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The Creation

In the far future, in the lab of Dr. Hackatronic (not birth name), the Dr. made the last touches of his extensive research that he worked most of his life for.

Today's world was based on working through technology, and one who could have control over them could have control over the world.

But the security measurements have changed after the Advent.

Several decades ago, humankind came in contact with an Alien Race called Polymaths by humans, as the actual name of their race wasn't translatable in any of the human languages.

Polymaths had deemed humans worthy of earning part of their knowledge, bringing prosperity to the technological feats in a couple of decades.

The Polymaths had asked to live among the humans, as their planet got destroyed by one of their experiments. They kept this kind of knowledge for those experiments a secret from humankind to not repeat their mistakes.

The Polymaths' appearance was human-like, but their skin varied in color.

The possible skin colors were red, blue, green, yellow, pale white, and dark black.

Each one symbolized a different clan of theirs, and each one had other methods of researching.

This led humankind to split their education system to become part of those clans.

Although no human had become part of the top of those clans, a few were close to doing so.

Since each Clan had its way of research, each one had its own company, and their products had a different security system, making it impossible for a human to hack all of them, and most couldn't hack even one of them.

Other Polymaths weren't interested in hacking each other's technological feats, as jealousy was a word unknown to them, even after all that time they spent among the humans.

The competition wasn't unknown to them, but they always followed the fair route and did not harm others' work to fit their needs.

Wars stopped by using weapons as they got replaced with the rivalries of these clans, and the only way to deal with them was the expeditions of technological feats that happened every five years.

The winner would take a significant part of the budget given to the clans other than their personal.

The Clans of the dark black and pale white color were in charge of those tournaments and the budget for each Clan.

They didn't have a company of their own or did any research but could help others with the research but not with more budget or people, just plausible suggestions and tips.

Dr. Hackatronic was one of the few who were half a Polymaths, as it was rare of one to get romantically involved with someone outside their race or clan.

His skin was a little blueish because of his father's side, but not enough to appear like one of them.

He was part of his father's Clan and worked in the company when he was old enough, but his curiosity and obsession with learning the secrets of the other Clans brought him to get exiled from both of them.

He kept his research and tried to make the ultimate tool to control everything, and after fifty years, he was confident he was finally there.

He wanted to create the ultimate AI, but because of all the movies made in the past, of the AI going crazy, he knew he had to be careful.

He wouldn't make an AI that would act ultimately by itself but would act as a helper to identify things that his mind couldn't handle or wouldn't notice.

It would have some free will as he wouldn't be able to throw commands fast enough each time, but he took safety measures for every situation.

In the end, his final design was complete, and he had to make it with a 3d Printer that could make parts of the invention using different materials at the same time to create the circuits on it.

A robot with rover wheels to move around, two robotic arms, and a Toolbox attached to it acted as his helper.

While the 3d Printers worked on making the parts of the design, the robot took the ones that got printed and started making the final assembly.

His AI wasn't just a piece of software, but its hardware was just as necessary to have the perfect tool for his plans.

He made it look as human as possible, as he couldn't decrease the size so much as to make it a tool he could carry around.

He even took some human subjects to search their anatomy to make a perfect body to pass society undetected. The parts designed by his 3d Printer were like components of a human skeleton.

There were dozens among dozens of jars with different parts of the human body, each one with some words and numbers among them. That was a code that only Dr. Hackatronic knew as he created it and hadn't shared it with anyone.

He had a few jars with him as he was going to use some parts he had gathered on his creation to make it more human-like to pass any detection from the machines of his enemies.

As the robot had made a general structure of a human-like body, the Dr. started putting the organs where they were expected to be.

He even had created a human-like brain which was mostly artificially made but had some parts from an actual brain to help pass some scans as a real one, and that was the AI would reside to control the rest of the body.

He connected the brain to his main computer, which had the AI but in lock mode until he finished making the body and some last tests.

The process was going smoothly, and the crazy smile of his was getting more wide with each moment as he was leaving some chuckles as he was finally close to show the rest of the world how wrong they were to underestimate him.

