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Demon vs Wolf


Aella sheathed her blades as she gave her command to Rin to charge at the Demon. Rin, being her pet, followed the order without a second thought.

Everyone else, including the Demon, was confused over the actions of Aella. First, why was she so relaxed? Second, why did the Demon’s power have no effect on her? And last, why would she just let her pet fight when she clearly had the upper hand?

Aella could clearly tell that everyone wanted to ask those questions but didn’t. She wouldn’t answer them even if they asked, though.

It hadn’t been a long time since she started her adventures in this world, and even if she was restricted, she would do what she wanted and don’t care what others had to say about that.

Rin charged at the Demon with great speed and started a bite attack against him. The Demon brought the sword in the way, so that the wolf pet bite it instead of him. Then he swung the blade to push the wolf away.

And so Rin was thrown away but landed on its feet, taking no damage.

The Demon was ready to fight back, but then noticed something that made him freeze. There were bite marks on his sword that weren’t there before.

The sword was clearly an enchanted one, and the Demon could quickly tell that wasn’t a simple Enchantment. After fighting for days, those weapons were hard to make, even a single scratch on them, but now this one got damaged after a single bite.

“How…. How is that even possible?” The Demon muttered after watching the state of his blade.

Rin didn’t wait and charged once more since Aella had ordered him to take down this person.

The Demon’s face had clear fear as the young wolf charged at him. He avoided Rin’s or deflected attacks, but as the battle progressed, Rin kept becoming faster. Finally, the Demon tried to get away, but he let his guard down, and Rin made a successful bite at its right arm.

Rin cut that arm of the Demon and threw it away, while it charged at him once more. The Demon was in too much pain by having his arm off, which didn’t get the chance to avoid this attack, letting Rin get over him and throw him on the ground.

The battle was over. The Demon got massacred by the teeth of Rin, and parts of it got devoured. It was like a beast finally killing its helpless prey and starting having its dinner.

Aella sighed, as she expected more from this battle, but Rin ended too fast once more. Maybe she should order him to go easier next time. There were still more parts of the Demon they could fight.

She detected the three tutors making their way towards her, so she turned to face them. The look on their face was full of one feeling — surprise.

“So what do you say about bringing the rest to take care of them? Rin hadn’t had a good meal for a while. “

Her last comment was clearly a joke as she didn’t have Rin for that long, and this was the first time he actually ate something. However, he didn’t devour any parts of the boss or monsters they fought, as it seemed he didn’t like the taste of their meat.

“I… we shall see what we can do. “

Melilla was the one that responded, as the rest kept staring at Aella and the wolf, who still was devouring the Demon they could never defeat.

“Good then. Try to do so soon. I can’t wait for long. In the meantime, I probably will check the dungeon. Come, Rin, let’s move.”

Rin stopped his current action of devouring what was left of the Demon, and at that point, he had eaten more than half of him. Its eating speed was outstanding, matching its incredible speed and strength.

Aella headed out, and towards the inn that she and her party stayed. She told them that she would be busy for the day, as she expected the battle to last more. But, since it wasn’t the case, she wanted to see if they could visit the dungeon today.

On the way there, she used the chat of the game, which she recently found about, and let them know she was returning.

As she reached the inn, she saw Nalel and Jerlik outside of it waiting for her.

“Are you guys are ready to head to the dungeon already? “

“Yes, we are. I see that your business ended sooner than you thought. “

Aella nodded to Jerlik’s response and turned towards the exit of the town that headed towards the dungeon.

As they made their way there, Aella noticed Nalel was quieter than before.

“Everything good over there? “

They didn’t travel for a long time together, but Aella grew some interest in the girl.

“Hm….? Oh…. I am just curious about something that happened today. “

Aella wondered what she talked about and focused more on her.

“I went to visit the Mage Tutor, and she told me she was too busy. Usually, that wouldn’t be weird as Mages research generally different things, but she didn’t say why she was busy and left her research facility. That should trigger a Quest, but nothing I tried worked. “

Aella smiled at the girl, but didn’t tell her that she was the reason.

“I am sure everything will work out in the end. Also, I met my tutor, and she mentioned she is a friend to the Mage tutor, so she may talk with her to find some time for you. “

Nalel looked at Aella with evident excitement in her eyes.

“Do you want to tell me you have become such a good friend to her to ask a favor? How is that even possible? “

Aella turned towards Jerlik, who let his doubt become obvious.

“Do you doubt me? I guess I should let Jenhana know about it. “

Jerlik’s eyes got wide at that response, and he said nothing else. The names of the tutors weren’t common knowledge, especially of the Rogue tutor, who was famous for staying in the shadows. Still, Aella didn’t doubt that Jerlik knew the name, since he had a special Rogue Class.

The tutors for the Special Classes weren’t only the same tutors of the dominant classes, but for the class’s fundamental skills, they needed to visit them, as some of the special skills required at least one of them.

“I will speak with her after we return. Now I wonder what monsters there are in this dungeon. “

She already knew the names of the monsters she would face as they were part of her guide from the hooded person, but other than a name, it had nothing else.

“I made some research on it. The theme seems to be woodland creatures. Apparently, the entrance will transfer us to a vast forest, where even some trees will try to attack us. Or at least creatures that can make themselves look like trees. “

Aella’s interest in checking the dungeon increased, as it sounded like something she had never seen before. There was magic that the fairies sometimes used to help them blend in the forest areas they used to live in, but trees coming to life, or something that looked like that she never had seen anything like that.

She wondered what the boss would be like.

They reached the entrance, which wasn’t the entrance of a cave, but an altar in the center of a painted circle on the floor, which had those strange runes across the circle.

This type of magic circle was a way to store a specific magical effect in a space, and the specific one was of teleportation kind. That information was in the guide as part of the info for the dungeon.

Once more interacted with the panel’s picking the difficulty, and went for the Hard Difficulty once more. Jerlik, this time, watched her moves, but said nothing when she chose the difficulty.

A portal opened in front of them, and they walked into it, while holding hands, as otherwise, they could appear in a different place.

This time, Aella couldn’t leave them at the entrance as they appeared at random in the forest, and enemies could appear from anywhere, even if she cleared the space.

She couldn’t do anything about it as she needed them to be at her party, but that was to enter. She could, in theory, kill them now, and wouldn’t risk anything, but she would have to find other party members for the next dungeon. She probably could find more, but she wanted to keep the healer girl just in case, as from her understanding, the class wasn’t easy to get if you didn’t have connections.

Hopefully, that decision wouldn’t bite her in the future.

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