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Sibling's teamwork

Since he knew the final result and made sure it was as excellent quality as possible, he first needed to mold the design. He also needed to prepare the materials to use. Since it was a unique project, he needed to use special materials. He wanted to create it with dust made by his mana, which in theory it sounded simple, but it wasn't.

He could create rocks, dust, and different Earth pieces, but if he doesn't keep feeding them mana now and then, it will lose its consistency. Even if he created sand out of it, it would take much mana to keep enough of the dust active until turning it into the glass. But even then, after turning it into a glass, any mana left in it would get spent, and the glass would be like a simple one or even more fragile than one.

Shingi had to create some permanent sand with his mana, something entirely different and needed as much mana as casting a few Base Grade Spells. He calculated it would take him some days to create enough for his needs. After that, he should finish the mold, work on some orders, and move on to Annoue's training.

The mold needed little focus, so he let his MANA HANDS working on that as he moved towards Annoue. She noticed him and stopped on her training. Shingi saw her a few times and could tell that her MANA MANIPULATION on Air mana had improved but still could be even better.

"Are you ready to work on DEFLECT?" [Shingi]

Annoue nodded, and Shingi explained the skill once more, using a simple stick as a weapon since using his Mithril dagger would be too much.

Of course, he didn't use any of his skills. He even made his movements as slow as possible, but not too slow to start easy on Annoue, and he was getting faster when he thought she got used to his current speed. Of course, there were a few problems as Annoue wasn't controlling her STR correctly sometimes and would almost damage him by missing his weapon and nearly hitting him. Still, Shingi was always on guard and avoided this danger.

As she got more used to the increase in speed, he tried to add other elements of distractions. Like casting the LIGHT spell to blind her or faking an attack and doing a different one at another place and other tactics, Annoue also has more experience fighting.

Of course, most of those attacks hit Annoue, but Shingi didn't want to damage her, so it dealt no damage to her, but they had to take a few breaks a few times. Both had limited SP to use, even if Shingi had more END than Annoue, as he was 16 and hers was 12. Even if he had the extra benefits from passing 15, which seemed to cause his cost of SP to be lower than before, they both needed to take some breaks.

He wanted to do something else by using this type of training to increase Annoue's stats and possibly his STR.

Her AGI was too low, at 8 currently, so her reflexes weren't the best, but this training type could help her increase it. Same with her END as they kept 'fighting' till the limits of her body caused an increase in it. There was also the chance of INT increasing since this type of training made her learn to read her opponent's moves, which was a mental skill one needed to understand. Still, it wasn't a System's Skill, but something one was earning through pure experience.

Also, if they could increase her STR, it would be great as it was currently at 15, and that would bring an even more significant increase in the power hers, but the wall to pass the limit of 15 wasn't always an easy one. Sometimes it needed luck, as with Shingi.

They trained the entire day, and Annoue learned DEFLECT, but it was still at Low Rank and seemed to need some more time to get to Base. Her stats increased by this training, adding 2 points at AGI and 1 at INT, bringing them at 10 and 11, respectively. It was rare for an exercise to increase multiple stats and increase one of them by over one point. Still, since her AGI was that low, it wasn't so hard to happen as they considered 10 the base value.

She got somewhat used to Shingi's moves, but he still wasn't using his full AGI and not even had used once his ACCELERATION skill. Annoue could handle the speed of someone with an AGI of 12 by the end of the day, but barely. In an actual fight against one like that, she probably had almost a 30% time chance to win.

Shingi had finished his Hourglass body's mold and started creating some special sand, but not much. To make enough at this rate, he would need the entire week or even more. But, of course, he also counted on the time to help Annoue's training and working on the orders Garry left him.

As they got ready to move out, Shingi stopped at the shop's door as he noticed something and, more precisely, two individuals outside the shop in one alley. They probably were trying to hide, but Shingi could detect them with just his MANA SENSE, which he always kept active to increase its power. He had recognized their auras and used his PERCEPTION to make sure they were the two individuals he thought to be. They were the two High-Level Tamers he met the other day.

He had stopped Annoue from getting outside, and they started getting their way to get out from the back door. Still, they stopped walking when Shingi noticed more hidden people and the wolf of the Slaver he fought.

"What is wrong, brother? Why did we stop?" [Annoue]

"It seems like the bad people from the other day found us and are outside. The wolf and the bear owners are in the front, while others are in the back with the wolf. Not sure where the bear is, but if I had to guess, they probably left it out of this mission cause of the slow speed of it." [Shingi]

What Shingi said surprised Annoue, but she didn't doubt him even for a second. Even if she wasn't sure how he could tell that much, but he had done many amazing things these past days.

