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The Spirit of the Seed


It impressed her the fact how quickly the inexperienced Vampire created her Power Shard. It had been four hours since they started their training, which had put Pyre's body in a considerable strain since she had to replace her missing stamina.

Still, Pyre didn't let her weakness show or her surprise.

She had thought of them not succeeding today, and she was okay with that, but it was good that Aislinn succeeded on the first day. Pyre was sure that her Charm abilities gave her a reason to keep moving, as it did with Skotos at the previous contest.

"First, I want to tell you I am not entirely sure what happened in there. I could hear a few things you heard now and then, but because our bond is fresh, I couldn't do so all the time. But I get that you met the spirit of your Power Seed."

What Pyre just said confused Aislinn.

"It seems like the Elder hasn't explained to you how the Power Shards work. But, of course, it makes sense since you usually wouldn't have one that soon."

Pyre sat on the bed to rest a bit, or she would soon fall. She motioned Aislinn to join her by slightly  'hitting' with her right palm, the mattress area next to her.

Aislinn joined her, as also her new familiar, which sat on Aislinn's shoulder. Aislinn found it weird, but she didn't mind it be there. It was better than landing on her head and messing her hair like her previous familiar.

"So, listen carefully. A Power Shard is a part of you because to create it, and you need a Spirit of a Power Seed. Inside each of us, there are those 'Spirits, 'which are part of what some call our souls. Most of them exist since the moment we get born, but there are cases of creating one, but this is very rare except in certain instances, like if someone has a bond with someone with said ability. Of course, I used to have that ability, but the Spirit of your Power Seed already existed. What you met over there was a part of your soul. It acted as the Seed to your Power Shard."

Aislinn nodded as she understood most of what Pyre said to her.

"Then what happens to the Spirits of the Seeds when the Power Shards get created?" the young Vampire asked.

"They are the same as before, a part of you, only this time you can use their true power through the created Power Shard. The power of the ability is theirs, and since they are part of you, it is yours, but you can only borrow its power through the Power Shard. You should pay attention to the Spirits of your Power Shards, especially if they are sociable, as even if they are part of you, there is a chance for them disagreeing to let you use their power. But that is mainly if you mistreat their ability or do something they don't like. Since they are part of you, though, most times, they have similar personalities to you. At least sometimes."

That was a reason having multiple abilities was difficult, as it wasn't uncommon for Spirit of Power Shards to dislike each other, leading to their owner either lost some of them or spend too much time trying to calm the waters.

"Then she is okay… what about my familiar. You said it is a flimp? What is that?"

"Sometimes, I wonder, what did Elder Gareth teach you."

Pyre sighed in disappointment, not for Aislinn's lack of knowledge but about her old teacher not explaining things to her.

But she knew the reason he didn't was that he didn't expect her to need this kind of information yet. Pyre had trained from a young age, but Aislinn didn't need to and started her training just a few years ago while the humans experimented on Pyre.

"Well, Flimbs are a type of Imps. Their normal name is Flame Imps, but most use the short version. Of course, there are imps of different elements, but that isn't important now. They are more potent than the Firebats. Their strength isn't at physical strength as this isn't their forte, but it is in using Fire Element themselves and their incredible flying capabilities and speed. You will need to feed it your Element the more Fire Elemental attacks it does, but if you increase your Power Shards strength, it will have more of its Element to use before you need to recharge it."

Aislinn kept nodding to show that she understood what she just said.

"Can I ask something, though? What did you mean that it was a loyal one? Do they tend not to be?"

Pyre smiled at her question and once more sighed at her ignorance.

"Well, I guess you aren't at fault, as you probably have met no demons. We consider imps the children of Demons, as they were a personal creation of theirs, but they grew that much and went their separate ways after a while. The ones we can summon are actually the souls of the deceased imps. Like their creators, they tend to have manipulative personalities often, but some are loyal to their summoners. Those are pretty useful, and if you treat them right and raise them, they can grow to be pretty helpful. It is easy to tell them apart as if no Imp would kneel to anyone other than someone they acknowledge as equal or their master."

Aislinn turned her head to face her new familiar, who just sat quietly over there.

"You should rest for now and spent some more time with it. Keep feeding it some of your Fire Element, but do the same for your power shard, but do it slowly and carefully. If you feel any resistance, stop and let me know. That's it for today, as I have other things to take care of. I will see you later."

Aislinn stood up, bowed towards Pyre, and got out of the bedroom. Her familiar left her shoulder and started flying behind her.

The moment Aislinn left the room, Pyre just let herself fall on the bed.

She hadn't felt that tired of helping someone for a long time. Fortunately, things worked out better than planned.

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