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Discussion of power

Mark watched the whole movie, and even if it usually wouldn't be something up to his preferences to watch, he actually found it fascinating.

His TELEPATHY allowed him to communicate with others. Still, it didn't allow him to mind control them like the movie's protagonist, except ordering machines to do what he wanted.

Close to half of the movie, Melinda joined him, and after a few more minutes, Maria and Joe did too. Joe kept signaling Mark by pointing at their head, which took Mark a while to understand what he meant.

'Hey, Joe. Can I just enjoy the movie for now?' Mark sent him a telepathic message since enough time passed for him to use it.

Joe's eyes widened when he received the message, and then Joe showed a slight confusion that didn't last for long.

After the movie was over, A-42 let them know that lunch was ready. After eating, Joe said he wanted to talk with Mark, and he did not need Maria for now.

They went back to the workshop area, as Joe wanted to keep monitoring any changes, even if A-42 would let him know if something happened.

"So, that was impressive. Can you use it again? Do you know the limits? What about me sending an answer back?" Joe started making every question that came to his mind.

"I think I can use it up to twice per hour for now. But I don't know if that will change any time soon. As for people sending back an answer, I don't think so but can't be sure. "Mark responded to those questions.

Mark had his fair share of telepathic discussions as this mainly was how he talked with Truck-kun. But his TELEPATHY's description didn't mention the target that he sent the message to have the option to answer back.

Maybe there was a feat that would allow him to do so, since he didn't read the descriptions of all of them, but only the ones that seemed interesting.

"Ok. Then how about speaking with machines? Is that limited too?" Joe made his next question.

"I think so, "Mark responded right away.

He heard then the motors of one of the robot butlers getting in the room.

"How about sending a message to him? He will repeat the message back. Just send something random, without letting us know what it is."

Mark thought about what to sent, and after a couple of seconds, he made a decision.

"My name is Mark Henderson, and I am a truck driver."

This message got out from the speaker of the robot butler.

"It worked? Was this your message?" Joe asked while staring at Mark.

"Yes, it was. Word to word."

The excitement in the eyes of Joe became even more evident. Then, Joe started muttering to himself, and Mark could only hear parts of what he said.

'I wonder if it wasn't such a good idea to let him know about my power. At least he doesn't know about the ability to command machines to do what I want.'

Joe soon turned back to him, as it seemed he had new questions that needed answers.

"You said you can change the way we hear this message. Even if I didn't hear the message you sent me with my ears, I perceived it like it came with your normal voice. Can you send one with a different one? "

Mark did so, and this time he used a voice that Joe was familiar with. The same voice that A-42 was using. When he got the feat, the information on how to change the mental voice appeared in his brain, and as long as he was familiar with a voice, he could use it. Even if he couldn't change his actual voice to sound like that, his mental voice was easier to adjust.

"That…. that was you, wasn't it?"

Mark smiled and nodded at him.

"Your choice of voice was unexpected, but you picked it, right?"

"Yes, I thought A-42's voice would be suitable in this case. How did it seem to you? Close to the real thing?"

"If I didn't know that you did it, I would think it was A-42 herself. Those messages are strange to 'hear,' but seemed to be handy. Do you not remember what triggered it to appear?"

Mark thought about what to say, as he couldn't tell him the truth.

"Well, I had a delivery the other day of some chemicals, but they were sealed. I smelled something strange leaking that day, but hadn't thought about it before. "

He remembered how everything started, over that first accident, and he thought that maybe that delivery of his could be a good excuse.

"What company was it? What kind of chemicals we are talking about?" Joe curiously asked.

"I don't know what the chemicals were precise. As for the company, I don't remember the name, just the location I made the delivery."

Mark told him the location, and he was sure he could easily find the company's name from that.

"I see. Well, if you notice anything new in that power of yours, let me know. I would like to do some tests but will need to order some equipment first. "

Mark didn't like that last part, as the image of mad scientists experimenting on people came into his mind.

"Ok…. I will let you know." He reluctantly said.

He knew that Joe was a wild card and didn't know if he should be afraid of him or not when he researched his new power. He also didn't know if his decision to let Joe know of that power would cause a problem with the Inspector of his.

He needed to mention this to Truck-kun next time they would speak.

Truck-kun was too far for even his TELEPATHY to reach, so the only way would be to call him with his phone, but it wouldn't be safe to do it while in the house since A-42 could hear everything.

Well, he left it at the back of his mind for now, as he had decided that he would relax for now.

"A-42. Are you there? "Mark said as he made his way to the elevator.

"Yes, Mr. Mark. How can I be of help? "the AI helper responded right away.

"Do you have more movies to suggest? "Mark said with a smile on his face.

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