"So what do we do? We going to fight them?" [Annoue]

Annoue got her fighting stance ready to show that she was ready for battle, and there was some excitement in her eyes.

"We can't fight them. They are too strong to handle. Last time, I was lucky to face one by himself and could barely get out, but I don't think they will let us out like that. There are no guards around. Probably they bribed them. There is only one thing we can do, and that is to call the cavalry." [Shingi]

Annoue seemed somewhat confused and sad about what he said.

"But who can we call and how... wait, do you mean the Hero?" [Annoue]

She knew Shingi could talk with her through magical means, and since she seemed to want to help them that much, it made sense to call her for help.

"Not her, but some other people like her but somewhat weaker. Also, they are a little like me of being helped by the Hero. I can send them a message, but I have to close my eyes and get in a sleep-like state to do it." [Shingi]

Shingi wanted to enter his SPECTATOR MODE, which fortunately was available, and sent his students a message. He could send notes to them as he knew their in-game names, and he could also set it to be anonymous as they weren't friends through the System. Of course, there was the chance of them to ignore the message, but he was confident of one of them not to ignore it. That was Little Phoenix, as she seemed the type of caring about people she knew too much, and she appeared to be worried for him, so if she learned he was in danger, she would come to the rescue. But he mostly counted on her bringing Wild Tycoon with her, as Phoenix was too low level to be of help.

So he sat down and went with this plan, which took just a few minutes, and he was back to his NPC body. So now they have to make his move.

"I send the message, but we need to make a move of our own. Since both ways aren't able to be used, we need to cause a distraction to make one of them available to use and went to the Mayor's office, which would be safe and is closer than our house." [Shingi]

Annoue understood how serious the situation was. He could see it on her face.

"But what distraction can we cause? Shouldn't we wait for the help to arrive?" [Annoue]

"We need to draw the attention of the enemy cause if all the help I called comes, it isn't certain that they will handle them all, so you should go to call for help by the Mayor while I distract them." [Shingi]

Annoue's face seemed to get even more severe after hearing that.

"NO. I won't leave you this time after seeing how tired you got last time as you slept for that long. I won't let you put yourself in that type of danger again." [Annoue]

Shingi wanted to say something, but his guts were telling him that if he tried to persuade her, he would face a side of hers he didn't want to meet.

So he sighed, and after giving it, some thought he had made a new plan.

"Ok, so here is what we will do, so listen carefully." [Shingi]


Outside at the alley across the front of the shop, the two Players talked to each other. The Slaver one's in-game name was Shadow Whip, while the other one was Fire Whip.

Even if they were High-Level ones for a beginner's town, they were far from true High-Level ones. Their level was 21 and 19, respectively. They were the newer of the Guild's Generals. They also had the lowest level among them, but they weren't less potent than the rest.

They had researched much and worked on increasing their skills and learning their special class, so their leveling progress was slower than those at level 40+.

Of course, Shadow Whip's class was a Slaver, while Fire Whip was an Elemental Tamer. One class was granting him some spell casting abilities to control the main Elemental Mana to cause Elemental damage or other effects on their attacks. Most were to help in their Taming, but some were for fighting too.

But he got this class not too long ago, so he still had unlocked none of his specials move as he still had to get familiar with manipulating mana. Also, it was the first game he played a Warrior type as he used to play as a Mage. But since his friend wanted to join him in his Guild and allowed just Rogues and Warriors to become Tamers, he had to find some way to make things more in his field. But the System here differed from other games since it was his first game using a Capsule, so it took him longer than usual to get used to it, but it wasn't letting him out.

"So why again don't we get in by force? Didn't we pay the guards to look away either way?" [Shadow Whip]

Fire Whip sighed, as it seemed like this wasn't the first time he had to explain things to his friend.

"Even if no guards are around, we shouldn't damage NPC property, as it may draw too much attention. So be patient. Even if he is fast, he won't be able to get far away this time." [Fire Whip]

Shadow seemed to be not that patient this time or as calm as last time. He was the type to be patient in most things unless it had gotten personal. Almost getting killed by an NPC child and even manipulated to fight his allies made it personal.

"Remember, we are here to capture him, not to kill him. What he used on you could help increase the power of our Guild, so be careful of your actions, or the Leader will get angry at you." [Fire Whip]

Shadow seemed to get scared of their Guild Leader's mention and seemed to put him in a state to consider his next moves carefully.

