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Spells and Mana Pool



NAME: Shingi Maki

PROFESSION: Scholar Master


RACE: Blessed Human

HP: 50/50

SP: 10/20

MP: 32/32

STR: 10

AGI: 10

END: 10

INT: 16

CHA: 4

MANA POOL: Earth and Light Element






Low Grade: MANA HAND

BLESSINGS: Blessing of ??????, Blessing of Dlog


'A double Element Mana Pool? It seems like I lucked out.' [Shingi]

Every Mana Pool belongs to one of the six elements of Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Dark, Light, or in some cases, a combination of them, like Shingi's.

Of course, having a Mana Pool of two elements means that you have more fitting sources to strengthen it as long as it is not an unfit combination. But, since the user has to support two elements, it will need more Mana at the same time to do it compared to a single element one. But of course, the power of someone with double elements is more significant cause he has access to cast two Elements of magic.

Some spells don't need a specific element of Mana. Still, for some of the most powerful ones was common to be limited to a particular Element. For example, a water element Mana Pool owner cast the FIREBALL spell unless he can manipulate outside Fire Mana, which isn't something a lot can do, especially for a Base Grade Spells like that. Not impossible, though, if one raised their MANA MANIPULATION at Master Rank, and even then, one couldn't use every outside Element to cast Spells.

Of course, Mana Pools can only store Mana of their Element.

Seeing the MANA HAND spell, he remembered the difference between Skills and Spells. Even if skill were using the exact names of Low, Base, Master, and Grandmaster for their rank, a spell's grade couldn't upgrade like a skill's rank. However, they could use lower graded spells as a foundation for creating higher graded ones. Also, there was Divine Grade, which was a grade over Grandmaster. Still, only high-level NPCs have learned them, and players didn't know how to get access to them.

Shingi was almost sure that this was still the case; otherwise, Varic would most likely have told him.

Divine  Spells weren't as rare as Divine Rank for Skills, as multi people could learn Divine Spells, but they were too challenging to understand.

So now he could store and have access to Earth element and Light Element mana.

The  Earth element was famous for its spells to increase someone's defense and had some heavy hitters spells but with slow casting or easy to avoid by one with good reflexes. In contrast, they mostly used the Light Element for healing and buff spells.

Of course, even if he now had access to this type of Mana, he couldn't cast the spells of those elements right away cause first he had to learn them. To do that, he had to research its different components or find a tutor.

He was lucky that he knew the somatic compnent for MANA HAND. It was a Spell that needed nothing other than a free arm and some mana since he had seen many people, specifically NPCs, practicing on it.

He had completed a big part of the first step of his goal. But, of course, he had to achieve the same task his MAIN QUEST asked him to complete the first step.

To earn an NPC class.

He had decided to follow the way of magic. But, even if he could get most of his offensive skills from his player account through the SPECTATOR MODE  like he got his PERCEPTION skill, that was something he wasn't sure it would work or how soon. He wasn't someone to repeat the same path again and again.

But even if he had discussed with many of the theories of Mana and Magic and Arcane theories, Shingi didn't know how an NPC would earn Mage's different types of sub-classes and the details of their abilities. So even if he was an intellectual individual, it wasn't like everyone would share their secrets, mighty Arcane users.

He sat and thought hard of every detail he knew of any class he had heard about and starting narrowing them out, and maybe he could start asking around or something.

Then he felt a presence getting closer to him and have jumped towards him at a great speed.

His PERCEPTION warned him fast enough, and he went out of the way before he noticed who was the one behind that action.

Of course, it was the only other person in the room, Annoue.

After landing on her face, after Shingi avoided trying to jump on him and hug him, she turned and looked at him with her big puppy-like eyes, showing that she was sad that her plan failed.

Seeing that, Shingi sighed and stood up, walked on her, and pat her head.

"Good girl" [Shingi]

Hearing that, Annoue's head turned a bit red, for which Shingi wasn't sure if it was because she was angry or embarrassed, as he couldn't see her eyes as she lowered her head.

But then she raised it, and the usual smile was on her face once more, and as she was about to say something, they heard some footsteps just outside their door—some familiar footsteps.

Just a few seconds later, the door opened, and in the room came Garry. It seemed like he woke up early today, and as he showed both his children awake, he pointed towards Shingi.

"YOU. Come. We go to work." [Garry]

Hearing that Annoue was ready to speak up but waiting for it, Garry spoke again.

"I will hear no excuses from EITHER of you. I AM the parent here, and I say what happens and what not. So now get ready and be out our house's front door in 5 minutes" [Garry]

For the first time, Shingi noticed his father in a sober state and paid attention to him and his expression, and he saw some signs of anger. Specifically when he looked towards him.

He was lucky that this happened after he finished creating his Mana Pool; otherwise, he wouldn't make it as everything he has done in the day's training on his skills has helped him and would be impossible to succeed without them.

He noticed that Annoue wasn't happy about what her father told them since she was powerless to do anything about it.

Shingi tried to chill her up, and he knew just the way. Another pat on her head, but this time, he didn't use his hand.

But his MANA HAND.

Seeing a weird hand-shaped thing appearing over her head scared her, and she ran behind her brother to rescue her.

"You don't have to worry. I created this. It is my Spell, and it isn't harmful." [Shingi]

Annoue didn't seem to understand the meaning behind those words, but Shingi proved his point by waving towards the hand, and the MANA HAND mimicked the movement perfectly and waved too. Since he had this time used his own Mana controlling, it was way more manageable now. Also, since he used Light Mana specifically and not Earth Mana, the hand looked like it looked like made of yellow-colored glass and was semi-transparent.

Annoue made her way towards the hand, and Shingi gave it the command to get closer to her slowly and patted her. It felt a little weird for Annoue as it wasn't as comfortable as when Shingi did it just moments ago with his actual hand. Still, she was amazed at what her little brother could do now.

She wanted to ask him to teach her how to do it, but Shingi was already expecting this, so he spoke first.

"In time, you will do things more amazing than that. But we should keep this a secret between just the two of us." [Shingi]

Shingi knew he couldn't hide everything from Annoue since he was teaching her, and he had no benefit of doing so. Still, he should keep a low profile for now until he gets stronger.

They made their way towards the kitchen for Shingi to have a quick bite before joining his father at the front door, and both started heading towards the shop.

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