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The Investigation

Mark and his granddaughters followed the police car to the police station with their truck.

This time, Truck-kun didn’t need to use one of his minions to help find a parking space, as there were suitable places at the stations to be used for situations like that.

[Are you sure this is a wise move? That man seems suspicious of you.] Truck-kun said to Mark.

‘We can’t run since they can easily find us, and I can’t just become a  fugitive like that. They don’t have any evidence, so they will leave us  as soon enough.‘

Mark had told Truck-kun to order the minion that helped park the truck after the mission was over to also take the receiver. He had also deleted the app from his phone the moment he finished with it. However, he had completed his testing period some days ago, and the person he knew just let him have it as a  thank you, so it didn’t matter if he ‘lost' it, as far as he didn’t sell it to someone else.

Those minions would be pretty helpful for helping on tasks, as he could order them to do deliveries for him, as long as he didn’t have a System Assignment, as he decided to call them. If he had a System Assignment, only Truck-kun could order them and only for limited actions.

[I must say, though, you did pretty well till now. Even the call touch probably will affect the final reward.]

‘Final  Reward? I thought I had already earned my reward for the assignment. Which reminded me. Where is that store that the panel mentioned? ‘

Mark had wondered what this upgrade would be since he first got the System Assignment, but it seemed like it was something he could pick.

[It is something better to decide when you are alone. Also, the dealing with the target part of the Assignment is complete, but since you are under an investigation, an additional part of it has begun. Depending on how it will be over, you may get rewarded, but this is a secret Assignment since there was no notification about it. Usually, I shouldn’t tell you about it, but  consider it as a personal reward from how well you did, for a fool at  least.]

Mark didn’t mind the calling him a fool part as he got used to it by now. It was just part of the personality of Truck-kun, and he didn’t mind it, as it didn’t try to hurt his feelings. Not that it would be so easy to hurt them.

As they reached the police station, he and his granddaughters entered the station, following the two police officers.

The young boy and girl who had witnessed the incident had followed them as they took a ride in the police car. The girl had calmed down a bit, and the boy was eating another banana.

‘How many does he get on him?‘ Mark wondered as every time he watched the boy, he was eating a banana.

“You two stay over there, and we will call you too. Mister Mark, if you and your granddaughters follow me,“ the older police officer told them.

Mark, Maria, and Melinda followed, saying nothing.

Melinda didn’t like to be here, and Maria had her arm around her sister as they walked.

“Is everything ok with you two?“ the police officer asked when he noticed them act like that.

“Dreadful memories from this place, “Maria responded.

The police officer stopped walking and looked at the young girl with a clear suspicion in his eyes.

“My daughter and her husband,  meaning their parents, had died in a car accident. We have spent some time in here to find out what had really happened. “Mark whispered to the police officer so that his granddaughters wouldn’t hear him.

The police officer looked towards him, nodded, and then turned to continue leading the way.

They reached an office, which was clear that it was of the police officer they followed, as there was a pic with him and a female, most likely his wife.

There were two seats on the other side of the office from where the police officer sat, and Mark took another one from a nearby office that wasn’t used to sit between them.

“So, Mr. Mark. Do you mind repeating the events for my report? Starting for the reason the victim  was with you, and why you four were at the park.”

“Me and Tam’s father had been friends for many years. I met Tam the other data at a school event with my granddaughters, and since his father was busy at work for the day, I asked him if it was ok for Tam to spend the weekend with us. “

“Do you mind giving us the number of the father to inform him, then? “

Mark nodded and took a pen and piece of paper, and wrote the number down.

“I must tell you, though, that I  had informed him about the accident. His health isn’t the best, so he should currently be at the hospital. I spoke with a coworker who picked up the phone as he had passed out from hearing the news. “

The police officer’s suspicious look returned once more but said nothing about it.

“Continue your story then. “

Mark told him about everything else, without mentioning Truck-kun or his plan.

“…. then as Tam made his way to give my number to Will, after a while we heard the screams of the girl.  So we made our way over there, and then we saw him. You know the rest  that happened. “

“And you called the father after you saw the body? Why didn’t you wait?“ the police officer asked.

“I considered it better for me to inform him. I know how it feels to lose someone like that, and I considered it better for him to learn this from a friend. “

The man kept writing a bit more on his report, ensuring that Mark and the others couldn’t see what he wrote. Then, as he finished, he turned the page around so nobody could see what he wrote on it.

The younger police officer walked towards him and whispered something to the older officer.

“I see… go bring the two witnesses then,” the older police officer said to the younger one.

“Mister Mark, you and your granddaughters can leave. But first, would you mind also leaving a phone number behind? In case we need something more with the investigation. “

Mark didn’t mind and gave his home number. However, Melinda had a mobile phone most of the time, so it would be harder to reach him if needed.

They then made their way back to the truck to go back home to rest.

As Mark entered his truck, a  new panel appeared. He had noticed that others didn’t react to their sudden appearance, meaning that only he could see them.



Details: Complete an assignment investigation, leaving no leads

Reward: 10 TruckCoins


Mark was curious about this new reward, but he had to wait to get home by himself to check it out.

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