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Hospital Part 1

Red Country Clinic, R-City

It's been a week since the explosion, and the young adult, which seemed to be the only survivor, found in there is still in a comatose state.

The doctors were confused about the case, as every reading showed him having no damage to his body and nothing to explain why he was in a coma.

They tried to search for the boy's identity to call any family of his, but everything came negative, and it was almost like the boy appeared from nowhere.

The Polymath who found him had given the assignment to pay attention to the boy's situation and report to him if there were any changes.

Her name was Tira, as one could tell from the small label she had on her chest always as part of the FireCom's company clothing she always seemed to wear.

She wasn't happy about this assignment, as she wanted to prove that she was an individual with ideas for improvement on the company's products, not just an errand girl.

But she was getting her job seriously no matter the task given to her, so they may someday give her an actual assignment and not an errand.

As time passes and every idea of hers to discover the boy's identity. Each one failed, and she got frustrated and sad for the boy.

She was an orphan from a young age, as her parents died when she was a baby in an accident, so she knew how it was not to have an actual family.

She was spending most of the time at the hospital, and in the room the boy was, but sometimes she had to leave to take care of other minor tasks given to her.

She was currently in Codex's hospital room, which was the name he gave him, as it seemed to be hard to encrypt his identity like an ancient manuscript.

Tira was currently peeling an apple for her to eat and was putting some in a machine. The machine mashed it and was providing it to the boy through a serum.

After this, she was going to read him some stories of technological discoveries of the past.

She had found a book about the time before The Advent. She was interested to see how much the world has changed since then.

Some of them seemed like an untruth story to her and absurd to her to not exist back then. Some were so common now that she knew them even if she got raised in an orphanage.

"Why are their plane so slow? I thought they had physics back then."

Of course, the physics she knew and the one the people knew back then were miles away from each other as Polymaths had brought new formulas to humankind that changed the way of this subject.

But to Tira, who got raised with the improved Physics and wasn't aware of the improvements that happened to the subject, it seemed like the people back then knew nothing.

At that point, the room's door opened by automatically sliding left and into the wall, and a Blue Skinned Polymath entered wearing a white laboratory coat.

He was one of the clinic doctors and was about to look over and medical changes on the boy.

"Good morning, Dr. Angler. Is it time for his physical examination already?"

Tira looked over the time at the tablet she was holding and reading the story and saw that it was too early, as the boy's examination was to be in a few hours.

"No, Ms. Tira, I didn't come for that. I need you to sign some documents for the boy since it's been a week that was here and no legal guardian has appeared. In these cases, people like you can act as temporary guardians, but we need to fill some paperwork. If you are kind enough to follow me to finish with this as soon as possible."

She nodded as she left the tablet over the boy's bed and not at the table as usual since she wanted to finish with paperwork as soon as possible.

The tablet wasn't in direct touch with the boy but was a few centimeters away from his right hand outside the blanket.

After less than a minute, part of his skin started splitting up in tiny insect-like robots and started moving towards the tablet.

They got under it, raised it, and moved it closer until touching the exposed arm.

Then they returned to their place, and the skin was back to its classic look.

If one were looking at the tablet's screen, one would notice that the remaining battery was getting spent faster and faster as time passed and was empty in less than a minute.

The battery was close to 50% when Tira left it, and it was enough to last days of heavy usage, as batteries had improved a lot at that point.

Then the eyes of the boy opened as he raised his upper body from the bed.

The tablet that was in his hand was ready to fall to the floor as he pushed it with his movement, but like out of instinct, his hand moved and grabbed it, stopping it from falling.

The boy started looking left and right to check the room he was currently in and then looked down at his body.

He checked his clothes and the weird tube extending from his arm and led to a machine.

He looked over at this unknown machine, and as he focused on it, a panel appeared in front of him with a message.



Name: Unknown

Do you want to hack it?

Chance of Success: 1%



The boy was aware of what hack meant but didn't know why this weird game-like panel appeared.

As he thought about it, he didn't even know why he thought of it to be game-like or what a game was.

He remembered nothing about who he was, but he could understand a few things around him, like a voice inside him was telling him what they were but wasn't hearing a voice.

