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On the way to second dungeon


After exiting the Dungeon, she started hunting monsters in the wild, which weren't as many as in the Dungeon, or giving as much experience. Still, they were perfect to train Rin and raise his level.

Next, Dungeon's minimum level for one to enter was 15, and she needed to have a party of four, meaning she was missing two members since Rin counted as one.

Rin increased a bit in size every five levels, and when he reached level 15, he was double the size of his starting size. Still, he wasn't bigger than a normal wolf would be but was closer to the size of an adult one. He was still way smaller than Rinther, and even Aella wondered when he would reach that size. She could ride him at that point; that sounded very fun to do so.

With each level up, Rin also could use a little more of his strength, but the increase was noticeable every five levels once more. Currently, he could use close to a quarter of Aella's strength and speed with almost no problem, but this didn't seem to be his limit yet.

When she reached level 15 with Rin, she made her way to the town. She could continue until he reached level 20, but this would take too long, and she knew that his power was greater than it should be either way.

She had to get some to join her party to fill the needed numbers of members. However, she still had the money she got from the people when she first awoke, which was a sizeable amount, so she could just hire people to follow her.

She also had other ways to persuade people, like using her Vampire Charm, which she used a bit during her time earning her class. It worked as normal, but she couldn't overuse it as the warning gem was turning to danger zone fast when she used it.

She reached a big open area as she entered the town, with many players making simple stands or holding signs and shouting. They were selling materials, equipment, and other useful items that Players could use, but nothing that Aella needed.

Some even seemed to be up for hire for joining the Dungeon, but before she could start looking over them, she heard an exciting scream coming from behind her and somebody's footsteps who ran towards her.

As she turned, she saw a young adult female human trying to hug Rin, but he avoided her easily with his speed. The woman was disappointed she failed and had her hands under her melon-sized chest as she looked towards Aella.

"Is this your Pet? How much do you want for it?"

Aella already didn't like this girl. She knew her type, the spoiled brat that thought that she could get everything she could.

"Not for sale. And is not it, but him, " she responded.

A man having his mouth covered with a cloth mask that covered his neck too had stepped next to that girl.

"Lady Nalel, we should move on. I am certain that your…. "

"I WANT THE WOLF" the girl shouted before the person got the chance to finish his sentence.

The man sighed as he turned towards Aella.

"How about the two of us duel for it? If I win, we get the wolf."

"And what if I win?"

"You can name your price then. But don't expect me to go easy on you."

Aella had a grin on her face as she accepted the duel request he sent her through the System.

A timer appeared over them that counted down from ten, and when it would reach zero, they could start fighting. This way, the NPC guards wouldn't hunt them if one killed the other, but they would hunt them if they caused any damage to the surrounding buildings or people that had nothing to do with the duel.

The man had a pair of daggers appear out of nowhere, one at each hand, and he charged towards Aella.

His speed was impressive, as he had a Rogue-based class. It should be one of the special ones, which made Aella angrier as she didn't have access to them. One needed to buy access with real-world money and not in-game money.

She easily avoided all his attacks and even deflected some of them using just a finger. However, she hadn't drawn her sword yet.

The man took some steps back after seeing that his attack had no effect. He probably wanted to make a new plan, but Aella didn't have that much time to spare.

She charged towards him with an unexpected speed and punched him with force strong enough to send him ten meters back over one stand of a person.

The duel was over as the man's hp had reached under 10%, but he hadn't died.

The young girl ran towards her fallen companion while Aella walked over there. Unfortunately, she used more force than needed, as the gem was currently orange, but she didn't worry about it.

It stunned the owner of the destroyed stand to see the state of his business and was ready to scream towards Aella, but she threw a pouch at him. It was full of gold coins and was more than enough to build 10 more stands like that. Aella had no use of them currently, so she didn't mind paying for something like that. She could always earn more easily.

Aella noticed the girl started using magic over the unconscious person, and some of its scratches were quickly closed. The girl was a type of Healer that was another special class.

Aella could use her, not for her as she could auto-regenerate, but for Rin, who had no ability like that. If Rin died, he would turn back to his coin form, would lose a few levels, and she wouldn't be able to summon him again for some time. As a Warrior, she couldn't learn any healing magic, and she didn't know any as Vampire, so a person like that would be useful later on.

The man seemed to be powerful too, but he was just unlucky to face her.

"I decided. You two will join my party," the Vampire Princess said as the man got back to his senses.

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