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The son and the father

Nothing significant happened during the school event. However, there was a speech from the headteacher and two more teachers who had just gotten newly hired.
Mark didn’t speak with Tam during the event as he didn’t want to disrupt the people speaking. But, many of the students didn’t pay attention and were chatting with each other or playing with their phones.
His granddaughters also stayed quiet, but Melinda was texting on her phone. But she at least tried not to let others notice. Mark noticed what she was doing of course, but let her be. The speeches weren’t that important, so he let her be.
The entire event lasted less than a couple of hours, and as soon as the headteacher thanked everyone for getting here, almost every new student stood up and ran out.
Of course, Tam and Mark’s granddaughters stayed in their seats and waited, although Melinda only did so because she was in the middle of finishing a text conversation with a friend.
“Tam, I don’t see your father here. He is at work, isn’t he?“ Mark asked the boy.
Tam nodded at the old man to let him know he was correct.
“How about you come with us for lunch? You can call your father, letting  him know, and thinking of him, he probably will have a late shift too.”  Mark suggested.
Mark knew the schedule of Tam’s father pretty well, and since he recently started to feel weaker, he had worked even more to gather as much money as he could. His employers didn’t know about his illness, as they probably would rather have him on vacation or, at worse, replacing him.
“That sounds good, Mr. Henderson. Can you call him, though, Mr. Henderson? “ Tam asked.
Mark remembered then that Tam didn’t have a phone. His father, for most people, seemed to be quite strict in money to not let his kid have a  phone, but if only they knew the truth.
“Melinda, can I have the phone to call Tam’s father?“ Mark requested.
Mark also didn’t have a phone, and Maria didn’t want to get one to increase their expenses.
Melinda reluctantly gave him the phone. Mark remembered the number of  Tam’s father, among the phone numbers of other people that were close to him, so he dialed it up.
“Hello? Who is that?“ A voice on the other line asked when the connection was made.
“It is Mark Henderson. I am here at school with Tam and wondered if you  minded me getting him to get some lunch with us.“ Mark spoke.
Mark went right to the point, as he knew that Tam’s father didn’t want to waste time on the phone.
“Yes, yes, it is fine. Thank you for helping, and I will….”
“No need to cover the expenses. We are friends, after all. “
Mark knew that he wouldn’t tell that but he should probably say to Tam that he would be late, but it was a rather common occurrence.
“I wanted to suggest something else as well. How about Tam having a  sleepover? I require his brain to help me with my logistics, to tell the  truth.” Mark suggested.
Tam was a genius in numbers and actually had helped the logistics of both his father’s and Mark’s many times in the past few years. Maybe because his father was strict with money, Tam tried to help as much as possible, which was why he got that good.
“Sounds good to me. I was going to be late today, but if Tam stays with  you, I can pass in the morning to get him.“ The voice responded.
“It is Friday today, so he can stay the weekend. I won’t mind.“ Mark added.
Mark knew that the weekends were extra busy for Tam’s father, and he wanted to help him. At least that was one of the reasons.
“Sounds good to me. I need to go now, but send my regards to Tam, and I  will call this number when I am on break.“ Tam’s father said.
Mark knew that it probably would never happen. That’s why he didn’t mention it to Tam. The person worked so hard to gather money for the future of Tam that he forgot about the present Tam.
Hopefully, with what Mark had planned, he would pass his last few weeks to months in a more relaxed way.
Done with this they headed to a fast-food canteen to get something to eat and then headed back home.
“Mr. Henderson, do you really need my help? I checked your logistics just two weeks ago.“ Tam asked.
Mark didn’t turn towards the boy since he was currently driving them back home.
“Well, you know me. I want to be sure that everything is ok. Especially with school starting once again.“ Mark replied.
[So this is our victim? Seems to fit the requirements. And you already have them next to you. So what is the plan?]  The Truck spoke.
‘Well, I need to know something first from you.‘ Mark responded.
The engine left a weird sound that nobody really paid attention to, but  Mark did since he had never heard his truck making a sound like that. It was almost like it wanted to show its momentary displeasure.
[What do you want to know again?] The Voice questioned.
‘What will happen to him? You said the one that we will truck they will go into another world or something.  Does that include their body? ‘ Mark asked.
[Oh no, just what you people call their soul will leave and get to a new body. You need to take care of the body. There are some upgrades to  make your life easier for that, but you need to finish assignments to  get them.] The voice answered.
Mark was afraid that this would be the case. However, if the body disappeared, it would be great, as it would also make it less difficult for him to hit the boy with his truck.
He reminded himself that he had to do it; otherwise, his granddaughters would be alone. Unlike Tam, they would have no money left for them or anyone to take care of them.
Mark knew that this sounded selfish and inhuman to him, but he kept repeating that this was his only choice and that it would also make things better.
‘Then what about the help that you can offer, that you mentioned in the past? Something about making it  difficult for others to know that this truck was behind the accident.‘ Mark asked further.‘
There were a few seconds of silence, which Markus found weird, since the voice responded almost instantly until now.
[I can transform my appearance to other vehicles of similar size. It is just an illusion, though, but nobody should be able to tell the difference. Though I can do it only for up to four hours per day,  currently, since you have no updates on it.] The Voice finally responded.
‘Will the illusion cover every part of the trunk?‘ the old man asked.
[Of course. Do you have an idea already?] The Voice asked feeling curious.
‘I thought you could read my mind,’ Mark responded.
He had noticed that the voice didn’t know what he thought while he was outside the range they could communicate. But from their discussions, he could tell that it could read his mind while he was in the range.
[I just wanted to let you feel smart once in your life, fool. But I must  admit that your plan may not just completely fail.] The Voice said.
Mark stopped himself from nodding, as it would make the rest of the people in the truck with him consider him crazy. Especially since they didn’t have the radio on to make it look like he just jammed in the music or something.
‘So tomorrow night it is.’
Mark then turned to look at the young boy, who currently had one of his notebooks open and studying.
‘Everything will get better soon‘  Mark thought.
This thought was for both the boy and himself.

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