After a few minutes, the front door opened, and out came Shingi with his dagger in his hand, but not trying to hide. He also had one of the strongest Light Hammers on his other hand, which he had primarily used in the past week.

"Well, well, well. Aren't some dogs back for some more treats?" [Shingi]

Shadow seemed to be ready to get ready to charge at him, but Fire Whip stopped him.

"You should know this time you won't be able to escape as last time, so you should join us peacefully, and I promise you no harm will happen to you or your family. Either your father or sister." [Fire Whip]

Shingi acted surprised at what he said as he knew that not that hard to learn about his family, especially for a Player.

"So you want me to join you and go somewhere. But where is it going to be that somewhere?" [Shingi]

Shadow seemed to get annoyed by Shingi asking them questions. But seeing Fire as calm as ever and knowing that he was handling things better, he kept himself back in this situation.

"We are going to go to our Guild's headquarter, which we can't share with you where they are, but you will learn when we get there, and I promise you it is a safe place. Safer than this place even." [Fire Whip]

Shingi seemed to make himself look like he was thinking as he kept letting a stone fall, kick it up, caught it, and repeat the action. The action seemed quite weird and drew their attention, especially after seeing his accurate throws. It seemed like this meant to relax Shingi and help him think, which made Shadow mad since he didn't know why they had to let him think about it.

"Well, I have decided on my answer." [Shingi]

They both focused on him, waiting for him to continue what he wanted to say.

"It seems like dogs are meant to remain dogs." [Shingi]

The eyes of Fire Whip got wide and full of confusion at that response. At this point, Shadow Whip had enough and was ready to charge, but something unexpected happened. Something hit him at the back of his neck and took a decent amount of damage. It also stunned him for 10 seconds.

Fire noticed it and jumped back, but not fast enough to avoid a punch that caused almost no damage, but hit his leg and broke his bone a little. This made his movements somewhat slower than usual and threw his balance off a little.

Out of nowhere, Annoue appeared behind Shadow Whip as Shingi dispelled the INVISIBILITY Spell that he had cast on her.

Everything he did until now was to keep their attention to him. Even the weirdest action was making some noise and drawing their attention even more towards him than Annoue. Even if she was invisible, she wasn't too used to being stealthy.

As for the hits she did, they were some moves Shingi showed her during their training. Fortunately, they were simple enough. Since she had enough time to prepare herself, the difficulty was lower, especially since she had the element of surprise.

She turned her attention to keep punching the stunned Slaver, who wasn't able to do anything, and she surprised him with the outrageous amount of damage she did to him. He started remembering the fight with Shingi as she focused on punching his still unprotected head and breaking some bones of his legs and arms.

As for Fire Whip, he was ready to stop her, but he got stopped by a ROCK THROW of Shingi, which wasn't as fast as his throws with IMPROVISE THROW WEAPON skill of his but not the least precise.

"This is something between the two of us, Mr. Tamer #2, as the fight over there is between them." [Shingi]

Fire Whip was still calm as he knew he had to be careful of the boy's actions, especially if he started moving as fast as at the fight with Shadow.

Of course, he couldn't know that Shingi was still weak from the previous battle. Using his Breaking-Limit state was useless at that point, as it had a weaker effect now. But it wasn't like he didn't have any other aces up his sleeves.

And so he raised his dagger towards the sky and filled it with Light Mana. Then, he made it form a specific enchantment using the eighth and the third symbol of Enchantment Trinket.

The Mana Attract Enchantment.

Since he used the Enchantment on Mithril, it got strengthened, and since he used Light Mana, it would attract Light Mana, so he drew the more prominent source of this type of mana around his dagger.

The dagger started being surrounded by sunlight and would make an entire blade when it was complete.

Of course, even if his Enchantment increased in power, it needed some time for the blade to be complete. But Fire Whip noticed the weird event and understanding a little of what was happening, and he charged to stop it. Fortunately, Shingi didn't need to focus on the Enchantment entirely. Instead, he could concentrate on the fight while waiting for the blade to be complete.

He calculated the blade needed 30 seconds to be at full power. That was if his focus wouldn't need to focus more on something else.

He used his ACCELERATION skill and used the Light Hammer and some movements similar to DEFLECT while his enemy used his whip.

But after a few seconds, Fire Whip stopped and brought out his Spatial Ring, a red gem. He threw it in front of him and hit it with his whip as it broke it, and flames appeared and surrounded the whip.

'So it seems like he takes things seriously now.' [Shingi]

He still needed 23 seconds till his blade was complete.

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