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First real fight

A Slave Whip was a weapon created and used by a subclass of the Tamer with the name Slaver. Instead of bonding with the creature, the Slaver tried to tame it; he broke its spirit with his whip and made it 100% loyal.

There were different Slave Whips, and when someone becomes a Slaver, one of the first things he can choose is which type he wants to create and was given free by the System. Still, only specific ones are available that way. After that, he needs to craft others, and their recipes aren't easy to find and are consumable.

This was one of those choices, and the different whips were for the type of target he wanted to get tamed or enslaved.

If the target was good-hearted, he had to use the white while the black was for evil-hearted ones. The gray was for ones who weren't belonging fully at either. If he tried to use one on a target who doesn't belong to the right category, it would just pass through it without damaging him. Theor creation was like Energy Weapons, but their enchantments differed. They affected specific targets and had unique effects on them.

Shingi took a brief glance at his status and checked his SP, which he had used a little when he used ACCELERATION, and his Mana, which was at 80%. But, unfortunately, he couldn't delay the battle as the Player didn't seem to care anymore, and he was ready for action.

But at least there was some good news.

He wanted to fight Shingi by himself and even signaled his Tamed creatures and other players to stay put.

But this didn't mean that this was going to be an easy fight. Shingi's attack abilities were pretty much nonexistent against a player like that. Even casting the DOME OF SILENCE like last time wasn't an option cause of two reasons.

First, it took too much time to cast and too much Mana, and even if he won the fight with this, he wouldn't be able to fight the other Players after that.

The second reason is that even if he did that, it didn't mean that he could damage him even if he surprised him. So his spell wouldn't last for long for him to lower his health to 0.

He could tell that his equipment wasn't as simple as the other players were wearing and granted him more defense. Moreover, he seemed more perceptive, so he might escape the DOME OF SILENCE since it stayed in place, and one can get in and out of it or even counter some of his attacks if he was too wise as Shingi thought of him to be.

As for running away, it still wasn't an option, as he probably was a high AGI character. However, the Player could command his wolf to capture him if he tried to escape either way.

Shingi tried to make a plan, but the Player in front of him didn't let him think much as he made his move and attacked with all his whips at the same time. Of course, it was a waste of energy to use all of them as the lashes took some of its user's SP. The more he used it, the greater the cost, but he wanted to see what whip would affect him.

Shingi enabled his ACCELERATION, avoided the attack, and tried to keep the skill active only when needed, not to waste any SP.

He focused on his enemy and his surroundings to see if he could use something for his benefit.

Shingi threw some Earth Mana stones he created at his target. Since he didn't do it with casting ROCK THROW, it used his IMPROVISED THROW WEAPON skill. It made it pretty much impossible for his target to avoid it since the stone was ready quickly; it turned into dust in impact. Shingi aimed at his face; it blinded him for a few seconds and gave Shingi some time to breathe here and there.

He wanted to use his MARTIAL ART with his ACCELERATION to throw him off and cause some damage. Still, he didn't have enough time to do that with his speed, especially since he might hit him with his whip while he was down, and Shingi couldn't allow it.

He wasn't afraid of the potential damage, but of the effect, it would have on him.

The fight continued like that, with the Player throwing some taunts on Shingi to make an opening. He mainly said that he would find his sister and deal with her after dealing with him. Still, Shingi was used in those strategies, and they couldn't affect him, or at least not as his opponent wanted to affect him.

Shingi never had a good relationship with his family. It wasn't like he had considered Annoue fully like his big sister, but she was someone who seemed to mean a lot to her, which was something new for him. Even if he didn't consider her as a brother would normally consider his sister, it was the closest to what he had felt with his real-world family.

So those words made him somewhat angry, but he knew to control this anger and make it a weapon and not a weakness.

During the week he passed, he pushed his body to its limit every day, and other than the increase of his stats, he had also unlocked something else. Suppose he reached a similar state of being near his limit. In that case, he could get his body in a state even more potent than it would be past his limits, For a short time. After that, every action of his would use double the SP it would typically use and more frequently, so it was something he couldn't use whenever. He could stay in that state for 5 secs, and no matter what action he did, he wouldn't spend a single SP, and he could also use his ACCELERATION and MARTIAL ART at their actual limit.

This way would be the only way to win this fight. He would have a significant chance to escape if he defeated him since no one could command the wolf but its Tamer.

And so he enabled his ACCELERATION skill and threw an Earth mana stone at the Player. Even if he couldn't avoid it in time, he put his hand in the way to not let the dust get in his eyes.

