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After breakfast was over, the two girls returned to their rooms, but they wouldn’t stay there for long. First, they planned to get some clean clothes ready and then take a shower.
Mark could use one to relax, but he would let them go first.
There was a knock at the door, and Mark went to open it, expecting to be the rest of the things he shopped.
As he opened the door, he saw two figures, one male and one female, holding bags of what he had bought. They weren’t too old, probably senior high schoolers. They had some similarities between them, making it clear that they were related.
“Is this Mr. Henderson’s house?“ the girl asked when Mark opened the door.
“Yes, you are in the right place. You can leave them over there in the kitchen.“
The boy was ready to get inside since he wanted to complete this task quickly since he carried most of the bags, but the girl stopped him from doing so.
“Do you mind showing us your receipt? We need to make sure that we are in the right place, “the girl said to the old man.
Mark pulled the receipt from one of his back pockets and gave it to the girl. She pulled out a notebook, and after writing something on it, gave the receipt back and signaled to the boy to move on.
After carefully putting everything on the kitchen table, the boy started his way out while the girl walked in front of Mark.
“Thank you for picking to use our services, “the girl said, and after giving a slight bow, she made her way out to meet the boy.
Mark followed to the doorstep,  looking toward the pair moving away. He was curious about who those two were, as he hadn’t seen them in the past. Even if he hadn’t used the store’s delivery service, he was familiar with everyone that worked there.
As far as he remembered, the store didn’t require new hands.
As he turned to get inside, a panel from the System appeared once again in front of him. It seemed like his new assignment was here.
As he read it, Mark didn’t know if those assignments were random or not anymore.
Description: A siscon or a brocon
Reward: 1 Driver Upgrade
The moment he finished reading it, Mark was confident that the System didn’t pick this assignment randomly. He was optimistic that the pair he had just met were brother and sister, maybe even twins, but he wasn’t sure if one of them actually fit the description of the System Assignment.
He actually wasn’t sure what those two terms meant.
[It means that one wants to bone the other. Not in a fun way, though. At least not fun, in my opinion.]
Mark didn’t know how Truck-kun knew about those terms, but he understood the meaning behind his words.
He had heard of people being romantically or sexually attracted to a sibling of theirs, but he wasn’t aware of there being terms like that for them. But they actually seemed to make some sense, at least.
‘So,  do you know who of the two the target is? It looks pretty unlike for  the Assignment to appear after meeting them for no reason.‘
[How perceptive of you. Yes,  what you say is true. Meeting them is one reason they got picked to be targeted by us. You passed quickly one part of the investigation; now, you need to find who it is. I can’t tell you who it is, as I don’t know  myself.]
Mark tried to think of their brief encounter, if there were any signs, but he hadn’t noticed them acting weird towards each other. However, it could be because they were in front of a stranger.
“Gramps, why do you stand at the door like that?”
Mark snapped out of his thoughts and turned towards Maria, who called him out.
“I just needed some air. Also, they just brought the rest of the things I bought. Now have your shower before your sister gets in and uses all the hot water. “
It was clear that she wanted to say something, probably about him spending so much money on shopping,  but she ran toward the bath instead. She knew that she had to go in first or she had to wait for a long time, and as Mark said, there would be now warm water for her.
Mark went over to the kitchen and started putting everything in place. He also stored the bags in an area, which existed just to store bags like that to use later.
After finishing that task, he prepared some coffee, and while he waited for it to be finished, he opened his STORE panel.
He wanted to check those DRIVER UPGRADES since he would earn one point to spend there. He had looked at it the other day, but paid little attention to what was in it.
One Upgrade was to increase the range he could speak with Truck-kun, which could be helpful in instances like last time that they were away from each other for most of the assignment. Until he saw the body of Tam and the panel letting him know that the assignment was complete, he was afraid that something could go wrong.
Some upgrades were clear from their name what they were supposed to do, but Mark wasn’t sure for some. Fortunately, he could inspect them and get more details so that he wouldn’t regret his decision.
There was actually one that would allow him to have more HP or lose one every second day. There were also some, which would allow him to succeed in things he couldn’t do in the past.
One that drew his attention had the title TAM’S MIND, and it actually helped him become better with logistics like Tam was.
‘Will more upgrades going to be created depending on our targets, Truck?’ Mark telepathically asked after he walked closer to get within range.
[First, it is Truck-KUN. And second, it depends on the target. The last one had a great mind, so the System decided to use the part of the soul we kept into a skill. But  it won’t be the case for all.]
Mark nodded to that since nobody was around, but then noticed something.
‘Did… did you say part of the soul? Didn’t you say that he would get into another world or something?‘ Mark asked in confusion.
[Yeah, most of him, but part of him needs to stay behind, as he is part of this world. We can’t move them entirely from one place to another, so part of them stays behind.  Most of the time, what remains behind disappears as it doesn’t have a  source to keep them in place, but sometimes they are used like that boy was. I know that you people like to think about spirits and ghosts, but once a soul leaves the body, it has to go somewhere else from this realm; otherwise, eventually, it will join the void. But there aren’t  many ways to move between realms.] Truck-kun explained to Mark.
‘Then why did we only move part of the soul. What restricts you from moving all of it? ‘
This was one of the few times that Mark got some emotion from what Truck-kun said to him. Since his voice was very robotic-like, most times, it also contained little of it. But this time, he could get some anger from it.
That was why he decided to let it be, as he had to focus on other things.
He had to start his investigation.

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