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The beginning of a trip

Shingi had let Anna make plans to deal with their current situation, as she had more experience.

She had given a few ideas for the tactics to use, but Shingi told her they had to keep things as quiet as possible and not draw too much attention. Especially from more Blessed Ones and the Dark Guild.

After giving some orders for Volig and Greg to prepare some things, they left Anna with Shingi to discuss the last details.

"We going to need more help to pull this off." [Anna]

Shingi nodded as he planned to ask his students for help, although he was confident that Tycoon wouldn't be back yet from her training.

"You should bring your other self here. He is going to be an important factor in the plan."[Anna]

Anna was there when he explained everything to Ben and had mentioned how he had access to his Blessed One body.

He had thought of bringing him here, but he was busy with his NPC body training to focus on making this trip.

But he had to agree that this was something that would make things easier.

After discussing some last details, Shingi cast INVISIBILITY on him and went towards the Mayor's office.

Fortunately, after unlocking MINOR MANA REGENERATION, his time using Spells like invisibility increased slightly.

He noticed that the Mayor's office was under watch. This is because the number of Players of the Guild in the town has significantly increased since last time.

Shingi made it in the office with no problem, as most of them seemed to be low level.

Inside, Aneta, Karemon, and Little Phoenix seemed to be here to learn more about Enchantments. She was getting close, but still had some way to go.

"Oh, welcome, Shingi. I see you are well. I expected you to show up, eventually. What can we help you with?" [Aneta]

"I am sure that you are aware of the situation with the Blessed Ones' Guild. I have an individual who has a plan to deal with them, but we will need help." [Shingi]

He explained the plan and told Phoenix to go to the shop to meet Anna but use her INVISIBILITY to prevent getting detected.

As expected, Tycoon wasn't back, and Shingi told Phoenix not to ask her to come after she said she could communicate with her. It was better for Tycoon to finish her training and not disrupt her unless they had no option.

After Phoenix left, Shingi asked the Mayor and her helper if they had a room he could use for a few days and not be disturbed.

Even if they found it a little weird of a request, they gave him a small room in the office building, which was pretty much unused for now and had a few things stored there but had a lot of space for his needs.

He needed just a place for his body to lie asleep as he tried to get into town as Ameanum.

He told them he would be away for some time and if they needed anything, they should talk to Anna.

And with that, after a lot of time, he enabled his SPECTATOR MODE.

This time, he could feel the transition and notice a few details better than before.

He had noticed strange energy that seemed to separate from his NPC body, and it didn't seem to transfer him to his Player's body but to construct one.

When it was completed, he noticed the difference between the two bodies. Since Ameanum was a Warrior, he didn't have any mana and couldn't use MANA SENSE, so he had to adjust a little as he used to have that Skill enabled pretty much active all the time.

But his PERCEPTION was still better, so it wasn't like he was clueless about his surroundings.

He was still in Picton, and the trip to Carda was pretty big. Fortunately, he had a few coins since he could use the coins stored in the unique dimension Dolg's Blessing was giving him.

He didn't have too much in there, as they used a lot of coins to reconstruct the shop.

He also had to be careful about what Skills he would use as he didn't want to overuse something and transfer it to his NPC self, which could ruin his class selection.


Do you want to disable the SHARE EXPERIENCE function?



The sudden System's notification and its content surprised Ameanum.

He had never heard of the SHARE EXPERIENCE function, but it could be something the System created.

People didn't program everything as the System was a unique AI responsible for calculating, learning, and adjusting monsters and NPCs' behaviors for a better experience for the Players.

It mainly was doing reports, and an actual person of the Company was doing the update, but there were some rare cases that the System was creating something new by itself.

Ameanum was confident that Night Wind would tell him about this kind of function if it was something they created while he was away, as he had mentioned his ability to get to his Player's body.

Ameanum enabled the function, as even if he could transfer some practical Skills, it would ruin his balance on what he had.

Now he had to get in Carda.

The faster way was through Teleportation, but it was pretty expensive, and since he had to move between Kingdoms, it was something that would use either known routes, and his trip would be possible to find out or use secret ones but need a lot of sources and coins to do so.

He wanted to keep himself a secret, so he had to do things the hard way.

Anna told him he should have five days, so he had to hurry.

