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The beginning of a bond


She was successful in turning the man, even in her weakened state. However, she was curious how strong the person would get to be.

During the whole progress, she got some of the man's blood, but mostly to mix it with hers so that she could create the bond between them. The bond allowed both of them to be strengthening each other while within a range.

Normally, something like that wouldn't have a significant effect on her, but she could feel the difference in her current state. Maybe she should find more humans to turn to, but she had to be careful with her choice, as not everyone could survive or have a similar amount of benefits for her.

She tested the control of her Element a bit, which also improved, as instead of just sparks, she could form a tiny ball of fire. Still not good for combat, but an improvement. If the man got stronger, she would get stronger too through the bond, so she had to put him into fierce training soon.

She then heard footsteps from behind her and smelled a familiar scent.

As she turned around to see the werewolf man that rescued her and even brought her new minion.

"Oh…. my hero is finally here."

She walked towards him, and she could hear his heartbeat going faster. It seemed that someone had secret feelings for her, but she wasn't unfamiliar with the lust of others towards her or her sister.

"So you are, Vlad. Correct? We didn't have a chance to talk with each other yet."

She got closer to him as she stopped right in front of him. Her face was just a few centimeters away from his.

"I think I owe you a reward for rescuing me. I also heard you helped my people quite a lot while my sister and I were gone. So what is it that you desire?"

This was a common game that she was trying on people. She actually learned from a person of the Demon Race, who also seemed to have a similar ability like their Vampire Charm.

Vlad swallowed some of his salivae as he seemed to try to keep himself from resisting the temptation.

Pyre enjoyed watching this fight but telling the truth, and she wouldn't have a problem fulfilling them. She hadn't been with a werewolf for a long time, and the person in front of her seemed like a perfect sentiment in their race.

"I…" the werewolf started speaking while seemingly still having an inner battle.

"Yes? What is it?" the princess said as she got a bit closer, to the point that they could feel each other's breath. Or at least she could feel his, as hers was as steady as ever.

"I… I need to know what you did to the human," he finally told her.

The response surprised Pyre.

The person in front of her had a stronger mentality than she thought. That was good, as it was more entertaining this way.

She didn't continue her attempt as she started putting her clothes on.

"I turned him. He had an interesting mind that could be proved useful. It seems to had been through personal hell for some time. But from what I heard, I wasn't the only one who had some fun."

She was certain that the screams she heard were from the boy and that the Werewolf was behind that. They were screams of pain; while it was because one of her people was consuming his blood, it was different. The humans were feeling some pleasure instead of pain, and some were letting those feelings out during the feeding.

"Wouldn't call it, having fun…. He is just one of use now." The werewolf admitted to her.

"Oh, so we both got a new toy. How interesting. Well, I will be on my way. But I still owe you a reward. So ySo you can ask me whatever you want, and if it is within my power, I will make it happen."

This time she didn't use her Vampire Charm. She really meant what she said, as she really thought that the person deserved some reward.

She admired his well-built physique. But, like most werewolves, at least the soldier ones, he wore nothing to cover his top half, just some pants for his lower half. She was always curious about what happened to those pants when they transformed into their wolf form. But, of course, she would have noticed if they got destroyed during their break at the camp.

"I will think about it."

Since she had nothing else to do here, Pyre started her way out of the area of the cells. She noticed the unconscious guard and the lack of the body of the werewolf one, but it was an expected scenario. She didn't plan to do anything about that. As at least each followed the orders of their genuine leaders.

As she reached the upper level, she started looking for Elder Gareth so that maybe they had more training now that she was more powerful.

Fortunately, the range she could benefit from the bond was large, as she probably could even leave the castle and still get its effects, but they would be weaker.

As she headed towards the main hall, she noticed form over her some movement. Something small seemed to have flown over her head and headed in the same directions she did.

She was curious about what this creature was, as she didn't have time to get a good look at it. It seemed to be something quite small and fast, though.

As she continued her way, she saw in front of one of the pillars a Vampire girl, reading some notes, while on her there was a firebat familiar.

Familiars were something that few vampires could have. One had to create its body with its Element while summoning a Spirit to take control of it. Of course, Pyre could summon familiars, but since she didn't have the Power Shard anymore, she couldn't summon any except some of the weaker ones.

Firebats were actually one of those that one could summon without a Power Shard, but even those not just anyone could summon them. Only the ones who could use the full ability could.

So the girl seemed to be one with the same Element as her and also having a rare ability.

Pyre didn't recognize her, but she seemed somewhat familiar to her.

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