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He stayed at Base #1 for two days, discussing with Major General Deron the changes on the Bases' budget and security. Then they scheduled a meeting, within a month, with the rest of the people who know about the particular subjects.

They told them that the meeting was to let everyone know Aris joined them and discuss adjusting their plans.

So after almost a week, Ifan had returned to his base. On the way back, he researched what the USB stick that Aris gave him contained, and he was planning his investigation to find who was behind the leak.

Some of the leaked pieces of information were out of reach of anyone but him. Even his secretary wouldn't know where to find them as he kept them in a separate server, with passwords and security that none but him knew how to pass.

'Could it be that someone hacked us? Of course, but who could it be? '

The old Colonel was curious of who was behind it, and the more he searched about it, the more he was confident that it was one or more humans. Those creatures had no power over their technology, and they couldn't bring themselves to use it. This was why they were winning a lot of their fights as they hit them with something they couldn't understand.

As he reached his office and heard everything his secretary had to report to him about what happened while away, he told her not to let anyone disturb him.

He then brought out another USB stick and inserted it at one port of his computer. This was something that Aris gave him before leaving Base#1. He said that it would detect if anything was wrong with their system without warning the one behind it if it had that ability.

The program ran, and within a few seconds, it detected something. There was actually malware in their system, which was undetectable by their standard security system. Ifan's Base security was second to Base#1, so if something like that appeared in here, who knew where else it could be.

With the help of Aris's program, Ifan could control that malware to disable some of its functions but not entirely, as it could alert the one behind it. He could see the list of what it could do, and one was to give a daily report somewhere, but even Aris' program couldn't detect where.

He found it interesting that the program could also access his private server in the system, but he could adjust that.

Ifan made adjustments, and the malware would draw out of a specific folder that he had in the ready with fake reports. He always said that people had to be prepared for everything or pay the price for their foolishness.

Since he took care of this, he made his way to lab #4. He was interested to see the two recruits that intrigued the Professor to bring them under his wings.


Today was their first day at their new post.

Yesterday, they had a tour of the lab and briefly explained what they were to do.

Some of the work there was almost identical to the adjustments that she and Callam had discussed. But seemed to lack a bit at some parts. Theirs seemed to be better, which was the reason that they took this promotion.

At least that Professor was smart enough to recognize how great Callam's designs were. She had made some adjustments to them while keeping notes, but the words and inspiration that Callam gave her drove her to do so.

Their post would still assemble weapons, but this was more complex than at the first lab. They mostly would work on creating parts of power suits that were tens of times more complex and powerful than the ones they made at lab#4 and took more time to finish them.

In a week, they would be lucky if they finished two of those power suits completely. Almost every step needed to happen by hand, which they didn't know the reason behind it, but that was how Profesor ordered it to be.

Henna was excited mainly because Callam seemed so happy to be at that post and work there.

First thing in the morning, as she woke up, she got herself up and went outside the male's dorm, waiting for Callam. Some gave her a look of confusion about why she was here. She ignored them while waiting for Callam to join her.

She also ignored the whispers that seemed quite active that morning and told her to go rampage against everyone. Instead, she waited patiently, handling the torture, and then the whispers vanished as Callam came out of the dorm.

"Good morning, Callam, "she said with a wide smile on her face.

"Morning, Henna. I see you are excited for today too. "

His response didn't contain as much excitement as Henna's, but that was normal for him.

Henna nodded, and they made their way towards their new place of work. On the way there, they passed some security, but they had their credentials updated to pass with no problem.

As they reached the lab, the rest of the staff greeted them, six people who were at least double her age.

"You are late. That isn't a good start, "one of the male staff said.

Henna noticed his nametag, what had written on it, the name Augun.

"I am sorry. Passing the security took more than I assumed it would take. It is my fault. "

Henna once more was grateful to Callam for covering her. He was so nice to her.

"Well, you better not keep using this as an excuse. So you, boy, go join Braydan over there. As for you, go work with Karina over there. "

Henna was ready to say something, but she saw Callam heading toward where he told him.

The whisper started appearing once more but wasn't as loud as in the morning, as it seemed that Callam was at least close enough to weaken them. Or at least that was what she assumed to be the case.

"Hey, you. Snap out of whatever you are thinking and get to work, "Augun shouted at her.

She joined the person called Karina, who was a female around her forties.

"Welcome to the team. Ignore Augun. He is like that most of the time, but he is harmless. Name is Karina, as you heard. What is yours? "

"Henna, "she said in a low voice.

She wasn't comfortable speaking to strangers, especially with Callam not being at her side.

"So, Henna. Is that your boyfriend? "

Henna's eyes got wide, and words tried to leave her mouth, but she didn't know what to say.

"Ah... I see. No need to tell anything; just your reaction tells it all. You should be careful, though. You are still too young, and I can tell that you are inexperienced at matters of the heart. If you need any help, I am here to help, though. "

Henna didn't expect the person to say something like that to her. She really had no experience with boys, and she wasn't sure if what she felt for Callam was that serious as Karina seemed to think.

But she couldn't tell her the truth, as she knew she would consider her to be crazy.

"Tha… thank you. I will keep it in mind. So what are we going to work on? "

Karina smiled at her as she showed her the blueprints on the table in front of them. There were close to a dozen unique designs, with those strange carvings on them.

"All these are for the circuits of the left hand of the power suit. We are in charge of them all, as the rest of the teams work on the rest. Then when all are ready for a power suit, we all work together to put them together. At least most of us, AS SOMEONE, ONLY KNOWS HOW TO GIVE ORDERS. "

She said the last bit loud enough to be heard by everyone and mostly Augun since she also turned to look toward him when she said that.

"Screw you, Karina. "

"Screw you back, Augun."

Karina then turned towards Henna.

"Sorry about that, but I can't stand that guy. If he wasn't the favorite of the Professor, for god knows why he probably would be out of here. But let's start. Now that I have a helper, we should progress faster, especially if you are as good as I heard you be. "

Henna gave her a light smile and nodded as she tried to help her as much as possible.

She liked this person, no matter what the voices told them about her or wanted her to do.

Henna would never harm Karina, but Augun was on her scope.

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