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Reaching third town


Aella and her party finally reached the next town. It took them several days, as it wasn't as close to the dungeon's exit as the previous one. It usually would take them just two ways, but Nalel and Jerlik had to log out a few times to take care of business in the real world.

Aella didn't let them behind as she didn't want to find new party members. Fortunately, for the next one, a party of four was the minimum. So they agreed to keep following her and join at her dungeon clears like that. They got a reasonable sum of exps even if they weren't part of the combat and got rewarded with more experience of completing the dungeon.

They got extra exps for killing the Boss so fast, which was actually record time, but the System didn't keep track of it but only cared if you killed it within a specific duration from the point a person entered the Boss Room. This was also a reason Aella got the token for Rin as a reward, as she killed the Boss within that time, allowing her to take that extra reward since she was also the first one to do so.

Aella and Rin were level 27 at that point and were too far for Aella to be happy with the strength and speed she could fully use. She kept investing in her agility for now but gave a few at strength to keep it improving slowly. Rin could take care of it if she needed something to break that she couldn't do herself without triggering the System to look for her.

She helped the rest of her party to level up, and they just barely reached level 25, which was the required level for the next dungeon.

She was eager to see what monsters she would face this time, but she had only the name of their species. They were Orcs, and by speaking with Naren, she learned a little more about them. They were humanoid creatures like the goblins, but adult size, and physically more potent, but even dumber.

Some of them were smarter than the rest of their kin and became Shamans, the mage type of the Orcs. Shamans could communicate with the Spirits, use their power against their enemies, and even summon by making temporary bodies.

Aella thought that maybe the last Boss was a Goblin Shaman, and it tried to summon some spirits before Rin took care of it. She was interested in facing them and see how their magic worked, as to her sounded like something demons could do as the souls and spirits of others fed them to strengthen themselves.

When they reached the town, she was eager to go to the dungeon, but Nalel and Jerlik were too tired to go to the dungeon. Even if they wouldn't do anything to help her, they wanted to rest in a tavern and not in the dungeon.

Aella couldn't do anything about it other than wait, so she visited the local Warrior instructor. She already learned all her last instructor's skills, even a few that she was to learn later on, but she had her ways to persuade him to teach her. But these weren't all the Skills a Warrior could know, so she decided to find out if the one here had anything new and exciting to teach her.

Finding where the local Warrior tutor wasn't challenging, as many people needed to go there for their skills, so Aella reacher her destination quick enough. To her surprise, this time, the tutor was a woman. In the first town, all tutors were male, and she hadn't checked what the ones in the second town were, but asking Naren, she learned they were all male there too.

"Welcome adventure. Are you here to learn the…. wait a minute. That sword? Where did you get it? "

The reaction surprised Aella, as nobody till now had shown any interest in her sword. At least no NPC, since some Players were looking at it with interest as it looked not to be just an ordinary sword but couldn't tell its actual value.

"It was a gift, "she responded.

She actually had persuaded the tutor to give her his sword and didn't steal it. So even if she had used her Vampire Charm back then, it was still technically a gift.

"That bastard. I thought he had changed, but he is the same Casanova after all those years. You need to give me this sword right now. It doesn't belong to you. "

The female Warrior tutor tried to grab the sword, but Aella quickly sidestepped it out of her reach.

"I am sorry, but the sword is mine and will stay like that. "

If she had asked nicely and explained the situation, why she had to get the sword, Aella might have cooperated with her. But, since she didn't do so, then she wouldn't let her have the sword.

"You aren't the rightful owner. He wasn't the rightful owner either, so him giving it to you doesn't count either. SO. GIVE. IT. HERE. "

Everyone around started making distance from them, as the Warrior tutor was letting out an aura of bloodlust as she drew her weapon. She had a sword and a shield, and not a greatsword, like the first town tutor.

Aella was unaffected by the bloodlust, as she had faced more significant dangers to her life and people that had let out stronger killing intent than that.

The tutor charged with her shield in front, and Aella knew of what she tried to do. It was a Skill called Shield Charge, which needed a shield to use it, and the Charge Skill above level 20. If you used the Skill and hit a target, the target would become stunned for a duration depending on the target's endurance, the user's strength, and the Skill's level.

Aella had the Skill available to be unlocked at her first tutor, mentioned it to her, and described it enough to have it appear at the Skills menu but as unfinished, meaning she had to successfully use it once to full unlock it. Unfortunately, she didn't have a shield, so it was still unfinished.

When the tutor reached her, Aella sidestepped at the last possible second, turned behind her. Then, before the tutor could react, Aella hit her at the back of her neck, making her slam down to the ground. Fortunately, she used little of her strength, so her bracelet didn't light up.

The tutor remained on the ground motionless, and everyone else remained frozen in that sight, as they couldn't believe what they just saw.

Since Aella couldn't learn anything from the tutor as she probably would keep attacking her, she decided to move on.

As she made a step forward, she quickly drew her sword, turned, and slashed the space behind her.

A figure appeared out of nowhere and jumped backward to avoid Aella's sword.

"How did you detect me? "

Aella recognized him as another NPC. This time was a Rogue and showed on his armor the symbol that each of the tutors had.

Aella was ready to say something but then jumped backward. A ball of fire hit the floor where she stood and exploded. She moved fast enough to avoid any damage happening to her as she looked up in the air toward the source of the attack. A female long ear humanoid, which seemed to be called Elves in the game, was hovering in the air and was slowly getting down on the ground.

Aella could tell that she controlled some air around her that kept turning like a mini hurricane to keep her afloat, but wasn't visible to the naked eye. At least not to the eyes of humans, but she wasn't a human.

This seemed to be the mage tutor.

"You are pretty fast and perceptive, I must admit. So why did you attack Melrila? "the elf mage asked her.

Aella was ready for a fight, but she would probably need to use more power than it would be safe.

"I defended myself. She tried to get something of mine, and I didn't agree, so I paid back with the same coin when she tried to use force. "

The Rogue and the Mage paid great attention to her words as they tried to find if she was telling the truth or not. But Aella had lived for a long time and wasn't so easy to be read but someone if she wanted.

At that point, the Warrior tutor started was conscious once more and stood up, but it was clear that she was still weak by that hit.

Her two fellow tutors helped her stay up as she looked towards Aella.

"How about we talk about it with a few drinks? "the female warrior suggested.

Aella agreed, and they went their way towards the nearest tavern.

As for the Players in the area, they were still frozen and confused about what just happened. And so started a commotion that would last for a few weeks.

The appearance of a monster player of unknown identity.

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