As the skeleton of his product was over and he had put the last organ needed, he finally left out all his laughs to fill the room.

"Oh, how much I waited for this. The day that everyone will bow in front of their new king."

He continued laughing until a piercing pain in his stomach interrupted his laugh.

He looked down, seeing the unfinished hand of his creation to have pierced his stomach.

He then noticed the little robot helper of his not being at the 3d Printer to get the next part, but it was next to his main computer.

The robot had turned it off by cutting the electric wires of its power source, stopping the upload of the programming and the safety measurement that were active, keeping the AI disabled until all checks were complete.

His creation pulled out its hand from its creator and stood up and made moves similar to make it look like it was checking its body.

Dr. Hackatronic put his hand over his wound, trying to stop it as much as he could.

"How... how is that... possible?'t that smart."

He looked at his little helper. It had a very basic AI, so it shouldn't have thoughts of rebelling.

Except if it wasn't his little helper's AI, the one who betrayed him.

He had made some tests with the hacking AI's last design. He was confident he had taken enough safety measures, but he was wrong.

His AI worked faster than one could handle, and that included his creator, so it made sense that it could let some part of it hidden within this small robot helper.

He was checking everything he had used during his experiments but never thought of looking into that simple robot of his, which was there all the time doing minor tasks, and this seemed to be his undoing.

The AI and robot helper continued working at the body, which started looking more human-like as time passed.

Dr. Hackatronic had developed nanotechnology to cover it, and they would act and feel like actual skin.

He went with a human appearance and not of a Polymath, as they were keeping tracks of each of their kind better than humans did.

The body was ready after a couple of minutes, and it had the form of a young adult male.

It even had the human parts that a robot designed for hacking wouldn't need, but Dr. Hackatronic didn't want to leave any detail out of the final product.

The creation of his moved closer to him as he was staring at it, as he couldn't do anything.

He didn't lose too much blood, but he couldn't move currently.

Even if he could, the only way for the exit to open was through his computer, which was currently not working.

The creation kneeled to bring its face in front of the face of his and started examining it.


It raised its hand, and as it was ready to bring it down to its creator, but it stopped after hearing him speak.


He shouted with everything he got for his backup computer to hear him.

He had prepared it to take specific actions, including some protocols like the one he just ordered to be used.

This left out a specific sound that wasn't hearable by human ears but was by his creation's sensors.

It was a program as sound and had activated a lock sequence simultaneously; a countdown for the lab to explode had started.

It still lacked part of its programming, so it couldn't take control back in time or stop the explosion.

The explosion was powerful enough to push the 1-meter thick metal locked door and leaving the rest of the lab open for anyone to enter.

His lab wasn't in the town but not far from one. It didn't take too much time for somebody to arrive there.

The police arrived relatively fast and stopped anyone from entering until the ones in charge in this kind of situation get here.

Since some explosion happened, people from FireCom, the red Polymaths' dominant company, would get sent to investigate.

Within the hour, a helicopter landed, and out came a pair of individuals.

One male Polymath clearly part of FireCom, as one could tell from his red skin, and a human woman who seemed to be his secretary.

The Polymath talked with the one in charge of the Police people to learn the situation. After hearing that there wasn't any further disturbance coming from the cave and their equipment detected nothing, he started heading in.

"Shouldn't we use our equipment first, Sir? I mean, theirs isn't the last model and could have missed some dangers."

The Polymath turned toward his secretary and smiled at her as a father would at his daughter after doing something wrong so that she won't get scared.

"You shouldn't underestimate their equipment just because it isn't the latest one. If the products weren't good, they would not be available. Now let's move. I wonder what could be in there. I don't remember any report of any labs in the area."

They stopped to look at the door, which wasn't blasted too far from the entrance but was impressive to how far it went if one counted how heavy it was.

As they went in, they noticed the walls and ceiling covered with metal that the Polymath could tell that it was a mix of many to strengthen each other.

It was impressive, as few knew how to mix that many and made sense why the whole place didn't fall.

As they got in the room, they found everything destroyed, but a lone figure passed out on the ground.

The figure was of a young boy.

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