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The wolves within


The entire situation confused Rubert.

He saw Mister Chester, who was now a Vampire and had also changed in those few days that passed. His skin was a bit pale before as he didn't have a healthy life, but he wasn't as pale as the Vampire woman in the room.

The older man also was paler than Chester, but not as much as the female Vampire.

Rubert noticed different Vampires on the way here, and there was a variation on how pale each was. He also noticed that he could sense a strange smell coming from each of them. The paler they were, the stronger the smell.

Mister Vlad and the rest of the Werewolves had a similar thing, but their smell was different. Possible a way to differentiate between those different species.

He heard the people in the room talking about him having three Elements, but he still wasn't certain what they meant by that. He had discussed a few things with Vlad about his new situation but didn't tell him anything about Elements.

"Can someone explain to me what you are talking about?" he let what was in his mind out.

The older Vampire looked towards him and then towards Vlad.

"*sigh* I guess you didn't explain the Elements to the boy yet. Ok, let me explain it."

The older man gave a small speech about the four basic Elements. Then explained how rare it was for one to have over one Element residing in them.

"… and that's a simple explanation of the Elements. Both of you have more to learn, and some you have to learn them by yourselves through hard work and experience. Now let's start with your test."

Rubert was excited about what would follow, as he wanted to test what he could do with these new powers of his.

"May I ask something first, Elder Gareth?" Mister Chester asked.

"What is it, Skotos?" the Elder Vampire, whose name to be Gareth, responded.

"I heard you saying that before, about the Elements that reside within us. Does that mean that we can't use the power of the Elements that don't reside within us?"

Rubert wondered the same thing as Chester, or Skotos, as it seemed to call them now. He also wondered if he would also get a new name.

"Excellent question. Yes, you can use Elements that don't reside in you, but the difference in power is huge. It will be like trying to move the huge metallic door of this room with one finger. Even Mister Vlad wouldn't be able to make it move that way. But through training, you can have more Elements within you, but it takes a long time, and not everyone can succeed in that action. Also, the more Elements you have, the harder it is to control them as some don't interact well together. Especially with our small friend here having both Water and Fire Element, even if it gives him more options and tools to use in the future, the two Elements will be harder to control since they are interacting with each other, throwing off their balance if he isn't careful while using them. But we will go through all that one step at the time."

As the old Vampire finished his speech, he then opened his palm, and fire appeared out of nowhere over it. It took the shape of a perfect sphere, and if one didn't pay attention, one would think that it was solid by how smooth its surface was.

"Since you both have fire Element, let's test you with that. You need to focus the same way as you did on the rock and release that energy on your palm. But try to focus on the Fire Element only. If you focus on the energy, you will 'feel' the differences between them, so go for the one that 'feels' warmer. Just release some on your palm for now and then imagine it taking the desired form, in this case, a sphere."

Rubert nodded, and he closed his eyes to focus, as this seemed to be the optimal way.

He focused within him on accessing his Elements, following the tips Mister Vlad told him before for the rock.

It was like he was in a dark room without a light source, looking over something using just his intuition. He could feel this strange feeling of movement, and soon three wolves appeared in front of him.

Each of them had a different color of fur and was of a different size. The smallest one had blue fur, then the next had crimson fur, and the largest had dark brown fur.

The first time Rubert got here, he met only the dark brown wolf, but this time the other two appeared, and he knew they should each represent one of his Elements.

The one with the red fur didn't feel warmer, as the elder said, but Rubert was certain that this one was his Fire Element.

Rubert focused on the wolf, which in response, let out a howl. Red mist and smoke left the wolf's mouth, and Rubert knew that this was what he needed, so he focused on taking control of it.

He found it a little challenging to concentrate on it because even if he heard nothing from the howl of the red wolf, the blue wolf left growls, that Rubert had a feeling like hearing them without actually hearing them.

When he was certain he was in control, he slowly opened his eyes and focused for the Element to be on his palm, and the fire appeared within seconds.

He tried to shape it as a sphere, which he did but wasn't as perfectly solid looking as the one the older Vampire showed them.

He turned towards Mister Chester to see his fire sphere, but there was none as he was still focusing on letting out his Element.

He said nothing, as he didn't want to mess with the focus of his and the others in the room seemed to think alike.

He continued focusing on adjusting the shape of his fire, but he never reached the desired shape. When he fixed one thing, one or more mistakes appeared, making an endless loop.

Close to a minute passed, and Mister Chester made it to pull out his Element and shape a sphere closer to the one they saw by their vampire tutor, but still not perfect.

"Good job, both of you. You both went better than I thought you would, but you have a long way to go," Gareth told them.

Rubert enjoyed the comment for doing something right, as he hadn't had one for a long time.

"You both need some work in controlling your Fire Element, but it is above the level of a beginner, which is good news. You, small one, though, will need to work extra hard since it seems as expected your other Elements don't cooperate together well."

Rubert knew what he meant. He had to learn to keep the other blue wolf be quiet when using the energy or Element of the red wolf.

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