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Heading to new home

Zarin talked a bit more with Ais, and decided what his next move would be.

He asked her if he could still take the option to change his power, but she said that since he completed his first quest that option wasn’t available anymore.

As for why she didn’t inform him while he kept dying, she told him, that she was researching over his power, and by the time she had finished, he had started playing the game with Kester. He decided to head towards a nearby village to see if he could earn any money. He had also to try to find Quest to complete, as also a tutor for his class.

To Ais’ knowledge, there was no Dice Master other than Zarin, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t find a suitable tutor. There were other powers that could follow similar principles to his, so he just had to find the right person.

It wouldn’t be easy as he still didn’t know much about the capabilities of his power, but he had time. He could still learn some general skills, that didn’t require a specific class, to make himself capable to complete quests and raise his level.

By raising his level there was a chance to get a new Skill for his class, but Ais told him that this wasn’t the case for each level, and was different for each class.

So after eating some food given to him by Ais, and waiting for his SP to get back to full, he started moving towards the direction that Ais told him the nearby village was.

“From now on you are on your own. I can’t help you anymore, but I will come to check on you from time to time” Ais told him before he started walking away from her.

Even if she had caused him some trouble, at the same time she was helpful by giving him some information about the new world he was in. He looked forward to seeing her again, and her massive… personality.

He had to go through the woods for a few moments, but soon he reached a road. He had started following the road, in the direction that Ais had pointed him to the village was supposed to be.

Took him close to an hour, but he finally started seeing signs of civilization. There was light smoke, like the one coming out of chimneys. As he had the village in his sight, it was bigger than he thought.

When Ais mentioned it to be a village, he considered it to have maybe a dozen of wooden buildings, but this one had four to five dozen different buildings. The majority were wooden, but there were a few made of stone.

There was no wall around the village, but he noticed some guards at the entrance of the village that the road was leading.

The guards’ armor wasn’t the same as Kester’s with Kester’s looking to be of better quality. They were wearing leather armor and had a spear at hand, that was just barely taller than them, even if they were shorter than Kester. 

Still, they were taller than Zarin.

He approached them, and when they noticed him they pointed their spears toward him.

“Stay over there. What business do you have here?” one of the guards shouted at him, in a commanding voice.

Zarin stopped in place and raised his hand to show that he meant no harm.

“I… I just need a place to stay. I am a traveler, but I was robbed on the way here. I am strong enough to work to earn my stay if you have any work for me.”

Zarin understood that freeloaders weren’t welcomed at that place, and he didn’t plan to be one. He was going to work either way, as he needed money, and also that way he could earn some quests and get some exps to level up.

Ais had told him that killing monsters was one of the biggest ways to earn exps, but he was too weak to fight at his current rate, so completing quests was his viable option. Any time he got a task there was a great chance that it would turn into a guest, and when completing then could give him some exps depending on the final rating.

Ratings depended on the way he finished the quest, and other factors depending on the quest. 

For example, at his Quest [CHANCE TO NEW LIFE] he got D-Rank which was the lowest one because he had taken so much time to finish it. Ais told him that if he had used that approach sooner he had a chance to get B-Rank in his Rating, or even A-Rank.

The ratings from lowest to highest were D, C, B, A, and final S-Rank. The highest the rating the bigger the reward of the quest, and the greater the chance to get a special item out of that.

Normally D-Rank rating would only give exps, but since it was his first Quest it was guaranteed to get an item out of it after completing it. Only B-Rank ratings and above would give an item like that.

The guard sized up Zarin for a second, and then turned towards his fellow guard, before turning his gaze back to Zarin.

“Ok, you can enter. But you will be under out watch, and if you cause any problem, then you will be exiled from here.”

Zarin nodded, as he wasn’t worried. He was never a person to cause trouble for others.

“Aldis, get him to Emlyn. She needed some work on fields these days.”

As the guard who seemed to be in charge of the two spoke his command, the other guard bowed and signaled Zarin to follow him.

At that point, Zarin noticed something new. Above the head of the guard that he had to follow there was some text, which had on it the name Aldis.

This was the first time something like that happened, as Kester or Ais didn’t have one. But he didn’t know Kester’s name until he got released, leaving just the lack of something like that over Ais’ head to be weird.

‘Maybe it is because she isn’t of this world.’

Nonetheless, this ability was useful as he was never good with names. He had been part of many awkward situations where he was speaking with people he had forgotten their name, and tried to remember it in some way or having someone else mention it.

He followed Aldis, through the village and started at the back right corner of it if the entrance he just got through was the front part.

They had reached a simple wooden house, where outside of it there were two young boys fighting each other with wooden swords. It looked like they played a game where one was a hero and the other was the villain.

There was also a young girl sitting on top of a barrel who seemed to be observing the two boys. All three looked to be of similar age around ten or so years old.

As Zarin and Aldis approached, the two boys noticed them and stopped their playtime. The boys then ran toward Aldis with open arms going for a hug.

“Uncle Aldis, you are here. Did you bring any presents?” one of the boys exclaimed with anticipation.

Both boys looked at him with puppy-looking eyes, making one weak to say no to them.

“I am here for your mother boys. No presents this time” Aldis exclaimed breaking their hope.

The two boys turned and left with their heads low facing the ground, to show their disappointment.

At that point, the little girl also approached them, but she went towards Zarin and not Aldis.

“Hello there. Who are you?” the girl said with a wide smile on her face.

Zarin didn’t expect the girl to come to him out of the blue and so he was off guard and didn’t know how to respond.

“He is here to help your mother. Could you call her for me sweety?”

She nodded and was ready to turn toward the house, by Aldis signaled her to get closer to him. 

As she did so, Aldis brought out his pocket a little pouch and gave it to her.

“Share it with your brothers later, and tell them they need to work on their form better.”

After giving him a smile, Gele took the pouch and ran happily into the house. On the way there Zarin noticed that she got out of the pouch something spherical and put it in her mouth. It looked to be some type of candy.

A few moments later the girl came out followed by a middle-aged woman. Her clothing was close to what would expect a farmer woman would wear, but there was a glow of importance on her.

“Aldis, did my husband finally hire a pair of hands to help?” She said as she approached.

Aldis pointed towards Zarin, who just stood still for the moment.

“That kid….? *sigh* For a moment I had high hopes.”

Zarin wasn’t offended, as in his current state he didn’t look like someone capable of many things.

He hadn’t tested his new body now that he was full of SP, but on the way here it didn’t feel that much more powerful than his body back on Earth. 

But he was still level 1.

The more he increased his level the more his stats could grow so the stronger he would get.

He just needed quests.

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