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A girl meeting her hero

=== Henna===

She was sad to leave home, but her father had pulled many strings to go at the specific base even if she didn't want to. But she could never go against her father, and she was glad that this time wasn't any different.

The first day was quite dull getting a tour and seeing the base that wasn't as impressive as expected. Maybe it was because most of the base was restricted to them.

She noticed all the other people, who got in the base with her, and even if some tried to, nobody impressed her. All of them looked so stupid.

They put them to assembly duty, which was a simple task for her. Or would typically be. Her mind wasn't clear as she heard those almost whispers on her mind coming and go at random times. They were too many, and each said something different to her, making it challenging to understand what they were saying. She was like that since she was born, and she got used to them, but today they were louder and more in number.

She got distracted enough to almost cause a colossal accident, but HE stopped her. Callam, her hero.

When she got a good look at him, the whispers dissipated suddenly, which hadn't ever happened in the past. They were coming and going, but never so suddenly. She stayed as close to him as she could, and the whispers didn't return even for a second.

She had to work till later at night, but she was glad as the whispers had disappeared entirely. She tried moving away from Callam to see what would happen and if she was over one meter from him; the whispers started again but were weaker.

She had to go to her dorm at night, meaning away from Callam, but at least he came with her to the door.

She wanted to tell him to stay with her, but she was never that close to a boy and didn't dare to do so. The whispers weren't too active at night, so she should be ok.

As she got in and ready to get to bed, she realized that she told Callam's name even if he hadn't introduced himself. She knew the name cause from the few things she could understand, some were to do bad things to people nearby, and at a time, Callam was the only one there.

She didn't know how the voices knew what they were telling her. Other than telling her to do things, they were also telling her information about others.

She didn't know why Callam suddenly had this effect on her, as even her father never affected her like that, but she was glad she met him.

Over the next few days, she spent more time close to Callam and noticed how brilliant he really was. She had met many people who her father considered brilliant, but she proved how stupid they really were in a few of their quiz nights. If she could beat them, how smart could they be?

But Callam could feel that he was different, but she couldn't pinpoint what that feeling was.

They had a lunch break together, and even if Henna wanted to discuss, she didn't know what to speak about.

The next day, she decided to speak about the blueprints they worked with and share their impressions of them. Callam seemed excited to have this discussion, and Henna was happy that she thought about it. She was keeping some notes of what they discussed to maybe in the future show it to the person in charge of them to possibly earn some points.

Almost a week passed since she got to the base, and she kept having so much fun with Callam by her side, but he seemed to want more from the base. He was looking around in places they didn't have access to and even secretly hacked some files, but he never told it to anyone, not even her.

She didn't mind, as everyone deserves to have their secrets.

Even if he was so good at it sometimes, he slipped up and made some minor mistakes, but luckily she secretly followed him and fixed those mishaps. Fortunately, their system wasn't too complicated, even if her father said they had top security. If this was top security and couldn't handle her mediocre skills, people were sillier than she thought.

The fifth day since they got her, the man who was looking over them now and then came at her and Callam's working stations and noticed her notebook. She had it left there, as she got some notes she thought of and didn't want to forget, and would discuss at lunch break with Callam.

"What is this? Are you gathering info to leak? GUARDS. "

The man didn't give her a second to explain as he threw his accusations and called the nearby guards.

Henna was frozen in space and didn't know what to do. But then, once more, her hero appeared. Callam stepped in front of her to be between her and the one who accused her.

"You two must be together. I have noticed how you two are spending so much time together. Handcuff them both, and bring the girl to my office for questioning. "

Henna was smart enough to know that the person had other intentions. She had seen the looks he gave her from time to time, and she had considered him discussing. Her father had warned her about people like that and knew how to deal with them when in danger.

"This is ridiculous. There are just notes of ideas of ours, not of info from here. We aren't spies, "Callam was trying to defend them with his words as one guard was putting him in handcuffs.

The guards didn't stop and handcuffed them both.

Then the person in charge came in front of Henna and brought his hand towards her long hair, but he stopped as he had to put his hands elsewhere. He fell to the ground in pain as he covered his private parts that were cracked by a fierce kick from Henna.

This was the best way to deal with perverts, according to her father.

The guards did nothing as the man took deep breaths to deal with the pain.

"Get… get them out of…. damn you little…."

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING THERE "a voice shouted and cut the person from finishing his sentence.

Everybody turned at the source of the voice, and everyone knew who that was. One who was considered the savior and an authentic genius of Humanity; the one they called The Professor.

The Professor got closer and looked at everyone, and then grabbed the notebook from the person's hands. He flipped a few of the pages, and his eyes widened just a bit.

"Where did you get those? "he said as he looked towards Callam.

"Si, they are clearly spies. We should… "

"LEARN YOUR PLACE, KID. TALK IF I SAY TO "the old man cut him once more mid-sentence.

Callam swallowed some of his salivae and didn't seem able to speak for a reason.

The old man turned towards Henna.

"So? Can you speak? "he told her.

"Callam and I designed them. Well, mostly Callam, I just wrote them down. "

The Old mana starred at her for a few seconds, with a severe face. Then a grin appeared.

"How interesting. One so young has so much talent being on assembly duty. Such waste is unacceptable. "

He then pointed towards the two guards.

"You, remove their handcuffs and get the boy and his helper access to lab #4. You get this piece of trash to get punished for his disrespect. A level 6 punishment should be enough. "

Hearing about the punishment, everyone was surprised, as they knew that this was a very severe one. Punishment could go up to level 10, which was the death penalty, but anything above 5 could cause death, or at least permanent severe injuries.

The guards followed their orders, and the man that you get punished tried to ask for mercy, but none was given.

Henna noticed the excitement in the eyes of Callam as they followed the guard to get everything they needed for their new post. She was glad for him and that she could join him.

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