Shingi expected as he appeared in front of him and cast a Spell right in the face of the Player.

That spell was LIGHT, and he made it to be as bright as he could make it and kept his eyes closed.

The Player was too slow to do something against that, which let him get blind, but instead of holding his face, he attacked in front of him in the place Shingi was.

But Shingi had already moved behind him and was moving at a speedway faster than before. If one could follow his moves and see him clearly and not the afterimages he was leaving, they would notice some differences.

First, his neck was full of veins, and they were like spreading and appearing on his face too as time passed. Second, some blood got out of his nose, and last, his eyes have become pure black. They were usually red, which wasn't normal, but he didn't mind it since no one said anything about it, but it was dark red but not too dark. But this time, it was completely dark with no red left in them.

And so Shingi started his counter by hitting the Player's legs first to make him fall to be easier to reach his face since the Player was taller than his child-size body. Then he attacked his primary hand, which he held the whip to make it harder to fight if he failed, and disarmed him. And it didn't take too much to make the whip fall from his hand as he kicked it away by kicking the handle and avoiding contacting any of the lashes. Then he focused on the head, which didn't have any protection by the armor since he wasn't wearing a helmet, and punched him with as many attacks as he could.

The System was telling him how much damage he dealt, but he didn't know how much health the Slaver was supposed to have, but he had an estimation on his mind.

Because he entirely focused on dealing damage to the target, he didn't notice that someone else had tried to attack him until the attack happened. Still, fortunately, he didn't get hit since he kept moving around and didn't stay in place; otherwise, his target may have made a counter against him.

The one who made the attack was the other High-Level Player, and he attacked with his whip, which wasn't a Slave whip or an Energy one but still seemed to have some enchantments on it.

Shingi tried to keep his attacks, but his hits became less with the other Player helping his teammate. Finally, his Breaking-Limit state time ended without him dealing enough to kill his target.

But noticing the Player's state, he seemed to be close to death, and at least he didn't have his Slave Whip.

But then the Slaver raised his hand and opened his hand as a crack appeared in the air, and out of it came his Slave Whip.

'It also has a Return Enchantment? How rich is this Guild? '[Shingi]

The Return Enchantment was creating a bond between an item and a person. The person could summon the item at him, but it had to be in a specific range; otherwise, it couldn't get summoned. The least that this range could be was tens of meters. The enchantment wasn't an easy one to make, and few Base Rank enchantments could do it, so its price was relatively high, but it could save your life more than once. Putting an enchantment on a weapon that was already enchanted, like the Slave Whip, no matter what type of enchantment, was even more challenging to do successfully.

Shingi didn't know what else he could do other than charge with what he had left as he kept using his ACCELERATION and hoped to deal enough damage to the Player.

But unfortunately, he was slower than just a few seconds ago. The two Players in front of him had adjusted somewhat as the second one used his whip and hit him in the leg and made Shingi trip while the Slaver used his Slave Whip to attack Shingi.

Using the Breaking-Limit state weakened Shingi and couldn't move out of the whips' way in time. He could only pray.

Someone had heard his prayer.

All three of the whips aimed at him reached him, and the white and black one passed through him while the gray, instead of damaging him, seemed like it just stopped after contacting him and froze in place.








At that point, Shingi heard the wolf, who up at that point had made no noise to growl, but not towards him. So instead, he growled towards the low-level players and the bear. The Slaver Player started making his attacks against the other High-Level Player.

'Did he got charmed as a side effect and considered me an ally?' [Shingi]

There weren't many things that could mind control a Blessed One like that. The most famous ones would be spells or charms. Most would call them to lose control of their character, as the System would take control and make the Player act appropriately. Then, of course, the Player could break the charm, but they needed a skill or spell for that.

As for the wolf, one of the Slaver's advantages was that he could communicate and give commands to their tamed creatures by thought. But only if they were near and only passed simple, quick controls.

Shingi didn't have to think much about it as this was a chance he couldn't pass as he kept using his ACCELERATION skill but not to fight this time, but to run away.

'I will remember your faces, and I will make you pay for today, Wolf heads.' [Shingi]

Other than Cerberus, he didn't know any of the others in-game names, and since their Guild had the head of a Wolf as its symbol, he called them Wolf heads for now.

And so Shingi, with the help of an unexpected ally, made it out and had barely any SP left when he reached the gate of the town. Fortunately, no one seemed to have followed him, but he saw two girls talking with each other in front of the gate.

One girl was his sister, while the other was someone he didn't expect his sister to meet.

It was Little Phoenix.

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