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Meeting Truck-kun

Mark didn’t know what this was supposed to be.

Could it be that he was hallucinating because of the chemical he breathed? It wasn’t much, but he didn’t know if there were any side effects by doing so.

[I am no hallucination, you old piece of shit!]

He heard a voice in his head, which was something that he had never encountered in his life. It was a strange feeling. The voice sounded like a robot, as if it was part of an old voice simulation program.

[It is going to get stranger. Believe me, on that.]

“Who…who are you?“ Mark asked.

[No need to speak out loud, fool. I can read your thoughts. Just think, or people will consider you crazy, faster than I hit that other idiot.]

‘You…you are my truck?‘  Mark asked feeling doubtful.

This was the only thing that could make sense to him. But at the same time, it made no sense.

[I guess you aren’t as much of a fool as I thought. Yes... I am your truck. So you better take care good care of me, or I will run you over next time.]

‘Wait? You can drive by yourself?‘  Mark was baffled.

A momentary silence descended after that question.

[Ok, you caught my bluff. I may not have control of movement without your help, but you better do a good job. I have a reputation at stake here.]

The more that the voice spoke, the more questions kept appearing in Mark’s mind.

[Everything will be answered in time. So now you should drive and start the investigation.]

‘Investigation? About what?‘  he asked.

[For our first victim, FOOL! Didn’t you read the assignment?]

Mark re-read the panel that was in front of him.

‘What about it? What does that mean? What does a high school student have to do with me?‘ Mark questioned.

It frustrated Mark that none of his questions seemed to be getting answered and instead just kept on increasing.

[Why did they assign me here? It is simple, find a person who fits this description and truck him up.]

Mark started driving, but he hadn’t ended this discussion yet. He needed to make it back home, though, and he had to get lunch for his granddaughters too.

‘So you want me to kill a high school student? Why should I even think about doing that?‘ Mark asked, feeling hesitant.

[Well, first... you just thought about it. Second, you don’t have an option.]

Mark took a deep breath before continuing the discussion, trying to learn more.

‘What do you mean, I have no option? From what I can tell, I am the one with all the options since I drive you around.‘  Mark countered.

Mark could hear the voice in his mind laughing. It was a rather disturbing noise, and its tone was not something he liked.

[Just open your status.]

‘My Status?‘  Mark muttered.

Another panel appeared out of nowhere, but this time Mark didn’t lose control of the truck and continued driving while reading what was on it.




Level: 1

System Type: Truck-kun




‘So what is that supposed to mean?‘  he asked.

He had seen panels like that in games that his granddaughters or his daughter used to play, so he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with what information was in it. But nothing seemed to make him want to change his opinion of not killing someone else.

[Of course, you don’t see it because some fools like you haven’t added all the info in there and want me to explain things.]

Mark knew that he wouldn’t enjoy his time with that voice.

[I am not here to be your buddy. So listen carefully, fool. Your HP isn’t like those simple games your little girls played. It is a sign of how much time you have left before you aren’t a living human anymore. You will lose one every day, and the only way to fill them up so be completing an assignment. So you have a week, all then will have to move to the next person. Maybe I will get someone younger.]

Mark kept driving even after hearing those disturbing news. He didn’t know if he could believe it, but if it was true, did that mean that he had to do something that inhuman once more?

[Oh, come on, don’t be a chicken. I mean... the first time, I didn’t see you giving a second thought over what to do, and your life wasn’t in danger. I mean, those small payments of yours will get you nowhere if you keep at it.]

‘Then what do you want me to do? Kill a person and then rob them?‘  Mark asked further.

The assignment mentioned a reward, but it wasn’t money but an upgrade for his truck.

[You keep surprising me each time about how to foolish you are. The assignment showed you only the rewards you will get for completing it, no matter how you do so. There are extra rewards that depend on the target you picked and the way you trucked them up. Money can be part of that reward too.]

Mark thought about it, but he didn’t like the idea of killing someone for his greed.

[You don’t listen, do you? I said... you need to truck them, not kill them. There is a difference YOU FOOL!]

‘What is the difference then?‘ Mark asked as he hoped the answer would give him a reason to move with that plan.

[People that get trucked up by us don’t go to whatever you people think is heaven. They go to another realm to fill their destiny that people in charge will put them to. So how about it? We get profit, and they get an adventure of a lifetime. Win-win situation.]

Mark didn’t expect that response, but he didn’t know what he could expect either way. It hadn’t wholly helped him decide, but at least it made him think about it.

He kept driving until he reached a small canteen.

“Oh, hey Mark. I thought you wouldn’t come today since it is so late,“ the only person in the canteen told him.

“Yeah, I had a new client today and took more time than I thought. Can you make the usual? Need to be back home soon,“ the old man said.

“Will be ready soon. Want a refreshment while waiting?“

“No, I am fine, Phil. Just let me know when everything is ready.“

He went around the corner, and brought out a pack of cigarettes. He got one out and put it in his mouth, but didn’t light it up.

He kept making it look like he was smoking it, but he didn’t actually do so.

It was a habit of his that he did when he was nervous. He used to be a big smoker, but when cancer came and he got a lot of scolding from his daughter, who was still alive back then, he stopped smoking since then.

His cancer got cured after spending a fortune on surgeries, for which he had taken out loans that he was still paying off.

[You know that what you do is pretty retarded.]

Mark ignored the comment, and he was confident he would have to do so a lot from now on.

The order was ready after a few minutes, and after he took it, he made his way back home. He was almost two hours late compared to the usual time that he was back. But just as he entered the room, he noticed the twins sitting quietly in front of their laptop, watching one of the latest drama series they had found out.

“Girls, get ready for dinner. Go was your hands.“

Maria turned towards her grandfather and then looked over the big antique clock in the living room.

“Gramps, why were you late?“

“Get yourself and your sister ready for dinner first. We will talk later.“

His granddaughters did what he told them, but Mark didn’t plan to tell them the entire story.

Who would really believe him if he did so?

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