He knew he was at some hospital's room, and the machine was probably there to keep track of his state but wasn't sure how.

He decided not to hack this as first he didn't care for it, and second, the chance of it succeeding was too small, and he didn't want to find what happens if he failed.

He looked around the room and found some more targets he could hack, but all of them had less than a 5% chance of success.

He quickly understood how he could activate this option and that he didn't have to say his choice aloud, but thinking also worked.

He then removed the tube from his hand as he considered it an annoyance and useless as he felt fine.

The machine started beeping as a graph of triangles with no bases, and lines connecting them became utterly flat.

He ignored it as he stood up for the first time and seemed like he needed some time to find his balance.

The door quickly slid open as a human nurse entered, ready to check the patient who would be in danger cause of the sounds the machine was letting, but she stopped and froze in place after seeing Codex standing up even if he was using the bed as support.

She was one nurse working under Dr. Angler and was aware of all the patients he was in charge of, so she knew the state Codex was at.

She quickly snapped out of her frozen state as she got a 'wheelchair,' although it didn't have wheels but was hovering with the help of some magnetic boosters at the side of it, that there was nearby and brought it for Codex to sit.

Codex sat on it as it seemed like a good idea to use it and didn't seem harmful.

He noticed this one had a 12% chance to hack it, which was the highest he had till now.

The nurse pushed him and wanted to get him to where the Dr. was right away.

The chair had some sensors for the state of the one sitting on it, and he seemed to be in average values as usual.

They reached their destination quick enough, as his room wasn't too far from the office of Dr. Angler, where he and Tira currently were.

When the nurse got in and turned and saw the boy awake to look towards them, they were astounded.

The Dr. went towards him and started examining him to see if everything was good.

Codex didn't react as the voice told him that people dressed like that were called doctors who wanted to keep him healthy, which was good for him even if unnecessary at this point.

The Dr. pulled out of one of his coat pockets a small device that he used to scan Codex with and gave him some variables of his current state.

Everything was in an excellent state, and some a little better than just good.

"How fascinated. I have never seen this change in someone at this quick rate. Nurse, what happened? Did someone get him into his room, or did you give him anything?"

"No, Dr., nothing like that happened. I checked on him as the main monitor was beeping, and I saw him trying to stand up. Wasn't anyone else in the room or noticed anyone exiting it, but I will check the security cameras to check if they got anything."

The Dr. thought a little as he nodded towards the nurse who ran to do what she told.

She overlooked a tiny insect-like robot on her belt that was holding her nurse's clothing closed.

Codex ordered one of his nanobots that were making his skin follow the nurse after mentioning the cameras of his room, but he didn't know why he gave that order.

It seemed like some of his actions were controlled by something inside him, but he didn't feel like it was trying to harm him.

"Everything seems ok. But we should do more examinations, to be sure. Miss Tira, as more paperwork is expecting us."

"What do you mean, Dr.?"

"Well, the papers were making you a guardian to decide for examination and for him to stay further. But now that he is probably close to being discharged, we need a different document to be approved. Mr. Ebon had informed me they would take care of him even after they wake up if nobody showed up and be its guardian then too, but since it didn't seem to be soon, I hadn't mentioned it. But I assume you knew about this case already."

Tira nodded of knowing this even if, in reality, she never got informed.

She looked towards the boy and noticed the color of his eyes was blue, like hers.

"Can you understand me, little boy? I am Dr. Angler, and you are at a hospital. Do you remember anything from before?"

Codex looked towards the Doctor, confused about why he spoke that slow towards him. He spoke normally with the rest.

He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out, just strange nonsense like words missing letters.

"Hmm, it seems your throat needs some rest. I will provide some liquids that should help but try not to speak for the rest of the day, and your throat will be better in the morning. Will examine you at dinner time to see the progress but for now, rest."

Codex nodded as he understood what he said even if the voice inside him telling him that the Doctor was wrong about the reason, but it was true he needed some time and rest.

"Ms. Tira, take him back to his room, and a nurse will help you take him back to his bed and the monitor. I will try to have the papers needed as soon as possible, and you probably should inform Mr. Ebon."

"Thank you, Dr. Angler, and I will follow your instructions and suggestions."

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