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Unexpected reward

With Nalrin's spells' help, Shingi was back to top shape, even better than when he got there, as some of his wounds hadn't healed yet.

Now that his mind wasn't just focusing on the task at hand, he noticed a few notifications in front of him.



The spell MAJOR ILLUSION (Base Grade) has been learned



CHA increased by 2



Because CHA reached 5, the Passive Skill Minor Mana Regeneration has been unlocked




Reward: Aella's reputation got massively increased


His CHA increasing surprised Shingi. It was higher than ever and even gave him a Passive Skill.

He had heard of Minor Mana Regeneration, but it was something that some rare Quests could have as a reward. Usually, one needed potions or meditating to restore their MP, but with the Skill, the MP would get restored doing nothing but somewhat slower. But in the middle of combat with no potions, every bit counted.

The new Spell or the System's reward did not surprise him for the Quest as it didn't mean it was the only reward.

Aella walked toward him, with Egroeg walking beside her. Nalrin stayed where he was,

"You have surprised me once more. I expected that with your new body, you would do fewer crazy things." [Aella]

As she stopped in front of him, she raised her hand to show a particular scale for a young purple dragon.

"I think this is something you can use in the future." [Aella]

Shingi took the scale, and the moment he touched it, he felt this strange feeling, like air surrounding his hand and changing between high and low temperatures, but not too high or too low.

When he used his MANA SENSE, he could see Storm-Element mana surrounding it, but it didn't seem to get weaker as time passed. Instead, it seemed to keep producing to keep it at a specific level.

One would typically use the scale as a crafting resource, but it could produce mana, and if he used it to craft something, it probably would mess with that ability.

But having access to that rare mana was more critical and beneficial for him, as he could separate the various elements that were merged to create it and use them, which could help even strengthen his Mana Tree.

He could see with his MANA SENSE the compatibility of the Storm Element mana and the compatibility of each element that was part of it. For example, the Earth and Air had the highest compatibility with 85% for Earth and 62% for Air, while Water had 53% and Fire 12%.

Earth and Air Element mana would significantly affect him, while Water Element, with the tiny amount the single could make, was mainly useless to use for his Mana Tree. As for the Fire mana, he would not use it for his Mana Tree's strengthening but could use it for Spell-casting or during his crafting.

It was by far the greatest reward he could ask for, as it would help him in many ways.

He stored it in his Spatial Ring and bowed a little to Aella to show his gratitude. She seemed happy that he liked her gift as he had earned it today, especially considering how many times he also had helped her in the past, even if they hadn't ever succeeded like this time.

"Well, then what now? He probably knows what we did, but he won't show up since he isn't here yet. What do you plan to do?" [Shingi]

Aella seemed to think it over as she hadn't considered it, as she was just happy to get back what she lost.

"Better think it over and let me know if you have any news of his whereabouts. I can't do anything to him yet, but one day I will find him and get my sister back." [Shingi]

"Are you sure you want her back?" [Nalrin]

Shingi turned around to look towards the dog who had walked towards them and joined the discussion.

"What do you mean?" [Shingi]

"I mean, from what I remember, you aren't the best at considering someone like your family, and you work better alone. I mean, you just destroyed a Seal of who knows what made of that even Gods aren't aware how to deal with. Why the interest in getting her back?" [Nalrin]

Shingi considered what to say cause he wasn't sure of why himself.

"I can't allow anyone to take someone who has helped me that much." [Shingi]

His response wasn't entirely untrue, but there seemed to be more to it.

"Well, Nalrin, it isn't nice to mess with others that way. Shingi, the moment I know something, I will communicate with you right away. We are going to take her back." [Aella]


A communication channel for Aella, the Goddess of Storm, was created


A communication channel was like the chat mechanic, but it was only available for NPCs to talk with each other or Blessed Ones. Of course, not just anyone could create a communication channel, but for someone like Aella was something simple as breathing.

Since they had nothing more to share, Shingi went his way back to town, again using the hole in the wall to enter. Fortunately, the boxes weren't too heavy for him with his current skills and stats, so he could enter and exit the town stealthily and quickly.

He made his way towards the inn to meet his Player students to give the items he had prepared and let them adjust to them for the rest of the day.

