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Following the rhythm


Callam went towards the man that the person in charge pointed him at.

He was still thinking about what to do with Henna. Then, after they got promoted, he got the notebook with their designs in his hand and noticed that nothing was as he expected them to be.

Everything differed from what he and Henna talked about, especially what he had suggested, but everything seemed more sophisticated than what he had suggested. This meant that he had nothing to do with the designs, but it was all Henna, but she was letting others believe he was the one behind everything.

He didn't know why she acted like that, but he kept her close to him for now. She was more intelligent than she was telling, and she could be helpful in the future.

As he got to where he reached the place he had to, he noticed that there was a mess on his bench, and everything seemed to be placed around with no order that made sense.

"Oh, great, I got the newbie. Pay attention, kid, as this is the big league. One mistake, and I will throw you out of the window. "

Callam wanted to point out that the lab had no windows, but he decided not to do so and just nodded.

"So listen carefully. We are to create the chest of the power suit, which is the most important one. It contains the primary power source, and everything connects to it, so if something goes wrong at its production, the whole thing will go down. We can't have any screw-ups, understood?"

"Yes, sir."

The man smiled at seeing Callam's obedience.

"So I already put everything in place, so let's start with this one first."

Callam read carefully the blueprint of the one they would work at and memorized it.

His extraordinary sense detected that the person he worked with wasn't as stupid as someone would assume by the way his setup was.

As they progressed, Callam started noticing that what he thought to be a chaotic setup wasn't so. He didn't place them in alphabetical order, or by size, or organized where it would get used since they would need some for multiple blueprints. But he was singing a classic song from a few decades ago, and his hands were following the song's rhythm.

Every move that person did was perfectly in synch with the song he sang under his breath, but Callam could hear it as he was next to him.

Callam did almost nothing to help except passing some tools, but he admired how a person worked. It was a literary, artistic way.

When the song ended, the part that they were making was still unfinished. But with no pause, the man started the rhythm of another theme of the same era and continually changing to another when one ended. So within the hour, the man finished the part it worked too.

"So, boy. What do you think? Can you handle our work?"

Callam didn't know if he could replicate what the man did right away as it was unusual, but he was ready to try.

"I think I am ready to try."

The man smiled at him and pointed towards another blueprint.

"Ok then. Try working on the blueprint over there. The song is Tune Of Life. Do you know it? "

Callam nodded. He enjoyed old songs like that, and he was aware of them. He paid attention to how he moved according to the rhythm, and he was confident that he could handle it.

He took a deep breath and started singing the song under his breath as the other person did.

He carefully moved on by putting everything in place and drawing the runes with the special paint provided to them. He took no time to inspect everything and just moved, following the instructions and the rhythm.

His movements at the beginning seemed somewhat clumsy and slow, but as he kept going, he got the hang of it. Finally, close to three minutes passed, and the song was over, and so did he for what he needed to make.

The result amazed him, as he wasn't sure if he would do this as fast normally. This was also the first time he had to draw a rune; as before, it was pre-drawn on the weapons he assembled at lab#1.

He then felt a hand over his shoulder, and as he turned, he saw it was the person he worked with.

"You are pretty good, I see. You are learning quickly and adapting. Name is Braydan. What is yours?"

"Callam. Thank you for sharing your ways. It is unlike anything I have ever seen. How did you come up with it? "

Braydan smiled at him.

"You are the curious type, I see. Maybe one day I will tell you. Now let's move on. We have 498 more parts to make and then assemble them all to have the final chest. "

It amazed Callam the number of parts they needed to make, but he understood that not all of them took long to make, like the one he just did.

Then he thought of something else.

"Are all of them having a different song for their assembly? "

Braydan's smile got even wider as he gave his answer.

"Of course they are. Don't tell me you have given up already. "

Callam didn't know what to show. This meant that he had to remember 500 different songs to make it work. That person was crazy, but that was what differentiated a genius from just an intelligent guy.

Callam was ready to put everything he had and more on it; otherwise, everything he worked for, all this time, had no meaning.

His true adventure just began.

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