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Major General and new Master


He had to wait for two days to speak with the Major General, named Deron, and that only because he had the help of Aris, otherwise he would have to wait for a week.

Ifan informed him about the attack, which the Major General was aware of as all the reports came to the main base too, and he was monitoring reports from those important bases with the special subjects.

Ifan also told him about Aris, on how he seemed to be aware of their code and its meaning, which didn't surprise the General. He was aware more than anyone how capable his son was.

"So, what should we do? It doesn't seem that there are any reports of catching up or finding where the ones who attacked the base went with Subject #3. Should we increase the security of the other two at least?" Ifan asked while still keeping a straight face.

"Increasing the security would pinpoint the bases to them. From the reports, their attack was too well-coordinated, and they seemed to know exactly what we had and where it was. Since few knew of her identity, that means that we have a spy among our ranks. Even if someone recorded our conversations as Aris told you, they shouldn't have that much to go with."

Ifan had thought about it, and he agreed. Everything about those subjects was off the book, and they strictly picked even the personnel that experimented on them, ensuring that the chance of the leak would be impossible.

But they weren't the only ones who knew about the special subjects and their locations.

"Do you have any suspicions of who may be?"

They both started thinking of who could. Both of them had a few ideas.

In totals, eight people, including the two of them, knew about the capture of those special subjects as they were part of their capture. All of them had advanced in the ranks of the Allied Army, with Deron having the greatest rank among them.

"It could be any of them, really. Or maybe our informant plays double spy," Ifan mentioned.

"He doesn't have access to that much information. He wouldn't know where the subject was. Also, I have some trusted men looking at him 24/7. Without his knowledge, of course, since we can't trust him completely either. He betrayed his people even if they don't know it, but he may betray us too."

Ifan agreed to that, as he never was truly trusting that informant of theirs. Even if their information proved genuine and helpful most of the time, but once a traitor, always a traitor. But it was true that it would be impossible for him to gather that information without them noticing.

"Let's make a plan for adjusting the security of the bases for now. Then, we will need to call the rest for a meeting. Maybe that way, we will find more." Deron said after giving it some thought.

"We should adjust it to more than just the bases with the special subjects, or it would be like to draw attention to them if we have a traitor among our ranks. We probably need to draw some of the budgets of the less useful ones, but it should be possible."

They started discussing the details and changed over budgets they would do.

They could personally cover the cost, but why would they do that when they could use it this way. Those bases weren't giving any results anyway and were mostly there to report any changes. They needed little to handle that.


He was awake after who knew how long. He remembered his time in that tortured place, but vaguely. It was like something prevented him from remembering his time there, but not enough to forget that he had spent time there.

That female should be the reason behind it.

He was alone in what seemed to be a prison cell with no sign of that lady or anyone else. Still, he had these unfamiliar feelings of someone being near him without being near him. It was a strange feeling, but he didn't dislike it as that way he wouldn't feel alone even if he was the only person in the room.

The figure gave him the name Skotos, and he liked it, so he used it from now on, especially since he couldn't remember his actual name. After all that time in that place, he had forgotten many things about himself, and at the same time, he couldn't forget some.

He checked the door and found it to be unlocked. He opened it fully but then saw a figure who turned towards him.

The figure looked like a human, but unlike one, too. Skotos noticed that other than this person having thick facial hair, he also had unnatural pointy nails, which he used to clear an apple.

"Oh, you are awake. That princess of yours said that you should go to her as soon as you are up. Come on, I will get you there," said this mysterious person.

The figure started walking away, but when he noticed Skotos didn't follow him, he turned towards him.

"You remember how to walk, don't you? Come on. I don't have all day."

Skotos started slowly making his way towards him. He was confused about where he was. But then he remembered the lady who freed him and knew that she was the only one to explain what happened. The princess that the figure mentioned should be the one he looked for, or so he hoped.

Skotos noticed that his body didn't feel tired but felt stronger than before as they walked. It was strange, and he also had this strange feeling in him, like something wanting to get out, but it didn't make him feel sick or uncomfortable.

They went up some stairs, reached a vast hall, and turned towards one of the nearby doors.

On the way there, Skotos noticed some more figures, which seemed somewhat strange. Most of the men were hairy and had somewhat pointy ears and claw-like nails like the one he followed.

The rest figures also had pointy ears, pale skin, and different eye colors. Finally, they entered a room that seemed like an office area. In it, there was an older gentleman, one of the few pale male figures, and the figure from his memories that rescued him.

As soon as Skotos saw her, he fell on one knee as a sign of respect, as he also looked toward the floor.

He heard some chuckles coming from the figures in the room but not from his rescuer.

"What do you think you are doing, Skotos?" he heard her telling him.

He raised his head towards her, and she was right in front of him. He wasn't certain how she got there that fast without him hearing her. He had noticed that his senses, especially his sense of smell, had been better than before.

"Rise, Skotos. No reason to kneel unless you are told to."

He followed her command without a second thought. He had decided to follow her and pay the dept of being rescued from that place for the rest of his life.

"I am certain that you have many things to ask, and you will learn them all in time. But, as you probably noticed, you aren't a human anymore. You are a vampire, and I am your new Master. We are bonded together, but I can end the bond, which will bring your life to your end at this point, so you better be careful of your next steps. Still, I am not planning to make you do something that goes against your principles, if any, at least not yet."

"I am here to serve. I will do anything my Master asks me to do so," he responded.

He didn't care about the comment of her ending his life when she wanted, as he didn't place to disappoint her or go against her.

A smile appeared on the face of his new Master.

"We shall see about that. There are many things to discuss and learn. For now, follow Elder Gareth to start your training. Looking forward to seeing your talent on that. Try not to disappoint me."

Skotos nodded as he turned towards the older man, who seemed to be the one called Gareth.

Gareth stood up, walked in front of him, and gave him a piece of stone with a strange carving on it.

"First, let's see what your Element is. You probably know little about that, but it is what you humans call magic or mana. You should feel this strange energy inside you at this point that wants to get released. Try to focus on it and insert one in the stone."

He followed the instructions, and he was curious to learn more about this Element.

He closed his eyes and focused on the source of the strange feeling in him and tried to focus on it and control it. Gareth gave him more instructions as he progressed, and after a few minutes, he succeeded in controlling part of that energy and inserting it into the rock.

He opened his eyes and saw that the rock had turned into black ashes.

He then looked towards Gareth, whose eyes were wide open. Next, Gareth looked towards Skotos and then back to Pyre, who had a wide grin on her face.

"So? What is the result? Did I do something wrong?" Skotos asked as he was confused why they acted like that.

Gareth turned towards Skotos once more.

"You got Fire Element, just like lady Pyre and me."

Skotos was happy to learn that he had something in common with his Master and learned her name.

"But that isn't the only element you have."

It seemed that Skotos had more than one Element which should be the reason for their reaction, but he didn't know how rare could that be.

"You also have the Dark Element."

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