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Working with student on the forge

After Shingi talked with his Player students and told them what he wanted them to do to prepare for their Boss hunting, he went out with Volig.

Cause of his size, he couldn't hide, but they cared little about others watching them and made their way to the shop.

Shingi checked for Garry when they got in, but there weren't any signs until he checked his desk.

On the desk, there was a note and his Spirit Hammer. Garry had taken his Spirit Hammer last time he went away, so Shingi was curious why it was here this time.

Reading the note, it seemed like Garry wanted to take care of some of his businesses, but he shouldn't wait to return soon. His Spirit Hammer gave him limited access per day to use and should pay attention to it.

Shingi knew he wanted to pay attention to the hammer cause if it showed signs of vanishing or vanished entirely, it meant that its owner was in a life-threatening situation or died.

As for the limited access, he wasn't aware that this was possible, but Volig told him it was most likely an option for only him since Garry was his father. Either way, this was splendid news for Shingi as this would raise his project's success rates, although he would prefer Volig to be allowed to use it and not him.

But it seemed it was an excellent way to test it out once again and his improved skills. But he wouldn't make his usual orders but work on somaething more beneficial for them—some equipment for his student Players.

He was an official Master Smith, although most likely haven't even reached the middle of it even after his special training. He had Volig, who may have his Skills reset but still had all his knowledge, which reached almost a Grandmaster Rank. The two of them together would be capable of creating equipment that any Player would only dream of having.

So they started by preparing the materials, which Varic brought out. He had brought with him quite a few metals of various qualities to use in their future projects.

He brought out some Special Iron that was strengthened with Earth mana to increase its toughness and was close to turning into the same quality as a Low-Quality Mithril. Of course, this didn't mean it was easy to find or create, as it took years of infusing it with Earth Mana without breaks, or the procedure wouldn't work, but in the end, it was worth it.

He had enough to create either a full suit of heavy armor or a couple of weapons. Even if the armor could be helpful, the only Tycoon could use it, but she wouldn't need it soon. So they moved on, creating few weapons—a new axe for Tycoon and some daggers for Hineko.

As for the rest of the party, if they had to use one, their weapons weren't made of metal, mostly wood, as they could use mostly staves. But Volig had some special wood they could use, but first, Shingi had to learn his WOODCARVING skill and raise it before working on them. Also, they needed unique mana gems that Volig didn't have since one can't store them in Spatial Rings, but they could find them in the future.

Also, there were some trinkets he wanted to make that had the shape of Enchantment Circles designed on them to use them fast without creating much one and cast them as soon as possible. But he had to make multiple ones, as even the materials that Varic had at his disposal wouldn't handle the Enchantment too many times, at least twice, or at best four times.

These preparations were costly but necessary if he wanted to raise their power as fast as possible. He had to speed up his plans as much as he could to get the chance to meet Mikhail again. He knew a guy like that probably had ways to check on Shingi from time to time without Shingi noticing and would return when he thought he made considerable progress, but most likely wouldn't try to stop him because of his curiosity.

Shingi was confident that he would act, and he was sure that Mikhail had a similar line of thought to him, or at least as he used to. Before, he was moving to one project after the other for his ego and curiosity, but now he had a different purpose; saving his sister.

He and Volig put everything they had as they turned the forge on and worked on the materials. Shingi used his Light Mana to purify them as every bit counted, as Volig used his Half-Stone Giant's innate Earth Element to strengthen it further.

It was more suited for the work than Shingi's Earth Element mana because of his race and his being pure Earth and not coming from a source of multiple-element Mana Tree. It was one disadvantage that people with multiple-element Mana Tree had, as there were some cases where your mana wasn't as beneficial, like if it came from a single element Mana Tree, but these cases were rare.

Shingi also, for the first time, not only used the air coming off the Mana Blower to feed the fires with mana but fed them with his Light Mana personally, too. He had noticed that when he tried to keep the heat on the blade when he made the unique Enchantment of Annoue's sword, the heat benefited a lot by his Light Mana, so he wanted to test the benefits they could gain that way.

