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Hospital part 3

Codex pointed that tablet towards a machine with a small chance and pressed the camera button for the tablet to show him information.

He got a similar article about this machine, but he got no notification, which his voice said that the panel which appeared before was.

He tried the same to other machines but had the same result of no notification.

He checked his System to check his Journal Entries number, which was 2.

But he noticed something else had changed; his TP was 0 instead of 1.

He didn't know what TP stood for, and the voice didn't tell him anything about this.

When it was 1, at the status panel he noticed that it was at 10%, meaning that its max should be 10.

He had no idea how TP would get restored, but he considered the possibility that it was something increased as time passed.

He wasn't entirely sure about it, but TP seemed linked with his ability to edit his Journal.

He was confident that he had the 1 TP after losing his Nanobot, so it shouldn't be related.

After the last time, he checked his Status Panel to add to his Journal an entry for the tablet and update his monitor entry.

He had added the Monitor Entry before checking his Status last time, so adding an Entry didn't seem to use his TP, leading him to assume that editing one required the use of TP.

He waited to see if the TP would restore itself as time passed.

According to his voice and the tablet, an hour passed, but no change happened at his TP.

He doubted it needed that long so there had to be some other way.

Now that he thought about it, TP was the only one that wasn't at 100% when he first opened his Status Panel.

He wondered what he could do until he felt a strange sensation in one of his hands.

It was the one with which he was holding the table, and it felt some tiny stings but wasn't painful.

He noticed one indicator at the top right corner, a white box with another green box.

As the voices told him, this was the remaining power of the tablet, and he noticed the green box shrunk until it became red.

Then the box increased in size a bit, became green again and then red, and went back and forward on it.

There was a red tube connected to the tablet and connected to a strange device in the wall.

Codex pulled away from his hand and noticed the box to increase at a low rate, and when he put it back, it started getting shrink again.


Restored 1 TP by use of recharge mode.



Recharge Mode changed to cooldown for 24* hours because of overuse.

*time will increase if more abuse happens in a short time after the cooldown.


He checked his Status, and really, his TP was at 1(10%).

He didn't felt tiny stinks anymore as this seemed to be what this Recharge Mode felt like.

He wanted to use it to add something to his Journal, but he wanted to use it on something big to see if it makes any difference.

He looked around for the machine with the lowest chance to be hacked by him.

He found one, which was part of the wall, which had a few buttons with some of them had numbers written on them, a red button, and a green one.

It also had a screen and some tiny holes making a circle next to the buttons with the numbers.

The chance of it was 0.25%, making Codex not even thinking of trying to press yes on it on trying to hack it.

He used the tablet over it, and it worked, but the article wasn't that big as with the monitor.


New entry added at the Journal.

Entry name: Intercom Controller RC-204 (R-Tech)

Details: Responsible for the communication with people in different places


He didn't unlock any new functions this time, but he was back at having no TP.

This time he added a new entry with details on it, which seemed to have been why his TP got consumed.

He commanded some nanobots to get the tablet back to Tira.

He thought about what he could do now as he laid on the bed.


Remote hacking effects are over. The owner of the tech has taken back complete control.


This should be the one that his fallen Nanobot had been responsible for.

He felt sad reading that what a piece of his that died had his last task brought to an end by someone and felt some anger.

He wanted to leave the room to find who handled this, but he still couldn't muster enough energy to walk by himself, and the voice inside him was telling him to stay in bed.

He trusted that voice as, until now, it was beneficial.

In the end, he did what Tira was doing and took a nap. Or he tried to.

He closed his eyes and waited, but nothing happened.

He then kept trying to think of anything that had happened before he awoke in the hospital, but everything seemed to be blank from before that time.

Since he couldn't nap, he saw what he could do with his nanobots.

With the help of the voice, he learned that there was in one corner of the room a machine called a camera that allowed others to see him without being in the room.

He understood that the voice wanted him to keep his nanobots a secret.

He put his head under the covers and called one in front of him.

