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The last adventure


She moved to the nearest tavern with the three tutors. As they moved, she noticed that the Rogue Tutor was also female. Still, she had her face hidden with a mouth mask and wore a long cloak to hide most of her feminine characteristics. Aella was interested to discover why the three primary tutors were female in this town since there weren't any in previous towns.

They got a private room so that they could speak, with no one interruptions. Especially since some players followed Aella to see what would happen.

As they entered the room, the Mage raised her staff and said some words, as letters of a strange language formed from the crystal that resided at the tips of her staff. The notes spread all over the room's wall, and ceiling and when they came in touch with the surfaces, they disappeared.

This action impressed Aella, as she had seen nothing like that from any of the 8 Races' way using their Elements, and she wasn't sure what Element this Elf used at the moment.

"It is safe now to speak. Nobody can pry to our conversations, "said the Elf.

"Good. Let's get to the point. You need to give me that sword adventurer. If you don't, then you will be in great danger. "

Aella smiled at the female Warrior and showed no sign of worry over her words.

"Is that a threat? Because we can repeat the previous encounter, and this time I won't go so easy on you, "she said.

She noticed that the response seemed to have triggered the Warrior and probably was ready to attack her, but the Elf Mage put a hand over her and looked at her with a look to let her know she should calm down.

And so she did.

"This isn't a treat, adventurer. I just… "

"Name is Aella. Not adventurer, "she said while interrupting the Warrior tutor.

"Oh, sorry about that adven…. Aella. But having this sword with you will put you in danger. Not from me, but a great evil that lives in the lands looking for it. "

The tutor had the full attention of Aella now. She wasn't afraid of this evil, but was interested in it. If it was something that terrible, how much exps would it give her when she would deal with it? Maybe she would get to level 100 right away.

"What is that evil you speaking about? And why does it need the sword? "

As the tutor was ready to say something, there was a knock on the door.

The rogue tutor went to check with one dagger at the ready but had it hidden so that when opening the door, the person out wouldn't notice it.

"Excuse me, but we didn't get the chance to get an order for you. What would you like? "

The rogue turned toward's Aella.

"Ale? "

Aella nodded.

"The usual then for us, plus extra ale for our lady friend. "

She then closed the door and took her seat at the left of the warrior tutor.

"Ok, let me begin by introducing us. I am Melilla; my friends and companions are Jenhana, the swiftest hands the world had ever known, and Yesleth, the master of the Arcane Arts. We used to travel the lands as you did, going around helping people in distress and slaying monsters. But 20 years ago, we got a mission that was the biggest in our life. It was to slay a Demon Lord. "

She brought out a flask of hers and took a sip out of it since the mention of the creature seemed to have brought terrible memories.

Aella was interested in the story, especially about the events that happened 20 years ago. The people in front of them didn't seem to her to be over 30. She heard Elves were supposed to live hundreds if not thousands of years, but the Melrila showed no characteristics to be anything else but human.

"We had fought that monster for a week using everything we had, with no breaks, but the victory seemed not to get any closer. So instead of slaying it, we sealed it so that it wouldn't be able to do any of its evil deeds in this land. But we couldn't see it entirely as part of its soul escaped but is too weak to do any harm to anyone. "

Aella was interested to see what that Demon Lord looked like. The Demon race called their Elders Demon Lords, but she didn't know if humans had designed the ones in this world to be the same, but she looked forward to finding out. It has been some time since she had to fight a Demon, and most of the time was sparring, but now things would be more enjoyable.

"So what does that have to do with the sword? "

They heard another knock at the door as Jenhana went and opened it the same way as last time. She let the same person from last time get in to let the drinks at the table. Jenhana threw him a gold coin, which was too much for all those drinks, and the person let them be.

Melrila took her tankard and emptied it in one swing. This action impressed Aella, as she liked the ones who could handle drinking as most times, people either acted weird after a few drinks or passed out.

"The sword has everything to do with it. To seal the Demon Lord, we needed something strong enough to handle its soul. So we used our weapons back then, and in my case, it was that sword. It wasn't always as weak as it is currently being, but with part of the soul of the Demon Lord inside, it got damaged beyond repair. "

Aella wondered what rarity was the sword supposed to be if this was its weaker form.

"Then I suppose there are two other items with the soul of that Demon Lord. "

"You are catching up on things quickly. I like you. "

This time it was Jenhana, the one who spoke.

"Yes, it is as you said. Jenhana used her dagger, and Yesleth used her staff. "

Aella gave it some thought about what she just learned.

"Then how did the sword came to be with the tutor of the starting town. Shouldn't you have it hidden or on you at all times to protect it? "

Melrila took the drink of Yesleth and emptied it the same way as hers.

"It was something that I regret doing for a long time. You see, Brif is my ex. We separated because we knew that long-distance relationships wouldn't work since they tasked us in different towns so far from each other. So I gave him the sword for safekeeping… but then I started hearing the rumors about all the women he saw while he was still with me. "

Melrila took a deep breath to calm herself down.

Then she took Jenhana's drink and finished it, too.

"But I had to let someone else have the sword, as we all did. The part soul inside of it tried to take control over us to set them free. This effect seemed to affect only women because of the nature of the Demon, who was a total pervert. I mean, he kept trying to flirt with us the whole time during the fight. "

Melrila made a motion to grab the drink of Aella but stopped herself when Aella gave her a look that made her changing her action, as she drank from her flask instead.

"So that is why you need to give me the sword. I don't know why my stupid ex gave it to you, but if you keep having it on you, the part of the soul inside, it will take control of you and try to make you meet with the rest of it. We can't have it return to this world. "

Aella thought about her warning and then remembered that art random times, that she felt some itching on her brain, but they were barely noticeable and weren't affecting her. It should be the sword trying to control her, but it wasn't so easy for someone or something to do so with her.

"I understand. But what about the other pieces? Since they would affect the three of you, you should have them somewhere safe. More ex? "she said, as she let a chuckle after her last comment.

"They are in safe environments, away from each other. We have tried to have people find a way to destroy the parts of the souls, but no luck even after all that time. "

Aella drew her sword and let it on the table but didn't let go of the handle.

She put her other hand over the blade and closed her eyes.

"What are you doing? "Melrila ashed with apparent confusion in her voice.

"Just be quiet, "Aella responded.

She focused on the sword, and she soon detected something in the blade. It was something living, but not living at the same time.

As she came to know its existence, the entity seemed like it tried to connect with her. Aella let the connection happen, as she wasn't afraid of it.

After a few seconds, she could hear whispers on her mind, but one voice was more substantial than the whispers and tried to speak with her. But she could only hear one word at a time.

"'SET. ME. FREE…. POWER.WILL.BE. YOURS….SUFFER. IF. NO. HELP. '"the voice said to her.

Aella considered the entity pitiful and stupid for trying to ask for help and intimidating her when it clearly had nothing it could do against her. She severed the connection and put the sword back into her inventory.

"What did you do? I felt you coming in contact with the soul, but it had no power over you, "Yesleth said in a tone of surprise.

"She did WHAT? "Merlina followed with just as a surprised tone as the Elf.

Jenhana also seemed surprised but said nothing.

"I just may be able to help deal with your minor problem."

All three tutors looked at each other and then at Aella.

All of them had the same thought at the same time.

'Who is she? '

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