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First Dungeon Part 1


She read the notebook that the mysterious hooded man gave her, and it didn't seem to be too complicated.

The first thing she had to do is decide on a class. To do so, she needed to have a tutor for the class she wanted to earn. All the tutors were NPCs, which seemed to be people designed to act in the game by the System.

Unfortunately for Aella, her options were only three; Warrior, Rogue, or Mage.

The Mage class would allow her to use Air Element and other Elements she could never use, but it sounded too boring.

Both Warrior and Rogue were to fight up and close, with the former be focusing on pure force while the latter on speed and accuracy.

In the end, she chose the Warrior class as she liked the tutor and his big sword. She had actually had some private sessions with him and tested the limits of his stamina's which were quite impressive for a human. But she had to remind herself that he wasn't an actual human, but something they created with their technology, but she was impressed with how real everything felt.

She messed around with him for two days, but she had mastered all his skills in less than half a day. The System still considered her level 1 Warrior, but she had more Skills than a level 10 Warrior.

Normally, the tutors would teach the players a new Skill as they leveled up or completed Quests, but she had her way to persuade him otherwise.

In the end, she had to leave to challenge the first Dungeon.

Apparently, the first one was the only one she could challenge by herself, as after that, she would need to form a party. But she was certain that she would find a solution at that time. Persuading people to do what she wanted was one of her special qualities.

She reached a cave entrance, and she was ready to enter it; a system's panel also appeared as an invisible barrier preventing her from entering. It seemed like she had to pick some options, so she did in a hurry to let herself start. She needed some actual action with her new great sword.

She wondered if the tutor would mind that she took his sword, but it was just a rare one. It didn't seem that powerful, and the book said that rare was the second quality out of four for an item, after common, meaning it shouldn't be that hard to find.

She got teleported into the cave system with no exit behind her, just the way ahead. She had her blade in hand, but she walked in a relaxed manner like she was taking a walk at the park.

Stones were thrown at her, but she deflected them with her blade at ease and even made them go back in the same direction they came from with even greater speed.

Screams of pain were heard as the creatures who tried to ambush her came out. They were small creatures, the size of a young adult human, but looked nothing like a human.

They had a long snout but a little more reptilian than doggy-like, as also their whole body was reddish. They had a reptilian tail and just wore a loincloth. Most of them seemed to have a slingshot and a pouch, and they had some stones in them to act as ammo.

Some even had stones that were shaped to be pointy and act like daggers.

The System let her know that these were called Kobolds and had question marks next to their names.

Aella knew that this meant that their level would be there and the reason for the question marks was because they were higher level than her. She was still level 1, and she didn't level up in any of the monster fields outside, just came here right away.

Some of the Kobolds were damaged, as they were the ones who threw stones at her and got them deflected back to them, and some of them seemed to be damaged to one of their eyes.

Aella moved quickly, using one of her Skills called Charge, to give her an extra speed boost. She used close to twenty percent of her normal speed, but still, she moved quicker than these creatures could handle.

This battle was over by the time the first body hit the floor.

Her trinket was yellow, meaning she had enough of her true power to trigger the system to look for her. However, it seemed she had to lower how much she could use.

She continued battling with no break and even tried to get a taste of the blood of these creatures. Kobolds weren't one of the 12 Races or similar to any of them, so she wondered how they tasted.

Maybe their face looked a bit like that of the Dragon Race, but Aella had met none of them in their actual form as they used to keep a human-like appearance in every meeting.

Consuming their blood didn't have any change at her, and it wasn't as good as human blood but wasn't too bad either. It was like water to her, good to manage her thirst, but not over drinking it.

She read in the notebook that dragons were part of this game, and she wondered how close to the real thing they were. She looked forward to meeting one and maybe even fight them. Since these weren't actual dragons, she wasn't breaking any rules of the council.

She started using mostly her Charge Skill to move quickly towards them, even if it boosted her to move in a line, and also Fury Slice, which was one of the last skills the Warrior Tutor taught her.

She had to keep using them, and with each successful use of them in combat, they would earn exps on their own and level up.

But the skills of someone could reach up to their level as Players +4, meaning as she was level 1, they could at maximum reach level 5. She had used them in training enough to get the handle of them, but because it wasn't actual combat, she had earned no exps to them.

The skills also could reach the maximum of level 100, which the user had a chance to evolve that skill, but that was supposed not to be easy. But she had to be level 96 at least to do that, so she didn't worry about it for now.

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