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The lead scientist


For the first time since Dyan became the one in charge of the research department of Base #64, he was exciting. But, unfortunately, they were among the bases with the smallest budgets, and most times, he had to buy new equipment from his pocket.

He hated that these simple-minded, higher-ranked fools didn't recognize how much his ideas actually were worth.

Finally, though, after a lot of persuasions, which involved some bribing, he had them bring him some specimens to experiment with. He expected to work with a vampire or a werewolf, but they made it clear that those were kept for the more 'important' bases.

He had kept himself updated on reports of all 8 magical races and discoveries made by the other bases, although some pieces of information weren't accessible to the public. He had his way around some of the private servers of the Allied Army, even if he didn't have the clearance to do so.

It wasn't his fault that they never heard him about the updates on the security that he had suggested many times in the past. But, as always, he was ignored, so he used it to his advantage.

He heard the van's engine sound that would bring the specimens, so he headed towards the hangar it was supposed to stop at.

When he got there, he noticed that the van was smaller than expected and actually brought out only two specimens. He expected at least a dozen, but it seemed once more he drew the shortest stick.

Both specimens were female, but they were of different races. One was a fairy, and since she had light brown hair, Dyan knew that this meant that she was an Earth Fairy, meaning she could use Earth Magic. The second specimen was a Mermaid, but it didn't have a fish's lower half as they could change between having legs or fishtail.

The Fairy was wearing a dress made of leaves connected perfectly together, and unlike her body, which had some wounds all over it, the dress seemed undamaged. She had a pair of semi-transparent butterfly-like wings at her back, which seemed to be also in a fit state. Her eyes were of similar light brown color to her hair, a sign that she was just having the Earth Element as if she had another Element. Her eyes would indicate it depending on the Element.

Earth Fairies were among the least interesting subjects to have, as even if they had healing magic, nobody had found a way to duplicate it, not even the Professor. Hence, they considered it to be impossible.

As for the mermaid, her skin was blue, which was the sign that Daryan noticed that she was a mermaid, and she was wearing simple clothes provided by the army, unlike the Fairy, who had her own clothes still. In addition, her hair was light purple, and her eyes were orange.

Both of them were wearing a metal collar, which was a security measure of the Allied Army for its subjects or prisoners. The collars were connected to one or more hand receivers that had a button, that when pressed, would let the collar release some high voltage to the one wearing it.

Daryan went forward to speak to the van driver, who seemed to be the only person for the delivery.

"Are you the one in charge? Mister…..Dyan ?" said the man as he looked through his papers.

"Of course, as you can see," he said as he pointed at his nametag, which was clearly visible on him for others to read.

"Oh…sorry about that. Well, here is your delivery, so where are their cells?"

Daryan knew the reason that the man didn't even take a look at his nametag. It was because he had darker skin sign of his lineage. He was from the center part of Emerias, a desert area, and the people leaving there weren't letting technology in their lives. Some said that these people were communicating with the Magical Races, and that's why they didn't let technology 'corrupt' them, but even Darian wasn't certain about that.

He had left his people a long time ago to find out what the rest of the world was, and through hard work, he came to be where he currently was. He was used to people thinking lesser of him, but that gave him the advantage of surprising them with his actions.

Dyan led the way, and now that he thought about it, it was actually a blessing that they didn't send a dozen subjects as they didn't have the rooms to keep them. They barely had two available for those, as the rest were used mostly as store units or extensions of his lab, as they weren't giving him an extra budget to make those extensions.

"So, where are those two from before they got captured? How long ago were they captured? What kind of experiments have…. " Dyan kept asking questions one after the other to the person without giving him a chance to answer.

"I have no idea. I have this notebook only. They told me to deliver it with them. Most likely contains the answers you need." responded the man.

On the way there, Dyan speed-read the notes and found out that they captured the Fairy 14 years ago, and they heavily examined her. Or one should say heavily tortured instead.

One of their tests to check her healing abilities was to break both her legs, her right arm, and most of her chest, leaving only one arm to heal herself.

It took her two months to heal herself completely, but only two weeks to be functional once more.

They had found out that she always prioritized fixing her wings if they were damaged, and then her dress, who seemed to be part of her although they were still not certain of its use other than be a piece of clothing.

As for the mermaid seemed that she was actually captured a few months ago, and they had done no examinations on her or her abilities.

They soon reached their cells next to each other, and as Dyan signed some papers, he got the receivers for his collars. With that, the delivery man went back to his van and drove his way out of the base.

Daryan went through the 'tortures' of the fairy, and the barbaric ways these people used on her disappointed him. He found out that the Fairy's name was Astherielle, while the mermaid's name was Corienla.

His way of research wouldn't be that bloody or cause them that much pain.

At least not physical pain.

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