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Dealing with a Demon

Ameanum could see the demon's authentic form with his eyes as he knew her true nature. Also, the Illusion wasn't strong enough to work against his EAGLE EYES.

The female demon noticed him and then disappeared and reappeared right in front of him as she moved at a speed that even Ameanum's eyes weren't able to keep up.

They stopped the demon at breath distance from Ameanum.

Chains appeared even faster than her movements and went around her legs, arms, and neck.

"It is nice seeing you, Lucy. It's been some time since we last spoke." [Ameanum]

The demon tried to move, but the chains were more substantial than her, and so had no other option; she just spat on him. Ameanum didn't even try to avoid it like there was an invisible field around him that the spit hit it, not contacting him.

Her spit was acidic, and a special seal on her didn't allow her to do any damage to Ameanum.

She was Lucy, one of the General of Mephistopheles, the Lord of the 8th Layer of Hell. She was the ultimate boss of a special event that had happened some years ago, and the last part of it was for the Players to defeat her and seal her. However, as a reward, everyone who survived till the end had access to ask her to fulfill one wish.

There were some limits on what she could do. Still, there were many game-breaking things she could allow them to do, but they had to be careful on what to ask as if they weren't clear enough. So there were some problems with the results.

An example was a Player asking for a Divine Weapon for himself, which the demon gave him. Still, it was a weapon that his class wasn't able to use, as it had requirements that were impossible for him to get, and also, the weapon bonded to him so no one else could use it. He couldn't even sell it as the weapon would teleport to him if it went over 10 meters from him, and it would also deal no damage at all if he didn't meet all the requirements.

All the players looked forward to using this wish to their advantage but didn't notice that their action made the seal they created weaker. It was a trap of the System to make the players understand things weren't as they looked to be, and the demon would get free in the end again. But one player noticed this to be the situation and decided not to make his wish.

And, of course, that player was Ameanum.

"Let's save the pleasantries, and let's get to work. I am here to do something you were looking forward to. I am here for my wish. "[Ameanum]

What Ameanum said surprised the demon since she wasn't expecting it. She then sniffed the air around Ameanum and noticed something.

"Oh, I see. You aren't alive anymore. So, do you want me to put a pleasant word for you in the afterlife? Cause you should know I cannot bring you back." [Lucy]

Ameanum smiled at that.

"Of course not, and to tell the truth, I wasn't expecting you to notice my situation that quickly, but I am not here for that. I am here to request a specific item to be brought to me—a Reincarnation Potion. One with no side effects, and you should promise in your name that it will bring no harm to the one who consumes it or anyone else. Simple, right?" [Ameanum]

The demon called Lucy smiled at that and was ready to say something but got stopped by Ameanum.

"And when I mean your name, I don't mean your Demon Name but your real name [??????]." [Ameanum]

Ameanum said a name, but no sound seemed to get out of his mouth like a mysterious force didn't want the name to be heard, but it seemed at least it took the attention of the demon.

"How do you know of it? This is something that no one in the realm should know." [Lucy]

What she said was correct, as there was no way for the players to know her name. Still, Ameanum had some inside information, and one developer had accidentally mentioned the demon's name. This was because the Players had the chance to learn it during the event but didn't, which upset him. Ameanum promised he wouldn't use this at any point since knowing the actual name of hers granted him power over her even more than the seal on her.

But it wasn't like he used the name to get anything game-breaking, so it shouldn't be much on breaking his promise.

"So what do you say? Do we have a deal? I am sure they missed you after all those years. Your 'Father' probably has a lot of work for you. Isn't the time passing differently in Hell and the Mortal Realm? It should be thousand of years back there. And yeah, I know of your true background of yours as you probably have guessed." [Ameanum]

The demon seemed quite surprised by the revelations of what the mortal in front of her seemed to know. Not only he knew her real name, but he knew she was the daughter of Lord Mephistopheles himself.

She used to be an Archangel that Mephistopheles corrupted, using his blood on her and taking her as his general and daughter.

Mephistopheles gave her the name Lucy, but her real name, her Angel name, which was kept secret and erased from history by Mephistopheles himself, granted someone control over her if one knew the actual name of other demons of similar rank.

"So you want the potion. And this is your wish. The ONE and only wish you can take from me since the Gods have made me grant one for each of you bastards." [Lucy]

Ameanum nodded.

Lucy then focused on making steps backward, and this made the surrounding chains disappear as she kept some distance from Ameanum. Then she started speaking some words and making some movements with her hand as original materials like herbs and parts of animals starting appearing one after the other. Finally, a cauldron appeared, and all the materials got in it, and a fire started under the cauldron to heat it up. She moved her hands, making the materials move around and getting mixed. After a few minutes, a vial appeared on her hand and filled it with the liquid created in the cauldron.

Ameanum kept watching everything as he had seen the potion to be made in the past, but not that fast. Still, he was sure that the materials used were the correct ones and nothing seemed to be wrong during the entire process. She didn't seem to hide something, but even Ameanum couldn't wholly read her if she tried to hide something.

"Well, here you go. The potion is ready, and I fulfilled your wish." [Lucy]

"Not yet. I still don't have the potion, so bring it over." [Ameanum]

Lucy walked towards him, and since this time she wasn't making an aggressive move, the chains didn't appear and brought the potion for Ameanum to get, and he did.

After Ameanum got the potion, he started looking at the vial and turned the other way. Lucy smiled on that as she raised her hand and the Illusion of her Elf appearance disappeared. Her fingers turned into claws, and she was ready to use them on Ameanum, but Ameanum vanished in front of her eyes. He then reappeared behind her with his sword on her neck.

"Well, I would expect nothing else from a demon and especially a Fallen One, but let's not get too unpleasant to each other." [Ameanum]

She couldn't do anything as he could attack him only when he wasn't aware of her intentions cause he knew her name. Only surprise attacks could work. She froze cause of the power of her name and cause he tried to hurt him, and he was still alive.

"Well, it was nice seeing you, but we know even I can't kill you, and you can't either. So I guess this is a goodbye and send my regards to your Father. Say also my apologies to all the minions of his I have killed. It wasn't personal, just the usual trying to protect the realm and all."

At that point, a red portal made of fire appeared under their feet. Ameanum, just in time, was fast enough to move away from it while the still frozen demon fell in and the portal closed.

The portal was leading to the Realm of Mephistopheles. Since the seal wasn't active anymore, it summoned her back to where she belonged. She had used a particular way to get in the Mortal Realm, but it didn't last forever, and it had expired a few years ago.

Of course, Ameanum had thought of it being the case. If the way she got into the realm was a permanent one, she would be more secretive about her mission and possibly try to allow more Demons to join her. Instead, she tried to weaken the realm's seal that kept the Layers of Hells and the Mortal Realm separated.

So Ameanum started making his way back, but this time he had to swim through the lake as his shoe's Enchantment was fully used up. The Mist, since the seal disappeared, had also dissipated. It also deactivated the traps, as they were part of the seal. The lake's monsters were too weak, and most of them avoided Ameanum as their instincts could detect that he was more powerful than them.

It didn't take him too long as he was back in the town and Varic's shop using the secret way once more.

Once more, they made sure of all the details. Then, after Varic assured him he had already prepared everything for him to go, Ameanum gave him the potion, and Varic drank it without giving it a second thought.

And so Varic passed out as his body started changing to his new form.

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