Picton had a Teleportation Circle that he could use and move within the Kingdom without drawing attention.

He had enough coins to use the Teleportation Circle three times, so he had to be careful with where to go.

Picton was a beginner's town, and after the disappearance of their Master SMITH, it was quieter than usual.

Ameanum started his way towards the building with the Teleportation Circle.

He noticed a few Players on the way, but all were under level 10 as the nearby monsters, and Goblin Cave was most suitable for them.

He reached the building quickly and noticed outside was a crowd of Players. There was also an NPC in front of the main door of the building, blocking anyone from entering.

The NPC wore similar clothes as the Martial Monks of the Water Spire that Shingi met just some time ago, but the colors instead of blue and white were white and yellow.

We didn't have a mohawk, but he was bald and looked too old, maybe in his twenties. Ameanum could tell that he had shaved his head and wasn't naturally bald.

He looked human, and Ameanum could tell that he was a powerful NPC using his EAGLE EYES, but not as powerful as Ware Spire's Monks. Even so, the Player's of the town had no chance of dealing with him.

He seemed not to allow anyone to get it, and anyone who came too close seemed to be pushed back without the Monk moving, or more specifically, without them being able to see him move.

But Ameanum could see all his movements, and they were pretty decent.

Players grew restless, but none was brave enough to do anything about it.

"Please stand aside."[Ameanum]

Everyone turned to see who spoke to notice Ameanum, who was on his special equipment, but nothing too fancy.

Most made way for him to pass, but some went back to talk with each other to pass this strange NPC.

Ameanum had enough space to move in front of the Monk.

"Hello there. Can you let me pass? I have places to go." [Ameanum]

The Monk looked at him, showing he didn't get impressed with what he saw.

"Only the strong can get what they want."[Monk]

At that moment, without further warning, the Monk wanted to push Ameanum back by punching him and using his punch's force to push him back and used one of his Skills to increase that force.

As expected, he hit Ameanum, but Ameanum didn't get pushed even slightly.

Ameanum was expecting this as he saw him doing it and had prepared, and with his current stats and skills, he could withstand something like that easily.

"So am I strong enough to pass?" [Ameanum]

The Monk seemed impressed when he gave him a bow as he pulled his hands together in front of his face, with one being an open palm and the other a closed fist.

"May I ask a favor of the master, then?" [Monk]

"Then follow me." [Ameanum]

We went towards a counter where a person who handled the circle was sitting. He gave both him and the Monk the coins to use the circle towards the chosen destination.

They used it, and the Teleportation happened with no problems. The building they arrived at was like Picton's but was a bit bigger.

The place they got at was a city closer to the borders of the North Kingdom.

They moved and got in a tavern and didn't speak until they got a table.

Usually, Ameanum wouldn't accept this request since he was in a hurry, but this was a particular case.

"So what does a monk of the Air Spire wants help with? I heard you people do not show up a lot." [Ameanum]

Air Spire was another of the spires like Water Spire, but its location was unknown. Some were thinking it didn't even exist.

Ameanum hadn't found a clue for the Spire's people or its location even after playing the game for so long.

Since the design of his clothes fit the other Spires, except for the colors, he was confident of this assumption.

"I see the master is wise as expected...My name is Soryn, and you are correct; I am from the Air Spire, and I am the last one to my knowledge." [Soryn]

The revelations surprised Shingi.

Even if it was hiding, the Air Spire wasn't weak but quite the opposite.

The Arcana Users of the Air Spire were experts in Seals, and they kept imprisoned many dangerous creatures that could cause chaos in the Mortal Realm. That was why they kept themselves hidden so that nobody would also find those Sealed creatures' locations.

"Does that mean the prisoners of yours are out?" [Ameanum]

Soryn shook his head as a response.

"As long as one of us is alive, the Seals will stay in place unless some find their location. But to my knowledge, it is still a secret, and I plan to keep it like that." [Soryn]

Shingi's curiosity had made him forgot for a moment his reason for getting into this city as Soryn's request drew him.

"So, what do you want my help for? Dealing with the ones who destroyed the rest of the Air Spire's people? If so, who are they"[Ameanum]

Soryn looked towards Ameanum as he seemed reluctant, but progressed with his decision to trust the individual in front of him.

"Have you heard of the Dark Guild?" [Soryn]

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