too late.

"I told you now to call my house like that, especially in front of others. This attitude is the reason I haven't called you there yet."

Robbe seemed like he wanted to say something, but the scary look on Tira's face made him stop from saying anything.

"Well, then I better head home before the food gets cold. Thanks once more for it."

"It was my pleasure to serve you, my lady."

She ignored what he said as she got in the car and drove it once more.

They were driving for a couple of minutes as they reached an apartment building.

It seemed to have at least a dozen of apartments at first look.

"Are you able to walk or want help?"

"I can move by myself."

She took the bags with the food and told Codex to follow her.

There were some of the other residents around who said good morning at Tira.

"Look who returned. Little Tira and this time even brought a brat with her."

They looked towards the source of the voice. At a window of the apartment next to what seemed to be Tira's, since she was heading at its door, there was a man.

He had short brown hair, quite pale skin, and seemed like he quite fat.

He was holding a bag with chips, and one could hear some voices speaking from the room he was currently in and different background noises, some of who weren't making sense of coming from the room.

He pointed with a device in a direction in the room. He pressed one of the tool's many buttons, and the noise and voices had stopped.

"Do you have any problem with what I do, Fatty? Last time I checked, I wasn't giving any reports to you."

"You may regret these words soon. You know my last invention go..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. You are going to become a billionaire by it and bring you to the top of the Company. You have already said that as many times as many chips as you had this week. Over a million."

The person looked at her with a look of hate before getting back in, and the noise began again.

"Ignore him. He is Joe and works for FireCom like me. He thinks he is going to make billions with one of his ideas, but none of them have worked till this day."

She unlocked her door using a card she had and inputting a code at a keypad.

The place seemed big for a single person to live by herself.

They sat at the living room table as they had what they took from the restaurant, which, as expected, were different Lobster dishes.

Codex didn't feel hungry yet but tested them since he was curious about how each tasted.

In the end, Tira showed him to the quest's room and suggested that he rest for the rest of the day, and if he wanted, he could use a laptop that she had at the desk of his room.

Codex noticed that there were no cameras here, and a smile appeared on his face.

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