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Below is the list of titles written by TheShingPen. Check out their collection of work and let them know what you think.

Dariens Legacy

The 8 Great Beings have left the world of Emelia.
The 8 Firstborns, first of their kind, have disappeared or fallen in a comatose state. Darien, King of Vampires, who was at the top of the Firstborns, trusted his daughters with keeping The Balance and taking care of the humans as the 8 Beings had entrusted him and the other Firstborns.

The Humans, the 9th Race, had made a step to change The Balance by having the princesses kidnapped and experimented on as also many more magical creatures. Following not only Darien’s daughters but many more of both sides will learn if The Balance will stay intact or they will bring an end to it.

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