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Planning for future

After the usual transition, Ameanum was back in control of his Player's body. He spawned on the alley that he was the last time he exited his SPECTATOR MODE and made his way towards the market area.

He headed for Varic's shop, but he went for the back door he used to exit last time.

He knew he couldn't open it from outside, but he had a way that may make it work. It didn't take him long to get there, even if he wanted not to draw attention. Fortunately, there weren't any high-level Players around since it was a beginner's town, so there wasn't anyone who would have high enough PERCEPTION to detect him under STEALTH.

As he made it into the alley, he remembered the secret door, and he knocked on it in a specific pattern. It was a code between him and Varic to use in this kind of situation.

After not even 10 seconds passed as the secret door opened, and, as expected, Varic was the one who opened it.

"You are back. Did anything happen?" [Varic]

"All is good for now, but I could use some help on a few things. But let's head inside." [Ameanum]

Varic made way and let Ameanum inside, and they were back to his workshop. This time it didn't seem like he was working on something like last time, but Ameanum knew that Varic most likely was planning his next project. He knew he was like him and worked on one project after the other and never stopped working.

Ameanum headed into the area with some chairs and a table where Varic most likely used to eat his lunch or dinner.

"Well, first, how is the business going around in this town? You are here for quite a few years, right?" [Ameanum]

"Well, it is always the same as always... Blessed Ones are demanding or begging for a unique type of equipment to make a craft for them. Also, the usual nobles now and then are trying to make me their private smith. But we know that these high-nose guys will not appreciate the art of our craft as they want to make them look cool even if they never planned to use them." [Varic]

Ameanum nodded on that as he knew it was usual that every Master Craftsman was dealing with. If these people, especially the nobles, knew that Varic was almost a Grandmaster, they would fight over him instead of just making offers. Master artisans were rare but not so rare for them to do everything in their power to have one, but a Grandmaster one was a particular case.

"I assume you have made no deals with any nobles of the town or even the country. Right?" [Ameanum]

"Of course not. I know that most nobles try to control everyone, even with the simplest contract with them. Of course, I made orders for a few, but nothing big to consider about having a relationship with them or anything. Is there a reason for asking that?" [Varic]

Ameanum smiled at that and started telling Varic what his situation was currently.

He said everything while mentioning no game terms. Trying to explain to an NPC that all was just a game was pretty much impossible either way. Even the SPECTATOR MODE described it as a Blessing of the Gods, which wasn't hard to believe since he had a few. He mentioned Annoue and Garry's NPC's situation and his plan of making a party help fight the Dark Guild.

"So, as you understand, we going to need quite some help to raise our power to fight them. So what do you think? Carda seems like a pleasant town, and our shop could use some help." [Ameanum]

Varic seemed to give it some thought, which surprised Ameanum since he expected him to accept right away.

"Is there a problem?" [Ameanum]

Varic sighed and responded to the question.

"It isn't a problem for me to leave, but moving to another town and especially one to another kingdom? Don't you think it will draw too much attention? I mean, it isn't rare for people to know Master craftsmen of other kingdoms, so if I appear, there will be words of it at some point, and won't that be problematic if the Dark Guild hears about it?" [Varic]

Ameanum, after he listened to his worries, he left a chuckle on it.

"You think I didn't think about it? Of course, I have a solution for it." [Ameanum]

Varic left a sigh of relief, and he looked at Ameanum, waiting to tell him about that solution.

"We just need to change your appearance." [Ameanum]

Varic's eyes widened at that answer, and he seemed like he was expecting more after that, but Ameanum didn't seem to have anything more to say.

"But aren't the Blessed Ones able to see my name even if I change the way I look? Even here, I cannot keep myself hidden from everyone."[Varic]

Players usually couldn't see the name of a Player or an NPC except if they had a particular skill like Ameanum's EAGLE EYES. Still, there were some exceptions, like you could see some NPCs' names, especially those known to give quests. Most of the craftsmen were like that, as they could provide quests for gathering unique materials.