He had lowered his mana consumption after his special training, but he pushed himself more than ever, so his mana kept getting spent quite fast, but he used some Mana Regen Potions that helped a bit.

They worked on the axe first, but it would not be a simple axe. So instead, they would make two battle axes to connect and extend their new handle to make a great axe. That way, the user could use different tactics depending on the opponent, whether speed was better than power or the other way.

Of course, this needed a few enchantments for the battleaxes to work as a great axe when put together and separated easily and fast, but Volig had worked on similar projects and had a few ideas.

Of course, the battleaxes would be single-bladed, and one would mirror the other, so precision was essential. Shingi used his MINOR ILLUSION with his VISUALIZATION to share his plans with Volig and make any adjustments before they move in the actual crafting to lower the possibility of any mistakes.

But with their skills, knowledge, and the Spirit Hammer's help, even if limited, the chance of failure was almost nonexistent. They worked on the various parts and kept adjusting as it took them the entire day, but they could finish it at the end.

Of course, since Shingi woke up in the middle of the day, they weren't fully working an entire day.

Volig, having greater strength from the two of them, made some testing to the final product and passed every test with flying color. It was Base Grade Equipment, but Volig and Shingi could tell its power was closer to Master Rank, but it got limited because of its ingredients.

They took a breather as they moved to the next project. They didn't plan to sleep until they finished everything, as both got used not to sleep much either way.

Next, Shingi worked on the daggers of Hineko, which was a more straightforward project, so he didn't need the help of Volig, so he told him to get to work on the Enchantment trinkets they discussed making.

Even if not a complicated project, it didn't mean he was planning to make simple daggers. He planned to make them with a slot for a mana gem at their handle to allow the user to use some of the gem's mana at the blade. This way, if it had a Fire mana gem, it would heat the blade, or an Earth gem would strengthen it, etc.

Of course, this could happen only on a small weapon like a dagger, as they needed little mana from the gem; otherwise, it would require very high-quality mana gems to empower them.

Of course, even low-quality mana gems weren't cheap, but the cost wasn't that great as a dungeon's resources could cover them. But if they weren't of low level like the Slime one, Shingi was planning to move on to another soon enough, and he considered that the boss most likely would give them some resources or something to cover them for some time.

He also had Volig, who should soon be able to return on making equipment for Players. That would bring them more coins.

He made two daggers for each element and put an appropriate enchantment to strengthen the mana gem's effect on them. The Enchantment Circle's design was worked out mainly by Volig, who had more experience on it, but putting it in the daggers was conducted by Shingi, as he did with Annoue's sword.

He tried to use appropriate mana for each Enchantment and had no problem except with the Dark Element one, but he got the help of Little Phoenix's service on that.

It took one day and a half to finish them all, adjust them to be perfect, and even prepare to make a similar thing as Annoue to bond them with Hineko. The only difference was he couldn't do a tattoo at Hineko as he did with Annoue, as Hineko couldn't use any mana, so that that way would be useless.

So with Volig, they made a unique ring bonded with all the daggers and could store them in there, but only them. That way, he could summon them like Annoue could her sword and store them back the same.

The only problem was they could use this ring a certain amount of times, and after that, it had to get recharged with mana, which, of course, Hineko wouldn't be able to do himself. But since his brother was always with him, he could do it for him.

The ring took the most time to create and, more specifically, its Enchantment, which would be impossible to finish if they didn't have the Spirit Hammer. But, even if it wasn't meant for Enchantment creations, Shingi discovered it helped when it was a pick hammer.

He made two rings, and each one had one of each element daggers so he could change between them at both hands, as they would summon the dagger on the hand he was wearing the ring.

So for the rest of the third day, they rested as they had finished all the Enchantment Trinket they needed for now.

Shingi had one more day until they revisited the dungeon, and he already had plans for that day.

He was going to see if a specific individual was back and ready to talk.

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