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New Abilities

When he finally made it to his room, he was glad that both Maria and Melinda were actually asleep and hadn’t noticed him or the truck gone. He knew that if one would notice, that would be Maria, and she would wait for him in the living room or something similar.

He needed the sleep, as he really had some plans for tomorrow, but first, he had to check the notifications about completing his assignment.

He had minimized the panels,  which was something he had recently found he could do, so that they weren’t in his way, and could read them later.



Target: A brocon or a siscon

Reward: 1x Driver Upgrade*, 1x Feat Point

*you can pick it in the store




Challenge DOUBLE HIT completed

Description: Complete a single assignment by targeting two valid targets




Challenge TOASTY MASTER completed

Description: Hit two targets with a single FIREBALL



You reached level 2



FIREBALL Truck Upgrade reached level 2


He had completed his second assignment, which made him level up, and because he used his fireball on two targets, even if it was the first time he used it on someone, it also made it level up.

He then opened his Status.




Level: 2

Assignments Completed: 2.5

System Type: Truck-kun




Mark saw the changes at his level, and the FIREBALL, but he was sad to see that it increased his HP by 1 point only. He also found it interesting that the Assignments  Completed number increased from 1 to 2.5 instead of 2, probably because  he completed it with two targets instead of one. He wondered what he would need to do to get it raised by 2 with one assignment, as the number of targets seemed to be one variable, but from what Truck-kun told him, there were others.

After checking that, he finally did something that he looked forward to the last few days—- he opened his STORE.

He went to the DRIVER'S UPGRADE section, and after making sure that he actually had the free point, he started searching for the upgrade he would take.

He normally planned to get TAM’S MIND, which would be very helpful for him in real life. But after what happened today, his plan changed.

He picked another upgrade, which actually had multiple uses and could help in the future.



Details: You can send one sentence up to 20 words to a visible creature within 2* meter(s) from you.

Uses: 2/day

*range can increase by leveling the upgrade


He could use TELEPATHY as a distraction, as with his time with Truck-kun he knew that for people who hadn’t ever had a conversation that way, they could think numberthat someone was talking behind them.

He then opened his mobile app and noticed that he got new feats related to his TELEPATHY Upgrade. Some were to increase the number of words or the number of people he could target. He could even upgrade it to send an image instead of a sentence, or a memory of his, which could be real or not.

There were many possibilities, and he could choose one since he had earned a Feat Point from the mindslast assignment.

He could save it for later, but he used it and took the TELEPATHIC ACTOR Feat,  which allowed him to change the voice the people heard on their mind.  Normally they would hear his voice and since he didn’t use his mouth, he wouldn’t be able to change it, but this Feat allowed him to change what they heard.

When he selected them, he felt  himself getting quite dizzy, and had a headache. Information on how to  use both the Upgrade and its Feat appeared on his mind when he got them,  which was the reason for the headache.

He planned to go to sleep either way since he had nothing else to take care of and needed to rest for tomorrow. But as he got to bed, his phone rang once. It was a sound  he hadn’t heard that phone doing before and was shorter than when it rang from Truck-kun calling him.

He pulled his phone off and on its screen, there was a new app that was called Messages and had at its top-right corner a light-red circle with a white-colored number one in it. He opened the app to see the unread message.


Target#1 defeated the first Mini-Boss.

Reward: 10% Discount on related Upgrades


As Mark finished reading that message, he went closer to the window to make a mental connection with Truck-kun.

‘What does that message mean?‘ Mark asked.

[It seems that the boy finally  started fighting against the enemy of the dimension he got sent at. It’s impressive that he defeated a Mini-Boss that early. You choose wisely.]  Truck-kun responded.

‘So he is fighting someone? You never mentioned that. What kind of enemies they are facing?‘

[I told you they go into an adventure, so what did you expect that to be? Going and drinking tea  with Elves and Dwarves? We send them to save the realm where we need  them either from Demon Lords, corrupted Kings, or any other danger that  normal people can’t face. Before you ask, I don’t know where they sent  each or what they face, but the higher-ups wouldn’t send them somewhere  they don’t have a chance to succeed.]

Mark didn’t know why he hadn’t thought about it previously. He didn’t know even what he thought that the place they would head will be. He knew that people wanted to go on adventures like in novels or games, but he never considered the dangers  that came with being an adventurer like that.

He kept that info on him, and since he couldn’t stop, he just had to be more careful who to choose.  Even if they gave him assignments for people he knew or met, there could  be a chance of multiple people fitting the description but couldn’t  target them simultaneously, as he did with Ray and Kura. He had to make  sure that their mentality would be suitable to adjust to a new world,  which was something he was certain that Tam could do, and from the  message, it seemed to be the case.

He then reopened the Store of his to notice what Upgrades got affected by the new discount of his. There were a few DRIVER UPGRADES that were affected other than TAM’S MIND, and all of them seemed to focus on the mind. Mark then opened the Feat app to see if the discount affected it too, and unfortunately it wasn’t the case, since he couldn’t use TruckCoins on them.

Mark would wait for the discount to see if the discount would increase next time Tam would defeat someone else that is important or complete a significant event.  He also wanted to see what he would get from the pair he just trucked  up. Even if he didn’t actually hit them with the truck since the FIREBALL was part of Truck-kun, it had the desired effect of sending the souls to where they needed.
But for now he went to finally rest.

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