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Demon vs Vampire


Aella had to spend some time persuading the three tutors to go with her plan, but after testing the true power of Rin, they decided to give it a chance.

The plan was simple. They would release the soul of the demon for Aella and Rin to fight.

They couldn’t tell what Aella and Rin’s levers were, but they considered them to be pretty high because of their great power. They both had passed them, although Rin lacked battle experience, but Aella could help on that.

They usually wouldn’t go for this plan, but Aella used some of her Vampire Charm on them. She almost got her bracelet’s gem to turn close to red, but at least she got what she wanted. Hopefully, that part of the soul would be a fitting opponent.

She had to wait until tomorrow for them to finish some preparations, and she also needed to wait for her detection gem to turn neutral again.

She had to move outside the town and return when it was in its neutral state so that the System considered her to be in the move in case someone got warned. There was a chance for that to happen when getting orange, and when it turned completely red, it would certainly send a ping.

He spoke with Nalel and Jerlik, letting them know she had to train with the tutor of the town. She didn’t plan to tell them what she really intended to do.

She, Rin, and the three tutors made themselves underground, and they got going for a lot of time. They should be hundreds, if not thousands, of meters under the surface. Just a precaution in case things got not as planned.

The three tutors planned to join the fight too initially, but Aella persuaded them against that unless things turned to the worse.

“So, how do we let him out? Want me to break the sword? “

Yesleth stepped forward to explain what they should do, since as a Mage and since it was her seal, she was more suited to do so.

“I can weaken the seal enough for him to get out. However, it will still be active and weaken him, as also we can reseal him if things go bad. But resealing will be very challenging. Are you sure you want to start this fight?“ the Elven woman asked Aella for the last time.

“Of course. No worries, I have handled demons in the past. “

From what she gathered, there were a few similarities between the game’s Demon race and the actual Demon Race. But there also existed some significant differences, like them living in the Circle of Hells or possessing people.

She knew the Demon Race had some magic that was close to mind manipulation, but wouldn’t be anywhere close to what they described as possession.

Aella kept the sword horizontally, as Yesleth kept chanting in her unknown language, and drawing with her fingers and her mana runes in the air. This action impressed Aella, since it wasn’t something she had seen to be used in real life.

The blade of the sword turned completely dark, like a mold surrounded it. Then cracks appeared on it, and dark purple smoke came out of the cracks.

Yesleth moved away, and Aella threw the blade, as she got the one Melilla gave her as a replacement to use for the fight.

It was a smaller blade that she could easily use with both one hand and both. That meant she could also use a shield, which she couldn’t with the previous sword.

She actually chose not to use a shield, but got another longsword so she could dual wield. Unfortunately, the second sword was just an uncommon one, while Melilla gave her was rare.

As more smoke came out of the sword, it started gathering and forming a solid figure.

The result was a male figure, who was a little shorter than Aella. Moreover, his skin was dark purple even after the smoke seemed to have become solid. This was like nothing Aella had encountered in the past.

The demon turned towards Aella with a grin on his face.


Aella could hear those words loud and clear both with her ears and in her mind.

She noticed that the three tutors had kneeled.

As for her, she had a slight itch in her brain, but it passed. Rin was unaffected, too.

The demon gazed at her, and his grin disappeared from his face.

“I said KNEEL. “

The command was louder in her brain, and the itch was more annoying, but didn’t affect her.

“Is that all you got? I expected more. “

She started slowly walking towards him.

“You. YOU DARE TO DEFY ME? I am LORD MORMEN, first of my name and ruler of….”


The demon didn’t get the chance to finish his sentence, as he fell to his knees, as Aella ordered him to do.

Her gem turned yellow, but using her Vampire Charm like that, meaning she couldn’t use it too much.

“I…You…Who are you?”

Aella reached him, with Rin by her side, and they both stopped right in front of her.

She then took the sword she got from Melilla and threw it in front of the demon.

“Pick it up and fight. Let’s see if at least you have some skill there. “

She probably could kill him on the spot, but this wouldn’t be fun. So the plan was for her to fight the demon, and a fight was what she would get.

The demon’s command still affected Melilla and the others, so they couldn’t stop Aella’s reckless decision.

The action confused the demon, but he had control of his body once more; he picked the sword and charged at her.

Aella avoided the hits and deflected a few, which was impressive since she gave the one with the highest quality to the demon. Still, she took no damage, since none touched her.

The demon jumped behind to make some distance between them.

“You…you aren’t a human being. Not a demon either, though. What… what are you? “

Aella smiled at him as he commanded Rin to charge him.

This was a good chance for her pet to earn some battle experience against a potent enemy.

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