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The Deal

Joe took a seat across from Mark and starred at him so that it appeared like he looked for something on Mark.

“You are the guardian, so I can do nothing if you don’t want her to work for us. But at least allow her to keep helping us with our current project. She is into something big,  I can tell. That new cryptocurrency is like nothing I have seen. “

“I told her she can help you as far as she doesn’t stay behind with her homework. But what is so  strange with this one that you need her help?“

Mark was curious, as he knew that Maria was a bright girl, but why would a person, who had at his disposal the resources of one of the biggest tech companies, would need her help.

“I… I don’t know. “

Mark looked at Joe with apparent confusion from that response.

“I encountered signs of that cryptocurrency months ago, and no matter that I tried, I couldn’t come close to get even a piece. Then I discussed it with Maria. I was curious about her talents for some time, so I gave her some tasks now and then. She had made a name on some of the big tech forums. She sent me a piece of code to try, which was much more simplistic than what I had tried, but it actually worked. I have tried a different version of it and even wrote the same code, but nothing worked. No matter what I  used, nothing worked, just what Maria sent me. But yesterday everything changed, as more people could mine more of it, using similar methods to what I used before, but I was working on another task by the time I got informed about others making a breakthrough and wasn’t able to get any more. I still can’t mine anymore, even with her code, but her code seems to get close enough to do so. I don’t know what was the trigger last night, but if it happens again, I am optimistic I will get more this time. I made some preparations for it already. “

“So if what she gave you work, why do you need her? “

“Well, because I am uncertain how well it will work. This seems to run to an adapting algorithm, so even if it will work, at a point, it will stop doing so. So I will need her to produce a new one to try then. I am still uncertain what are the parameters to make it work, but it seems like her code works best if I make no adjustments and if I make it look coming from her IP only. It makes no sense why it works like that, and I am uncertain if it is her computer or something, but we getting slowly closer to finding out. Do you mind on your next visit bringing her laptop? It could greatly help my research. Of course, she will have half the earned TruckCoins as we  had agreed.“

“I will see what I can do, but they are going to need it for their homework, so I can’t let you have it for long.“

“Well, if that is the problem, I  can easily take care of it. I can lend you some of our laptops as long as I examine yours. How about this? I can give you two so that both your  granddaughters can use them separately.“

It was a tempting offer. Mark had thought of buying a new laptop, as it would help them, as Joe said. But if he offered to lend some of his, which probably would be better than what he could buy, it would save him some of his new budget. Also, he was curious about what Joe would find about the TruckCoins,  and if there was another way to gather them.

“Sounds like a deal to me. I  can go bring it right away. But probably, first, let’s send a message to  Maria, as she probably still has it. “

“I already have, and she is ok with that deal. She waits for you back at your home, so you can go get it and bring it. But finish your drink and snacks first,” Joe suggested to Mark.

Mark didn’t like that he already had talked about it with Maria, without speaking with him first,  but he let it go. Mark wasn’t in a hurry for his investigation today,  but he wanted to help Joe with his work since he would benefit from it,  too.

He finished his special drink,  which was a combination of different fruits, ate some of the snacks, and then started on his way back to his truck and back home.

He drove back home, where Maria waited for him outside at the entrance.

“You could wait inside, you know. “Mark told her.

“I needed some fresh air. Where is the new laptop?” the young girl said with evident excitement in her voice and eyes.

This was a rare instance for Maria to act like that, and Mark didn’t expect it to be the case.

“I need to give him yours first. I am going back and will bring them to you and your Melinda. “

“Them? He is going to give us more than one? “

Mark nodded affirmative at her,  took the laptop, and made his way back to the truck and to Joe’s house. This time he didn’t need to ring the bell, as the door opened before he tried to do so. A-42 had detected him through the security cameras, and since they expected him this time, she opened the door right away.

Joe ran to the entrance the moment he heard it opening and brought a small bag to Mark. It had in it two laptops that were smaller than the one Mark brought him. But he said nothing, as he was confident that in this case, size didn’t matter.

“Thank you for this, Mark. You won’t regret this. “

Mark didn’t want to say, as he was the person who benefited most from this situation currently.

As he made his way back home,  he wondered if he could use the TruckCoins that Joe was gathering and giving to Maria to his Store. Of course, turning them into money wouldn’t make a change, but he could use them to buy Upgrades for himself or his Truck.

He had read the titles and descriptions of some of them and was curious to see them in action. But it wasn’t the time yet, but it would be in the future.

For now, he would just return home to give the new laptops to his girls, and after that, he had to prepare for tomorrow. Fortunately, he wouldn’t lose any HP until the next midnight after today’s, meaning that he had to gather all he needed as soon as possible.

His plan wasn’t too complex, and if everything were as he thought, he should be ready to act before next Friday.

If not, then he probably was the end of him.

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