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Knowledge of the new world and abilities

Zarin kept reading the description of his new die repeatedly. He finally had some understanding of what kind of power he had earned.

He wasn’t just a puppeteer of dice, but he could use his true power as dice. The reward of his quest that allowed him to summon Kester, who seemed to be the guard who just let him free, could be a sign that he could create dice like that himself.

Until now, his dice, other than being controlled by him, had no other effect. But if he could make them take the form of other individuals, even for a limited amount of times, it still would be a powerful effect.

He also could finish quests of other people, and hopefully, he would get a die out of that. But he wasn’t certain how things worked here, as he understood he wasn’t on Earth anymore.

He walked a bit more and made a stop at a large boulder. He sat down on the ground, with his back on the boulder, and tried to take a rest. 

His SP was back at two as, even if he didn’t walk that far, it took him a lot to do so.

He felt hunger hitting him hard, but he had no food on him, and no power to go look for any. He hoped he could at least rest enough so that he can walk and look for some berries or something else to eat.

He seemed to be in some kind of forest, and he hoped that there would be no wildlife nearby.

But as he finished, he heard some growls from his left, not that far from him. He turned his head and noticed a pair of wolves headed his way.

But they weren’t normal wolves, as they had long the size of a dagger and a long curved horn blade at their forehead.

Zarin didn’t know what to do, as he had used everything he had to make it to that point. He had no power to even lift a finger.

As one wolf was ready to jump, it stopped and looked up in the air. Then it looked towards its companion, which also turned towards the first wolf. Then both turned and ran away, like someone was hunting them.

Zarin was confused but relieved, as he was safe.

“Oh, here you are.”

Zarin lifted his head to look up towards the source of the familiar voice.

There, hovering in the air, there was Ais in all her glory. Her appearance was back to normal, meaning every divine detail was just as when he first met her.

“You took your time once more. Are you doing it on purpose?” she said once more with a voice mix of showing she was annoyed, but at the same time teasing Zarin.

If Zarin wasn’t that tired, he would also notice some new feeling in her — concern.

“I could probably do it faster if I had a better explanation for how things worked.”

Zarin didn’t plan to be a good guy and never let her know when she was in the wrong. He had played that role for all his life and he was sick of that. He had been like that to get his crush of his to go out on a date for him, but still, that wasn’t enough to cover what he had gone through.

He had been close to a servant for years for her to notice him, and she just had agreed to go on a date with him. That didn’t mean they were together, as he had her share of dates and exes over the years. Still, Zarin was blind in love back then.

But now, after all that suffering, his mindset had changed, and after all, he had a new life so he had to have a new him, or otherwise where was the fun to it?

“Oh…. I am sorry.”

Ais started hovering down towards the ground, with her head looking down like she couldn’t muster any power to raise it.

‘Did I upset her that easily?’

Zarin didn’t want to be a bad guy, but he knew he was at the right in the case. If Ais explained to him more, he could have been out of that cell a long time ago.

But he understood Ais was the type of person who didn’t want to let out others and was getting upset easily if someone let her know of her wrongs.

‘Is she actually part of the afterlife?’

He still didn’t know what Ais was, but if she was a type of angel, she probably was alive for a hundred, if not thousands, of years. With that much time being alive, one should be more mature.

“It is ok, I don’t blame you. I know you are doing your best,” he said in order to raise her spirit.

And so it did, as she raised her head to look at him and smiled.

For a moment, Zarin froze from the beauty of that smile. Her curves could be a temptation of the flesh, but that smile was a beauty to another level.

He even felt like some of his SP was restored from just watching that smile.

“Why are you here, by the way? Is it for that talk you mentioned before?” he said as he went right to the chase.

“In a way. I wanted to see how you are after finishing your first quest and have some small talk if you aren’t busy.”

Zarin rolled his eyes. He had nowhere to go, so what could he be busy with?

Ais started asking him about his life on Earth, and how things were there.

Zarin also asked about her, and what she was.

She was apparently an outside contractor from the higher of the afterlife. She and her coworkers were to lead some specially selected individuals through a new life in a new world.

There was no great evil they had to fight, but that didn’t mean there was no evil in the world they would get sent to. But they didn’t have to fight the said evil if it existed, and the power they got through the spinner was an extra reward to have fun in their new life.

Ais was new at the work, and actually, Zarin was her first person to get to his new life.

She wasn’t there to protect him, just to help him understand the basics of the new world he was part of currently.

Ais was curious about Zarin’s homeworld, Earth, as she could never go there. She could visit only the world that she had a client in, but also the place she picked up Zarin from. That place wasn’t either heaven or hell, but both existed, and was well the anger or devil was taking the others.

 Still, there wasn’t only one hell or heaven, as it was different depending on the person. For heaven, it depended on what God they believed in most when they were alive, or if they believed in none, they could pick which to go to.

As for hell, it was similar, although the choice of the atheist was taken by the devils.

As for the world, Zarin was currently in, it was an interesting one.

It was a world of magic and sword, and mostly everything had a medieval fantasy theme. Still, because of magic, that theme had some substantial differences in a few parts.

There were many races living in this world, not just humans, but also Elves and Dwarves, like in the movies and games Zarin had encountered back on Earth. He looked forward to meeting people of a non-human race, but Ais told him that non all of them were friendly, so he had to be careful.

Finally, he asked about his power and what it meant to be a Dice Master.

“That… that I can’t answer.”

Zarin was ready to ask for a reason, but Ais continued speaking before he could say a word.

“Not that I don’t want you to know or anything like that, but I do not know of Dice Masters. I searched for any pieces of information about other Dice Masters, but every person who got this power kept failing until they gave up on this power for a different one. You are the first one to succeed.”

“Wait… I could get a different power? Why didn’t you tell me so?”

Once more, Ais had lowered her head and could not look at Zarin’s face.

‘She truly is clueless' was his next thought.

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