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Wrong time to wake up


He started getting his consciousness back as the memories of what happened started appearing in his mind. He was asleep at Mr. Chester's alley, even if she wasn't supposed to, but this was the only place he could rest without people finding him.

He was alone for half his brief life, as his mother had died of some disease. They were too poor for her to visit a doctor or get medicine.

He had tried to make a living by helping others in the town, but most people, even if at the beginning, seemed to be friendly they were shouting at him every time he made something wrong.

His last job was of a very creepy guy who had asked him to do a delivery. He did the delivery, but it seemed like he had to also take something from the person he delivered it to, but nobody had mentioned this. They had put him in a room by himself, and he could hear the person and some other creepy individuals for what they should do.

Fortunately, the room they had him locked in was somewhat damaged and had a small hole that Rubert could force it to get wide enough for his tiny figure to pass through.

He couldn't leave the town, as he didn't know where to go, so his only option was to hide for now.

He had reached the alley and hid between the trash or the 'treasures' of Mister Chester, as Mister Chester called them.

He was used to the smell since he was living in places like that all these years.

At a point, he needed to go to the bathroom, and he didn't want to add this to the smell, so he got out of the 'treasure' pile. But he saw a person heading towards the asleep figure of Mister Chester.

The person seemed to notice him as he turned towards him, and then darkness.

As he had opened his eyes completely, he felt a big headache and some pain at the back of his neck.

He raised his hand to see where he was and noticed that he was tied with a robe on some kind of pillar. He was in a vast hall, and in front of him, there were multiple figures.

He saw Mister Chester, unconscious while it held his head, a beautiful but very pale lady.

He noticed that many other figures seemed to be somewhat pale, but not as much as the lady. He also noticed that most seemed to be females.

Next to the beautiful lady, he also noticed the man from his memories, who was over Mister Chester's body.

They seemed not to have noticed that he was awake as everyone was looking at the beautiful lady.

Then the lady moved some of the long hair of Chester that was in the way so that she could see his neck. She then opened her mouth and bit his neck, as Rubert noticed some of her teeth to be longer and more pointy than they should.

He had heard stories about them, but he had never met one, but he knew that this was a Vampire.

He didn't want to scream, but one left his mouth before he could control himself.

One of the nearby female individuals turned towards him.

"Oh, you are awake already? Well, we can't have your screams disrupt our lady's time of getting some food. So how about you SLEEP."

The last word of hers, Robert heard it loudly in his mind and could hear it repeating itself repeatedly. He felt his eyes getting heavier, getting tired, and want to sleep.

But then something inside him held him from falling asleep, and he opened his eyes as wide as he could.

That seemed to surprise the woman, as she didn't expect what she tried to do not to work.

But then he felt a familiar sensation at the back of his neck as the darkness returned.


The boy impressed him.

Not only it got his senses back sooner than it should, but he also resisted Ramona's charm ability at such a young age.

Ramona wasn't an Elder one or even one of the soldier Vampires, but she was among the oldest vampire they had other than the Elder. She was old enough to have been alive when the King was still around, but she was just a kid back then.

As most of the other Vampires there were here, she had been taught by the Elder how to use their Vampire abilities and their Element. Normally, this was something that only the ones belonging to the military or the Royal family. Still, after the war between the humans and the 8 Races begun, the Elder considered this rule impractical.

He knew that their Charm ability wasn't as strong as it used to be, but it shouldn't have gotten that weak to not affect a child like that.

He had a plan for the child's fate, but he wasn't planning to force him into it. Even if they were at war with humans, he didn't hate all the humans. As with his people, there were some good humans, and he believed that especially the children like Rubert were among them.

He focused back on Princess Pyre's feeding, and fortunately, he did just in time as he had to stop her. If she continued, she would have killed that man, and they needed him alive to feed her more times.

He ordered his men to take him away while told the Princess to rest.

He then untied the boy and told Ramona to follow him.

Fortunately, what he had in mind would work, otherwise, it would be a waster of time. But something in his guts was telling him that his plan would work, so he took the boy in one of the rooms upstairs.

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