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First Dungeon Part 2


She kept obliterating every Kobold she found and found that she had to use ten percent of the speed and strength for her bracelet's gen not to change color. It was enough to defeat these monsters easily but not enough for Aella to have her fun.

But she found out that every time she leveled up, she took a stat point she could add to her main stats, and she mostly cared about her strength and agility. By increasing those two, according to the notebook, she would increase the limit of her power that she could use, but the change was barely noticeable.

She could also increase her endurance, which would give her more health, but she didn't bother with that. The rest of the stats, like intelligence, weren't useful for her class, either way, so she just focused on her strength and agility.

As a warrior, most of her skills were strength-based, but she focused first on upping her agility to strike fast and true with no worries of the system finding her. Then she could focus on increasing her strength, but her current one seemed to be more than enough for some time.

The sword she got was quite impressive and well-crafted, as it had handled so many battles and had not even a single scratch on it or became any less sharp.

As she moved deeper into the cave, she started encountering stronger versions of Kobolds, called Kobold Soldiers, who started having armors, or more specifically different pieces of armor, equipped and using actual blades made from metal, not stone.

Then there were Kobold Archers with bows that some were bigger than them, trying to shoot arrows at her instead of stones.

Finally, Kobold Assassins tried to sneak at her, but she noticed them long before they got the chance to start their ambush.

Finally, Aella reached a vast room and noticed that there was no other way to continue further.

There were a dozen of Kobold Warriors and Arches in the room, as well as some Kobold Assassins that tried to hide from her.

There was also a bit larger Kobold than the rest, who had a large two-headed wolf at his side.

The System had named the Kobold Xomchu, the Bold, while the wolf was Rinther the Devourer.

It seemed that this was the Boss Room, and Xomchu was the Boss, while Rinther was a pet of his. Aella was uncertain how a weakling like him had tamed a beast like that, as the wolf was four times the size of the boss.

The notebook didn't say much about the details of the dungeon or how the monsters she would encounter acted, but just their names and their level ranges. But Aella found the level ranges to be wrong as when she got high enough that she was supposed to see theirs, she couldn't, meaning they were even higher.

She didn't mind it, but the next time she met that hooded person, he should be ready for a beating.

She was currently level 9, and she couldn't see the level of most of the creatures in the room, other than a few of the archers. Meaning that everyone was level 10 or more.

But even then, she easily handled all the enemies and increased the level of her skills by playing with them and not actually aiming for the kill.

The wolf seemed to be quite fast for his size, and maybe he would be a challenge for Aella when she was level 1. But after putting some point to agility, the speed she could freely use had increased, and she handled the wolf easily like the rest.

The boss didn't join the battle but kept shouting what Aella assumed to be orders, in a strange language that she never heard of. It seemed like humans had made languages for their creatures, which made things even more interesting. It seemed like they were like the Beings from Beyond, who created his father and the rest of the Firstborns.

Aella kept using her skills as much as possible, as she reached both Charge and Fury Slice at level 14, as she leveled up once after a few kills.

Since she had reached her goal, she stopped playing with them and finished the battle by taking the kill. But, unfortunately, the wolf and the Kobold Boss, who thought that they had everything under control, didn't have the time to realize when Aella was fighting for real, since at that moment, they were already dead.

As she finished, lights came out of her, which happened each time she leveled up, but it happened multiple times this time.

She reached level 20.

A panel appeared that congratulate her for finishing the dungeon, but she didn't read everything in it as she wasn't interested.

Then at her hand appeared a coin, with the head of a wolf on it.

She used her Appraise skills, which would reveal information of items, but it only revealed its name and nothing else. If she increased its level, it would reveal more information, but to take exps on it, she had to keep using it in new items, and the rarer they were, the more exps would give. That was if she took any info about it,

It was called Pet Coin (Wolf), and just by appraising it, she raised her Appraise Skill from 1 to 8. This meant that this item should be pretty cool to give that many experiences to her skill, for it is partially working on it.

She concentrated her thoughts on using the coin and a panel, asking her if she wanted to use it appeared. She pressed the Yes option, and the coin disappeared from her hand.

In front of her, a little puppy appeared with a single head and looked nothing like the one the Boss had. Its fur was black, which was the only common thing that it had with Rinther.

Another panel appeared, asking her how she wanted to name her new pet. Since she wasn't good with names, so she went with Rin, as she found it cuter than Rinther.

As she confirmed the name, the Panel disappeared. Rin woke up, stood up, and started looking towards his new owner.

Aella took her notebook outside to look at what Pets were, as she remembered seeing a section about them.

She found out that pets bonded with their owners, who was the one who summoned them. Ownership couldn't change, and the bond was great.

Apparently, the pets could use that bond to be partially as strong and fast as their owner. How much that part was depended on the pet's rarity, which Aella didn't know what it was for Rin.

She could command Rin to do what she wanted, so she ordered him to run around the room as fast as he could. So he started running, making a circle around her, and kept getting faster and faster. But at a point, he seemed to had tripped, and because he was going that fast, he hit a wall.

The system let Aella know how much HP, or health point, Rin had, and it seemed like this didn't affect it much.

Still, Aella found out that he had reached over twenty percent of her actual speed and seemed like he could go faster; he just didn't experience enough to handle that much speed.

She then commanded Rin to hit a stalagmite, that its base had a perimeter of at least two meters.

As Rin used one of its paws to attack it, in impact, many cracks appeared on the stalagmite, and it was like a minor explosion happened at the point of the impact.

Again, his strength seemed to be a little over twenty percent of hers.

With a little training, the percent would probably increase a bit, and there was a chance of a Pet to evolve at certain levels depending on its rarity.

Unfortunately, Rin was currently level 1, but Aella could raise its level quite fast.

The System considered them to be in the same party, so they shared experience when next to each other.

After she beat the boss, an opening appeared at one of the walls, with some stairs that lead up and outside his cave.

As she got outside, she noticed some monsters, and she knew that a town should be a few hours from here.

But first, she decided to help her new pet to level up.

Heading 1



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