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The introduction


He now had 3 different subjects to experiment with.

The new Chief brought the burned bodies of the old Chief and the rest of her teammates. They proved worthwhile to examine even if there have been a few hours since they got like that.

He was getting his notes ready for the first session. He heard the discussion that the Demon named Zix and the mermaid named Corienla had. He had ordered a collar for Zix, as he didn't have enough material or the blueprint for making one himself.

He worked on his notes for a day, and the next one, he headed towards the cell area.

He called the new Chief to join him, as it would be part of the session to see how the Demon would respond to the one who captured him.

Dyan got a chair with him and sat in front of the middle-occupied cell.

From left to right, in the cells were Zix, Corienla, and Astherielle. He had read all the notes about Astherielle as she was the only one that wasn't freshly captured, but other than her name, they had no additional information about her background.

Dyan brought out a pad, input a code, and then the doors of the cells disappeared.

"Hello, children. My name is Dr. Dyan. How about we start by introducing each other. "

As he said that, a ball of fire coming from Zix headed towards him but exploded where the door would be, and no part of the explosion left the room.

"Sorry for the deception. The doors were still there. Their surface worked as monitors to project the other side, giving the illusion that there is no door. And as you had tested it out this past day, you can't break them using your fire. I know you two introduced each other, but what about our other lady? Care to tell us more about you, Miss Astherielle? "

His voice was calm, and not as severe as he usually was. He usually sounded like a principal talking to his students, but now he was like a father speaking to his children.

There was no reaction from the fairy's side, who was just sitting in a corner, playing with her hair.

After everything she went through, Dyan was sure that it would be different to get her to speak, or at least slower progress than usual.

"Well then, we will return later to our little fairy. How about you, Miss Astherielle? Anything you want to say about yourself? I have noticed that the color of your eyes betray that you have access to the Fire Element, is that correct? "he said as he turned his attention to the next cell.

He noticed a bit of surprise coming from Zix's face, hearing about the mention of a mermaid that could use the Fire Element. All the mermaids had access to the Water Element since they were born, and it was rare to have a second Element, and even rarer for Fire to be one of them.

"What's the questions about? I heard stories of the experiments you humans do. I mean, you have made a Fairy to become mute, which some people out there would like to be the case but not like that. "

The mermaid's response had anger on it, but Dyan didn't react to it. She was right to think like that, as the previous people that experimented on Astherielle did a sloppy job. They may get some results of the limits of her magic, but they wouldn't be any closer to how it worked or how they could use it themselves.

As for the comment about Fairies and not stopping talking, he had heard stories about it but wasn't sure how true they were.

""How about you, Mister Zix? Do you have anything to say? "he said with a calm voice as he turned to the last occupied cell.

There were a few seconds of silence before the Demon gave his response.

"What are you planning? If you wanted to experiment on our bodies, you would talk to us like that. "

Dyan smiled at his response.

He expected the Demon to notice what he tried to do as they were rumored to be quite good at talking and manipulating people with their worlds. Instead, Dyan was interested in learning more about their ability, whether it was actually ability and not part of their instincts or how they were taught to interact with others. Not much was known about how their society worked, as everyone focused on their abilities.

But Dyan knew they had to somehow learn how to use their abilities and weren't familiar with them since birth. So somebody should act as a tutor for them, and there may be a ranking of a sort to decide who could have a tutor or not. In the battle reports, magical creatures seemed to be defenseless compared to others of the same kind, meaning they probably were of the ones at lower ranking with no tutor.

"I am here to learn more about you. From now on, we will have two sessions per day, and your meals will follow. This brings me to my next question. What do you prefer to eat? "

No response existed for a few moments.

"What would you do if I would say I want to eat the girl next to you? "the Demon responded.

"Sounds like an odd option to me, but I guess you prefer your meat young and tender. "

The young Chief had turned towards him and was ready to say something, but Dyan made her stop from saying what she wanted with one look.

"*whistle* Now I wonder who is the actual Demon here. Well, meat is fine with me, not necessarily human. Also, cooked but try not to burn it. "Zix gave his response.

"Then how about you, Miss Corienla? Our fish options are limited, but I am confident we can cover something special for you. "

"O… ok. "

The mermaid girl seemed to be confused over the discussion they had.

"Finally, Miss Astherielle. You seemed to like fruits and berries more than eating any animals. Will try to keep the freshest ones at our disposal for you. Some fresh juice of a family recipe should also be up to your tastes, I hope. "

He paused for a bit before starting speaking again.

"So, if you have nothing more to tell, this will be the end of our first session. Today's meal will be late since we have to adjust it, so try to show some patience. Will see you before dinnertime. "

He input a code at his pad, which made the doors appear once more. He then stood up, took the chair at its place, and started his way towards the lab.

He had been recording everything, so he had a recording of Zix making a ball of fire and throwing it at him, so he had to study it.

He also gave to the still confused new Chief to inform the kitchen staff about the meals they have to prepare for them. She said nothing and just followed orders, but Dyan could tell of her confusion about the reasons for what he was doing.

But he knew better than the others. Just experimenting on their bodies would lead them to nowhere, so he had to focus on their mindset. He was confident that this was the true secret of why humans couldn't use magic as them or at least point him in the right way.

There were stories of people with unusual powers like that of the magical creatures, but most of them had mysteriously disappeared or were crazy people making things up.

Dyan was confident that he was on the right track to becoming even more famous than that charlatan they called The Professor. He had never met him but had seen his work since most of the Allied Army used it, and it didn't impress Dyan.

They were valuable and powerful enough to fight against magical creatures, but only if used in large numbers to cover each other imperfections.

Dyan was planning to create the ultimate creation that would bring his name as glorious as it should be since the start. He studied the footage of Zix shooting a ball of fire and the pics he took of the different burned bodies.

This was just the first step.

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