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First days in the lab


It's been only two days since Callam got to the base, but many things have happened since then.

The tour when he and the others got here didn't last long, as they didn't have access to many of the places on the base. They could go to the public ones like the bathroom and the dining hall and from the rest only Lab#1.

At Lab#1, they had to assemble power armor or different type of energy guns that the soldiers of the Allied Army would use. They used the mana gems, which the Professor was famous for creating, as a source of energy, but the rest of the design was pretty basic.

Even the mana gem they worked with wasn't of a specific Element, just a neutral one that was good for just being a source of energy but with no other effects.

Callam expected they would work with something more advanced or help research on advancing what they already had, but they didn't even get a chance of giving their suggestions.

They had already fired four of the people he arrived with, as they had messed up with the assembly for one of the power armors, leading it to be unuseable and also destroying its mana gem.

He also had made a new friend and a female at that. He was never good with people, especially of the opposite gender, but with her, it was different.

On their first day, after the explosion of the power armor that led to the group of four getting fired, everyone paid attention to what they did and their surroundings. Callam was working on assembling energy guns since it was a one-person job, unlike the power armor.

Working on the power armor assembly could earn him more points for the person in charge of looking over them, but it was safer, as if others screwed up, you would look bad too then.

The girl also assembled energy guns, and she actually did so in the workstations next to Hallam's. Hallam noticed that Henna was one of the people whose aura changed when she was working on a task, and it was actually changing dramatically.

When she didn't work, she had an aura of a regular person, but as she worked, it kept changing and increasing in power. Hallam paid attention to her if he could find the reason behind it, and it was fortunate for both of them to do so.

She was ready to add the mana gem in its specially made chamber at the handle of the gun,  but she had forgotten to put around the chamber a special lotion. The lotion kept the leaking energy of the mana gem in it for enough time for the whole assembly to be over, and its design would start using this energy for the gun to be factional.

If he put the mana gem like that, the whole thing would explode before she would finish the assembly.

She caught her wrist that had the mana gem to stop her.

At that point, she froze as she slowly turned towards him.

"You forgot to use that." He pointed with this other hand towards the bottle with the lotion.

Her eyes got wide, and as at that point Callam left her arm, she put the mana gem back at the table and then bowed at Callam.

"Tha… thank you. My name is Henna."

That was all that she said and stayed like that for some time.

"You two slowpokes over there. Quit wasting time and go back to work. Both of you got a warning and no dinner for you today."

The person in charge noticed them and shouted at them. However, it seemed that he didn't notice what Henna almost did.

They got back to work, and actually, they had to work during dinner too.

When they finished enough for the person in charge to be happy, they were to go to sleep. Callam tried to have small talk with Henna on the way there, but she seemed to be too shy to speak with him.

He walked with her to the part of the base where female low-rank personnel like them would sleep and then turned to go toward the place where male personnel was supposed to be staying at.

"Thanks again, Callam."

He turned around to ask how she knew his name, but she had already gone inside.

She also sounded more confident in this last sentence.

On the second day, nothing changed work-wise, but he noticed that Henna seemed to work faster than yesterday.

At the lunch break, she also joined him and had lunch together, though they said nothing to each other. At least it seemed like they had gotten somewhat closer to each other after that almost incident.

Callam also noticed something pretty weird happening on the base that day.

There was a door with guards on it, which was the case for most of the doors, but at this one, he noticed that only some high-ranking personnel were getting into it. He had seen the Professor and knew actually where his lab was, and it wasn't behind that door.

He actually knew beforehand all the base's rooms, as he had found a recent blueprint. It wasn't legal to have, but he didn't have any ill intentions. The door, though, and the secret room weren't in the blueprint, and it didn't seem to be a fresh addition.

He wanted to learn more about it, but he could only dream about it with his current access. But then a plan formed in his mind.

It would take some time, but if it worked, then things would finally start getting pretty interesting. He may even get the chance to work with the Professor himself if everything went well, but he would be happy if he could just get access to those tools that enabled the user to use magical creatures' abilities.

Dreams would become a reality.

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