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Anna's past

Anna's dominant class was Rogue and had the Special Class called True Assassin.

The Assassin class is typical for Players to earn if they want to focus on stealth and to hit from the shadows, but they considered it a cheap imitation compared to Anna's True Assassin class.

Not only were there new skills learned with this class, but also some got strengthened. For example, her STEALTH skill was more effective when in the shadows, as she could become one with them and no detection skills lower than Master could see a thing, and even Master ones would just have a chance.

She could move through shadows and teleport from one shadow to another but within a specific range. The good thing about this ability was they did not consider it a Spell, so it didn't need Mana to be used, but it was putting a strain on her body the more she used it without a break.

Her PERCEPTION was even better than Shingi's, as her class needed to earn information for the target before acting.

The reason she had this class was because of her mother. But, unfortunately, her mother was a mortal, and no matter what, even as a Catfolk, it would come the time that she had to say the last goodbye to her child.

She was a caring woman of loving her daughter more than anything and had taught her everything she knew.

She taught her how to use the needles for healing, as she was an acupuncture practitioner, and how to protect herself.

She was happy seeing her child growing, even when Anna's body didn't seem to grow old as much as hers was, but was happy for her child to keep her good looks for more time and live and experience more things.

But in the end, she didn't get the chance to say goodbye as one day that Anna was gone to buy some supplies they needed. When Anna returned, she found their house destroyed and her mother dead.

She had demanded from Dolg for an explanation, and he sawed her a vision of who did it, but he wasn't able to do anything else as Gods were prohibited from acting in the Mortal Realm for something like that.

But Anna didn't have to follow this rule.

She started looking and earning information about the people who did it and planned her revenge.

It seemed that it was a young gentleman, son of a rich guy, who was too spoiled and acted as the world belonged to him. He had heard about the beauty of the Catfolks as also about the whereabouts of two.

When he saw Anna's mother, it disappointed him that the younger one wasn't around. As a man of no patience, he decided to get her and maybe return for the other one in the future.

But Anna's mother wasn't someone simple and wouldn't just live without a fight. So she used her Catfolk claws and injured the spoiled young man and some of his people.

The young man got angry cause the injury was on his face and even damaged his right eye, but nothing that magic healing couldn't deal with.

At that point, he didn't care about her beauty and just wanted her dead. His men were powerful and could kill her, and they destroyed the house to leave a message.

The young nobleman had taken the tail of hers as a trophy.

Anna was earning information as she didn't want to kill him but make him miserable enough to wish for himself to die. So he had to lose everything, as she lost everything.

His family had an Alchemy Company creating a massive number of potions and pills used all over the country. However, their power and sources were a little less than of the King himself.

It took her years to learn how the target's family business was working, and with careful moves, she was making the changes needed.

She was assassinating people responsible for specific tasks, making sure people she could manipulate took their place. She sabotaged some shipments or stores or even spread rumors about their company and some side effects of their products.

She worked on that pan for 50 years until the not-so-young noble who was now the one owning the company was desperate. Nothing he did was working, and they weren't making any profit but instead were in massive debt.

He was losing one store after the other.

Many of his prominent Alchemists had either vanished or quit.

Even the King, who supported his family in the past, didn't help him by giving him a loan. Same for each of the others 'friends' of his family. Anna had made sure to cut their ties.

The company, in the end, was utterly devoured by others or sold at a low price.

His family exiled the noble one as responsible for what happened to them, and he couldn't say anything, as his father, who mainly was caring for him, had mysteriously died a few years ago.

He barely got some money to get a place of his own, but it could hardly be called a house.

Then one day, between the usual crying of his bad luck, a figure appeared in front of him.

He didn't have time to say anything as he felt a slight pinch on his forehead. At that point, everything turned dark as he lost the ability to see.

Then he felt another one on his neck and wasn't able to speak.

Two more he felt at his shoulders, and he lost his ability to move his arms.

Another two were at his knees, and he couldn't feel or use his legs.

After a few seconds of silence, he heard a female voice in his ears whispering.

"Your debt is considered paid now." [Anna]

And with that, she left him alone, even if she could kill him.

Having only the ability to hear what happens around him and can only guess but cannot act.

Even if someone found him, it would be too late to fix him and would take too many coins to do so if tried either way.

Anna had her revenge after that long, and that was when she had officially earned her class of True Assassin.

After all those years, she had forgotten details like the name of her target, but not the lessons she learned during her first mission.

From that point, she wasn't trustworthy of people she didn't know, but there were exceptions. Mainly people owing shiny things as this affection of hers was hard to control even at her current age.

The person who handled her being sealed in the mine was one like that.

Anna never got the chance to see his face no matter what he tried, but he had given her many tasks and rewarded her with many things for her collection.

He was the one who gave her the special mask.

She considered him to be her first friend, but things changed when they found the mine.

He was a man of many resources, but he never was a greedy one.

They have come across the mine by accident after searching for the whereabouts of an individual who had vanished in the nearby area.

One of the rare cases was that he was coming with Anna on a mission, as he said that this was an important one.

When they found the silver, Anna wasn't aware of what it really was.

But her friend was.

He was a CRAFTSMAN of great skill, but Anna wasn't sure of his Rank but was confident that he was at least Master Rank, if not more.

He made the Seal, entrapping both of them with the silver.

He knew that they would spread the disease if they went outside, and he wasn't willing to let it happen. But, unfortunately, he wasn't aware of Anna's godly background, as it wasn't something she was saying to anyone, so he trapped her with him.

Until Anna asked him what he had done and explained everything, it was too late to bring down the Seal to let her out.

Anna could not destroy the Seal herself, so the only thing she could do was to wait.

She had tried to see if she could dig her way out, but the silver was more solid than a normal one and surrounded every wall, leaving her unable to do anything without a tool.

Also, the Seal trapped not only her physically but didn't let any means of communication work with the outside work; that's why Dolg couldn't find her.

One would have gone crazy after being alone and trapped in there, but Anna's patience and will were unbroken.

She had spent 50 years getting her revenge, so she was ready to wait for even more for the chance to get out.

After who knows how much time had passed, she saw the first crack on the field who wasn't invisible anymore.

After the moment of happiness came the worry of the spread that her friend had tried to stop.

She had to act, and when the field was down, she charged on the one behind it.

That's how she came to meet Shingi.

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