Once more, he found Hineko 'talking' with a female one, but this time he didn't ignore him as he kicked a stone at his head to draw his attention.

Hineko turned pissed to see the one who dared to do that to him but froze and calmed when he saw Shingi was the one who did it.

Shingi told him to follow him as they went inside and fortunately found Wild Tycoon and Little Phoenix, but Mizuneko didn't seem to be around. Hineko said he had some business and research to finish to make sure they were ready this time. He probably wouldn't find any info for the boss itself, but any information for the rest of the monsters would be helpful.

Either way, Shingi had nothing to give him, so he didn't mind him not being around. He went to the room of Hineko with everyone to have some privacy and brought out firstly the two rings and gave them to Hineko.

He explained how it worked, and Hineko summoned two daggers, but since, for now, none of them had any mana gems, all were the same. Next, he tested summoning specific daggers, and not that hard, but Shingi had to recharge the rings at the end as he went in a sprint of changing between them.

After recharging the rings and bashing the head of Hineko of messing that much with the rings, he brought out the new great axe of Tycoon.

It impressed her when she got it in her hand until Shingi instructed to separate it into two battleaxes.

She went speechless at that point.

She liked her great axe and fit her Class, but she wanted to try an original style, but it would be too expensive to have various weapons on her. But now, she had two different weapons for different styles in one. Her Class was allowing her to use them both, so the System didn't restrict her.

Little Phoenix seemed somewhat sad about not getting a new weapon, but she understood she didn't need one. Shingi, though, showed her the enchantment trinkets he and Volig had prepared and gave her some simple ones to test and become familiar with how they worked, as Shingi would not keep them all for himself.

Shingi checked Little Phoenix's progress with any Dark-Element spells. But other than the DARK BOLT and SHADOW FORM she could use back in the dungeon; she had unlocked nothing else yet. She still hadn't fully mastered SHADOW FORM and was still an unfinished spell, but she could use it at least now.

"You all should be ready as we are going to head towards the Dungeon same time as last time. Also, wear those."[Shingi]

He brought out of his Spatial Ring a few cloaks, but they weren't typical cloaks. On the contrary, he specially made them change the appearance of the one who wore them, their clothes, and their face.

They had to make sure that people didn't know they headed to the dungeon since they wanted to kill the boss, bringing an end to the dungeon. A lot of Players would get furious if they knew about it.

Volig brought the cloaks, as he was confident that Shingi would need something like that at some point.

Shingi left and went back to the shop but didn't find Volig there, but he assumed he was still talking with Aneta.

Since he didn't have any specific project in mind, he tested his new belonging to craft thing.

The dragon scale.

Shingi enabled the mana blower with the scale's Air mana and fed the forge with some of the scale's Fire mana. Next, he used some of the Earth Mana to cast an Earth MANA HAND. Finally, he used some silver to make a jewel, and more specifically, a necklace.

He made sure the Air element used in the forge's air he manipulated into the heating material. Of course, it wasn't necessary since it would not get enchanted, but he did nothing half-assed.

It didn't take him long to heat it, and he picked it with his MANA HAND, put it in the anvil, and started working on it with the Spirit Hammer. During the whole progress, he kept feeding it with some of the scale's Fire mana to keep the heat on it, and when he finished, he put it in the barrel that he had also used some of the scale's Water mana.

The result looked like a feather. Shingi called it Angel's Feather after his mother and was a gift he wanted to give Annoue the next time he found her. It was also a reminder of who he was, the son of a Blessed One.

It may all be a Video Game, but this was now his reality, and he was ready to do everything to keep his family and friends safe.

At this point, the shop's door heard some clapping, and Shingi turned towards it, surprised by him not noticing.

The tall blonde man immediately grabbed the room's attention as he swaggered in. A black leather jacket that lent him the air of a ruffian covered his torso. Bandages covered his hands and feet, though there was no sign of the wounds that may have caused them. A black cloth mask hid his mouth and nose, but his golden eyes were all needed to showcase his stunning visage. A second later, a black vortex seemed to erupt within.

Shingi froze in place, looking toward him as the gentleman's eyes were also at him. From his body language, he could understand that he admired him for seeing him working.

"Night...Night Wind?!?!" [Shingi]

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