They were tiny, and one wouldn't easily detect them, but since he was the one giving them orders, it seemed like he could feel them when they weren't part of him if he focused.

He felt as time passed that the feeling was getting weaker and understood that this probably showed how much power they had left.

He ordered the Nanobot to go back to recharge, but before that, he noticed that he could make a panel appear if he focused on it.


Nanobot #6354 (Lvl 1)

Battery: 90%

Type: Task handler

Skills: None

Successful Assignments: 0


He found this interesting, as each of his Nanobots seemed to get stronger and possibly become better at fulfilling different tasks.

It was like he had his army and had to train them each to form special squads for what he wanted.

'What is an army, though?'

He didn't give it much thought, as it probably was something the voice knew and shared with him while not paying attention.

He had noticed that he could do and knew things he didn't remember how he learned them, like the ability to understand what others were saying as far as they didn't use complicated terms and how to read.

There was a lot of stuff that he couldn't understand, but he seemed excited to learn about everything.

He then ordered for any Nanobots that had Successful Assignments to get in front of him, and there were a few.

The number of assignments that they completed was between one and three.

It seemed there were a few that brought the tablet from Tira and back to her.

But he didn't know what the third task was.

'Maybe they did something when I was sleeping?'

Nothing else was different for them, as they were still Level 1 Task handlers with no Expertise.

He ordered them to get back in place and called for anyone who wasn't Level 1 or had an Expertise or was a different Type to get in front of him, but none responded.

Everyone started the same.

He noticed that each had a different number id. Some had a single digit, some two, etc., and seemed to reach over nine digits.

He called forward Nanobot #8172, and one really came, but it seemed slightly different than the rest.


Nanobot #8172v2(Lvl 1)

Battery: 100%

Type: Task handler (WIP)

Skills: None

Successful Assignments: 1


Even if one got destroyed, it would get recreated and kept the number of the assignments of his last version.

But Codex still wasn't sure that the assignments were for, as the voice didn't tell him anything about it.

He ordered some to move around and pick each other in the air. But this didn't seem to count as an assignment.

He couldn't do much as he had to keep them near him, not let them get destroyed or detected by the camera.

He possibly sent one to hack the camera as his last Nanobot, but he didn't know where it should go and wasn't feeling to send one to get destroyed.

In the end, he stayed under the cover, trying to test the limits of his nanobots.

They seemed to have enough power to last for 5 minutes by themselves and were quite strong for ones of their size.

They were like ants being able to lift 5,000 times their weight, or so the voice told him.

He wondered what an ant was and how close it looked to his nanobots.

The knowledge shared with him by the voice gave him descriptions of things but still didn't have a clear image of everything it shared.

After some time, Tira woke up and noticed that Codex was entirely under the cover, so he probably was sleeping.

She stood up to leave the room, but her movements seemed to draw the attention of Codex, who put his head out of bed.

"Oh, did I wake you? I was going to get some snacks. Do you want some?"

"No, I am fine."

"Oh, I see... wait, did you just speak?"

Codex nodded as he didn't consider it that strange. Some time passed, and he had recovered even if it wasn't as long as the doctor said to be.

"Your voice isn't as I assumed it to be. It is almost like it lacks something."

Codex didn't know how to respond as he found nothing strange in his voice.

In reality, it wasn't his voice that was strange, but the way he talked.

It was completely blank with no feeling on the words, but it started like that, and with each word, it changed a bit like he was auto-adjusting.

She went to get some snacks for her quickly and got some extra if he wanted some later.

She didn't think to ask the doctors if he could have anything like that.

When she returned, she read some more stories at him from the e-book she had on the tablet.

Dr. Angler came and took him to another room to let a machine scan him to see his current situation, and it seemed everything was ok with him.

"Well, this is the last day you will have to spend with us, young mister. We will finish some paperwork with Ms. Tira, and you will be out of here but have to stay with her. In case you remember anything or feel strange, speak with Ms. Tira. She will let me know and will come to check you as soon as possible if you can't come to me."

Codex was excited to get out, as he probably would have some more privacy to test his nanobots.

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