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Fighting the Knight

“You have no power here, and no right to get her,” Heymon shouted at the Dark Knight.

“No right? No POWER?” a heavy deep voice was heard from under the helmet of the Dark Knight. The helmet covered his entire face, leaving no detail for one to see.

The Dark Knight started laughing like heavily after finishing his sentence.

It was clearly a laugh with a message in it, which was 'I have all the power.’

A couple of seconds after the laugh started, Heymon couldn’t keep himself back and charged at his foe.

The Dark Knight didn’t move, and Heymon made a hit with his spear but looked to have no effect.

The Dark Knight’s defense looked to be too large for Heymon’s attack to pass.

“Are you finished tickling me?” and as he said that, the Dark Knight swung his sword towards Heymon.

He used the blunt surface of his sword like he was using a bat and pushed Heymon back and onto the floor. Heymon tried to keep his balance, but the strength of the hit was more than he could handle. If the Dark Knight had actually tried to slash him, he probably wouldn’t be in one piece anymore.

“You people start boring me. I have many things to do, so I am leaving. Don’t worry, I will return her. At some point.”

The Dark Knight turned to make his way out with Lady Emlyn, but he suddenly side jumped.

As he did, an armored figure appeared out of nowhere, with a spear at hand, and had finished an attack at the spot the Dark Knight was before the jump.

The figure wasn’t one of the five guards, and his armor was of greater quality than theirs, including the spear.

He wasn’t any other than Kester, whom Zarin had just summoned using his special die.

He wasn’t certain what fitted better in that situation, so he had left it in lady luck, and he got a six. That meant that this summon had access to all of its Skills, but they were at 80% of the power.

Zarin wasn’t certain what level the Dark Knight was, other than the fact that he was clearly higher level than Heymon and the rest. Zarin could tell the level of the people he knew the names of, and the person with the highest level was Heymon that was at level 8, followed by Aldis who was at level 7. He didn’t know the names of the rest of the guards so he didn’t know their levels, but he understood that it was lower than those two.

He didn’t know what class they were, but he assumed they were Warriors like Kester.

Kester’s summoning was at level 25 a little over 3 times Heymon’s level and hoped this difference was good enough. He couldn’t see the level of the Dark Knight, as this wasn’t his real name, so there was no text over his head.

As for Lady Emlyn, she was at level 0, because she was a person with no class.

As Kester finished his attack and saw that it had failed, he turned towards his target. He turned his spear to be vertical and hit the ground with its butt, and he let out a roar like a lion.

As he did so, a crimson aura enveloped the five guards. When the aura finished surrounding them, the guards looked to be less exhausted, and more determined.

With their new determination to fight, they joined the fight once again.

First to reach the Dark Knight was Heymon, and the Dark Knight was ready to attack once more, but he got interrupted by another roar from Kester. This roar sounded different from the one before and had caused Dark Knight to turn his attention at Heymon instead at the foe that was in front of him.

Heymon’s attack made an impact once more, and this time had an effect. It made a scratch in the Dark Knight’s armor, being the only sign of damage to it. But the Dark Knight ignored it and charged toward Kester.

Before the Dark Knight could reach his foe, Kester hit his spear’s butt on the ground once more, but this time he didn’t let out a roar. Instead, the blade of the spear started extending itself and became like the blade of a short, curved saber.

Then he started swinging its spear at a great speed. Every hit made an impact and had an obvious effect of damaging both the Dark Knight and his armor. Dark Knight lost his balance of the hits, and not long after the guards reached him and attacked his back.

The hits of the guards had barely any visible effect, unlike Kester’s, but they had focused on the weak point that Kester had created.

After five quick attacks, Kester’s spear turned back to normal, and his attack rate got slower by close to half but was still faster than Dark Knight’s speed.

Kester’s attacks changed because of the change of the blade since he had to pierce the opponent instead of slashing him.

Now and then, one of its attacks had a greater impact than the rest, and when that happened, another attack followed in a split second.

The Dark Knight only focused his attacks on Kester, and every time he showed a sigh about changing a target for his attacks, a roar from Kester made him change his target again to be Kester.

Even if both Kester and the Dark Knight wore heavy metal armors, Kester was quicker than the Dark Knight and had avoided most of the attacks that came toward him. Each time there the Dark Knight missed an attack, Kester had used the chance to make a quick attack.

When a large crack appeared in the middle of the Dark Knight’s armor, Kester lowered his body and used his spear's body to hit and push the backs of his foe’s legs. That led the Dark Knight to lose his balance and fall to the ground on his back.

With the Dark Knight on the ground, all the five spears of the guards hit the spot that Kester had just cracked. As all five made a hit, it was enough to extend the crack enough to separate a sizeable piece of armor, leaving a hole the size of a fist.

Kester followed with an attack right at the middle of the new hole in the armor, and for the first time could hear a scream of pain coming from the Dark Knight. Until now, no hit seemed to have affected him to scream at all.

The spear was at an angle and looked to have gone somewhat deep into the Dark Knight’s body. Kester turned his body, having his back on his foe, and its spear over his right shoulder.

He then pulled down the spear, while part of it was on his shoulder, making the body of the Dark Knight get raised with the spear and be thrown in the direction that Kester currently faced.

The Dark Knight landed over a barrel, which was completely broken by the impact. It looked like the throw had made him dizzy and couldn’t stand for a few seconds.

The guards used that chance to stab with their spears at the open space since the Dark Knight had landed on his back. The throw had made him do a turn to make it possible to land like that.

Cries of pain came out of the Dark Knight after the coordinated attack of the guards.

After that, there was silence, as the body of the Dark Knight stayed still. The foe that the guards had that much trouble even making a single scratch at was dead, in a matter of just a couple of minutes.

As the foe was clearly dead, Kester turned his spear over the strange creature next to Lady Emlyn. It just put the tip of his spear under its neck, but he didn’t make the blade to damage this creature.

The creature showed clear signs of fear, as its Master, which was considered being undefeatable in its eyes, got killed that easily by that person. The creature tried to move its hand secretly behind its back, but Kester reacted fast.

The creature’s eyes lost all life on them in a split second as the spear had pierced its neck, and the tip of the blade had come out the other side.

Kester drew back his spear, while at the same time using his left leg to help remove his spear.

As Kester killed the last enemy, light surrounded him, and its form started getting smaller. In a matter of seconds, at the place where Kester was, there was a die that had the number 6 on its top side.

As the transformation ended, after a couple of seconds of pause, the dice started hovering and started moving at a fast speed towards the spectating crowd. The dice stopped suddenly in front of a young man, landed on his hand, and then completely disappeared.

The young man was none other than Zarin, of course.

Everyone had turned their gaze towards him and were staying still like they froze in time.

Zarin was also in a similar situation as he didn’t expect the battle to end that fast.

He also was staring at a panel that had appeared in front of him, which fortunately he was the only one able to see it.



Rating: B-Rank

Reward: 1200 Exps, 1x Empty Character Die  (B-Rank)



Congratulations! You reached level 7


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