For people like Garry, whose business was out for some time, wouldn't have their name visible or Shingi's since he wasn't planning on giving a quest like that. But for Varic wasn't unusual to do something like that as they programmed him to act like that. Even if he would follow Ameanum and follow his teachings and tips, there were limits on what he could make him do and not do. Still, he wasn't planning on not letting him giving material-gathering quests either way, as that would help them make their progress faster.

"Well, that is why we are going to use a Reincarnation Potion. And since you are going to be a new person, we can give you a new name which even the Gods would accept in that situation." [Ameanum]

"But this is a super rare potion. Even I wouldn't be able to find all its materials, and didn't you say that they took all your equipment and items?" [Varic]

"Yeah, it is true, but you aren't the only 'friend' I have, do I?" [Ameanum]

Varic seemed to think over something, but soon, his face changed over to one of realization and surprise.

"You don't mean to ask HER help?" [Varic]

"She owns me a favor, doesn't she? Her kind doesn't like to own people favors, especially Blessed Ones, so she will be happy to get this over with. Especially for her current situation." [Ameanum]

"But are you sure it will be wise? Dealing with her kind is always risky, and most had paid it on doing those deals." [Varic]

Ameanum turned his attention to his usual serious one as he understood what Varic was talking about.

"I understand over that, but this is the best way we have now. Of course, you don't have to take the risk, as this isn't something I order you to do, but something I ask you to do. You are to make your own choice, and even if you disagree, there are other ways to move on my plans and maybe help." [Ameanum]

This time Varic didn't seem to think about it anymore.

"Of course, I will follow you, and there is nothing to think it over. If you mention that plan, after giving it much thought of all the ways, you would mention any other. I owe you my life, and I swore to give even my life for you, didn't I?" [Varic]

Ameanum smiled at that response as this was his old friend and once more understood how much he hadn't changed.

"So when do you think you will be ready to move on?" [Ameanum]

"Give me 5 minutes, and we will be out of here." [Varic]

It surprised Ameanum by how fast he said he would be ready to leave, but he expected it.

"Well, I am going to head over to make a deal with HER. You don't need to be there for it. But let me make sure of how it will work, and I will let you know when you should get ready to move. Also, make preparations for the travel. I won't be able to join you on that as my time in that body is limited, but I am sure you shouldn't have a problem with it." [Ameanum]

"Yes, I understand. Even if I haven't made the travel to the East, I know of a few people who can help me get there for the right price and keep things quiet." [Varic]

They discussed a little more the details of the plan. Then, Ameanum once more exited the shop using the secret exit leading to the alley.

Then he exited the town through the south gate and kept following the main road at top speed, and after a few minutes, there was a massive lake on the horizon. The middle of the lake was a small island but wasn't visible, as heavy mist surrounded it. Still, it wasn't heavy enough for Ameanum's eyes not to pierce it.

Ameanum kept moving, and because he left his heavy armor back at Varic's place. He just kept his sword; he could be fast enough to keep moving even over the water like he was walking over it. But, of course, it wasn't just his speed and ACCELERATION skill that let him do that, but also a unique enchantment that he asked Varic to draw at his shoes quickly. It was allowing him to be like he was almost weightless.

A painting that contained some grounded Mana Stone drew the enchantment, allowing it to power the enchantment for a limited time.

And so he made his way on the island, but he didn't make his way by running in a straight line, but he made a few turns, like avoiding some spaces. The mist hid some traps, but Ameanum was aware of them and could notice them if he focused his skill on checking for them. Hence, he finally stepped on the small island, almost circular of less than 5 meters in diameter after a few minutes.

In the middle of the island, a female humanoid sat on a stone and checked herself with a hand mirror.

The female one was an Elf and was a great beauty, but if one could see the mirror's reflection, he could see that the reflection was different. Her skin was red, a pair of horns were over her head, but one of them seemed to be cut in half horizontally with its cur surface to be completely flat. The left part of her face seemed to be filled with burn marks. Even her eyes were different colors as her left one was yellow and looked like a cast, while her right one was completely white like a blank canvas. There were a pair of black feather wings at her back, but only in the reflection.

The mirror's appearance was her natural form, as her elf was an illusion hiding her true nature.

The nature of a demon and a general of a Lords Of Nine Hells.

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