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The park

Mark woke up earlier than the three teenagers and fortunately this time,  he didn’t have to visit the bath. Instead, he headed towards the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone. He boiled a few eggs and brought out some jam and bread.

Everyone else soon joined him,  with Melinda being the last as Maria had to go wake her up since she didn’t seem to be able to do so on her own. She had stayed awake to see some episodes of the series she had planned to watch today, so she didn’t get as much sleep as the rest.

After they finished their breakfast, they entered the truck and started heading towards the amusement park.

[Are you sure about your plan, old man? There is no return from it after the deed is complete.] the Voice asked

‘Do we know what will happen to him after that? You said he will go on an adventure, but what kind of adventure?‘ Mark questioned,

Mark wanted to know more about what to expect and how everything worked, but he understood that the voice didn’t plan to explain everything.

[It depends on what he is skillful with. It isn’t up to me to choose where he will go, but it will be where his talents and skills are needed. He will probably become a  mage or something, as he appears to be an intelligent brat.] The Voice replied.

‘You mean he will get to use magic? Like in video games?‘ Mark questioned once more.

Mark remembered the games his daughter played. She actually picked characters that could use magic most of the time.

[Some worlds are like that;  some are more complicated or simpler than that. As I said, it isn’t up to us to choose who goes where. We just deliver them the souls to assign  them where they are needed.] The Voice answered

Mark kept being curious about how everything worked, and he would learn more tonight.

“Gramps, can we put on some music? The trip will be too dull if we just listen to the engine the whole trip,“ Melinda said to her grandfather.

He nodded as he pointed for Tam sitting next to him, to grab the portable music player under his seat.

It was a cd player, and he had some collection of old songs for them to hear. Melinda wasn’t a fan, but she had nothing else to hear as it would use a lot of her battery if she put on music on her phone.

Mark enjoyed those trips, as they reminded him of some of his fondest memories. He was always driving and making trips when he got the chance, especially with his family.

He hadn’t been in one like that for a long time, making everything feel even greater and helping him forget his new reality even for just a few moments.

When they reached the amusement park, it was a bit after noon, and some people were already there.

Mark was ready for his extensive search for a parking space, but then he noticed another truck of similar size, leaving from a place he didn’t see before but was suitable.

‘Truck-kun? Are you behind this?‘ Mark wondered.

Once was luck. Twice was a coincidence. But three times? He didn’t believe he could be that lucky.

[Of course. They know better than not to follow my commands.] The Voice replied.

‘Wait, how can you make them move like that? You can’t drive by yourself this truck by yourself.‘ Mark questioned

He definitely noticed that those trucks could turn, which Truck-kun told him he couldn’t do.

[I am not the one driving. I  just sent them a command. There are a few that work for the System without being part of it. They aren’t aware of it, though. But all you need to know is I can give them simple commands, like keeping a space for us. But don’t count them to make your tasks more manageable, or do  them for you.] Truck-kun explained.

Mark didn’t expect to learn something like that.

‘How much control does this System have?‘ Mark tried to think to himself.

[It's too much for you to bring your mind around it. So you better let it go and don’t count on it much.] The voice spoke.

Mark parked his truck and helped everyone to get out of it. Then they headed to the entrance of the park.

“Mark…MARK. OVER HERE!“ A person shouted.

The person shouting at him was a middle-aged man in his early thirties. He was one of the people he had called last night. His name was Will, and he was one of the managers of this place and the son of the owner.

Mark walked towards him with everyone else.

“Oh, man. It is really you. Other than a few more white hairs, you haven’t changed at all, man. Are  those your grandkids?“ Will said with excitement to see the old man.

“The girls are. The boy is the son of a friend.“ Mark answered.

Will nodded and then checked his jacket pockets. He then brought out a few passes, which were of gold color.

“Those will help get on most of the rides with no problem. Except, of course, the ones not suited for their age. I would like to join you, but I have some tasks to take care of. I will see you later. Have a nice and enjoyable day.“ Will said.

As he said that and gave the passes to Mark, he turned and made his way deeper into the amusement park.

Mark kept all the passes since they didn’t plan to split up, and he didn’t want them to try one not suited for them.

There were signs for every ride or game there was, and each sign had some symbols, with most including a gold emblem, meaning they could use their pass for it. 

He went around on different rides and courses and also played in the arcade or some shooting range games, trying to earn a prize.

Mark made sure to let Tam try everything he could handle to have a great day, which was why he decided for them to get here.

He enjoyed his time here and also the fact that his granddaughters also did so.

Hours passed, and it got late, meaning they would have to get back home soon. Mark got the cell phone from Melinda to call one of his friends to a canteen to prepare an order for them, as it was better than the food at the park.

They made their way to the exit, where they found Will, and they thanked him for his gift.

“That is what friends are for. It was about time you came to visit this place, so I hope you enjoyed your time.“ Will said with a smile.

Mark said nothing, and he just nodded at him.

They made their way towards where they parked, but in the way, Mark stopped and kept patting himself like he was looking for something.

“Everything ok, Mr. Henderson?“ Tam asked, after noticing what he was doing.

Mark brought out a piece of paper with something written on it, and after reading it, he hit his forehead.

“Stupid me. I wanted to give Will my new number, as he had our old one, but I forgot to do so. I should make…. “

“I can bring it to him, Mr. Henderson.“ Tam interrupted him.

“Well, we haven’t gone too far, and I can bring the truck to the entrance to get you. But wait for us there.“ Mark instructed

He gave the piece of paper to the young boy, who started to make his way back to the park entrance.

Mark and his granddaughters turned toward where they usually parked, but not much time passed as they heard screams from the way they came.

They turned and started making their way towards where the screams were heard, and they soon found their source.

It was a young girl who had fallen on the ground on her knees, crying. Next to her, there was a familiar young man who was eating another banana.

For some reason, the girl screamed and was crying. It was because of the motionless body of a young boy lying on the ground close to them.

It was the body of Tam.

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