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Twin's fate part 1


She awoke in an unknown establishment. It seemed to be some Inn, and she could see many humans being around, having drinks and eating.

In a corner that seemed to be clear from tables and chairs, a crowd had gathered.

She went to join the crowd as started hearing sounds of fighting

It seemed like there was some kind of tournament, as they selected a pair each time and fought as people bet who will win.

Aella was interested in joining and reached the person who seemed in charge.

The moment they noticed her, everyone turned and kept staring at her. Aella was used to it as humans couldn't handle her looks, and some were letting their lust taking over them and act stupid.

The person in charge whistling as he saw her and seemed to enjoy the view.

"Well, hello there, honey. It seems like I have an early birthday gift."

"I want to join whatever this fighting event of yours is."

As she said that, there was silence, and then the room filled with waves of laughter.

She didn't react, even if she wanted to slit the necks of everyone in the room and dry them of their blood. But she kept her calm for now.

"…oh, you are serious? What is your level, baby?"

Aella looked at him curiously, as she wasn't certain what he was talking about.

Another round of laughs filled the room because of her response, but she stayed there doing nothing.

"I am sorry, but this isn't for newbies. But you can stay and watch. I have a great seat over here for you."

He was currently sitting, and he used one of his arms to slap lightly one of his legs to show her she could sit there.

She got her face closer to him, and the man seemed to have gotten quiet, but not out of fear.

"How about if I lose, I will pay double what everyone will bet against me?"

The man seemed to think about it, but then a thought seemed to come to mind.

"And what about if you don't have enough money to pay?"

It seemed they thought of him losing the bet hadn't even crossed his mind.

"I am certain I can pay you in other means."

She winked at him, which seemed to have been enough even to cause some movement in his lower parts.

She straightened herself as she waited for his final decision.

"Alright. But you will have to beat three of my people. If you lose even once, then it is game over no matter how many you have defeated."

Aella smiled as she nodded, showing that she agreed to that deal.

She couldn't remember when she had the chance to fight humans, but something seemed weird to her. Everyone was dressed unusually and had blades with them, which humans stopped using a long time ago.

She also noticed that their hair and skin color for a few were strange, and some seemed to be too pale for a human, but she could tell that they were humans as she detected their heartbeats with her extraordinary senses.

Maybe she was at one of those special festivals of theirs, that they were dressed in a theme or something. But, no matter the reason, she wanted to have some fun.

Her body felt a bit stiff, and she needed some action. So fighting was perfect at this instance.

Still, she couldn't use her full strength, or it would be a massacre even if she could enjoy one at this moment.

Her first opponent was decided, and it seemed the one in charge wanted it to be over as soon as possible, as he picked the biggest person in the room to fight her.

"How about you give up, sweetheart? I will buy you a drink if you do so. Otherwise, don't…. "

He didn't get the chance to finish his sentence as Aella appeared in front of him in a split second and had her fist on his stomach. The man spat some blood from his mouth and passed forward as Aella appeared back to the place she was before the battle started.

Silence filled the room, as nobody seemed to believe what just happened.

The person in charge was the first to snap out and started giving his next orders.

"Quick, take this weakling out of the ring. And when he wakes up, tell him he is banned from this establishment forever. You there, you are next."

He pointed towards a man of normal size, but he had his mouth covered with a scarf. He wanted to keep a mysterious look.

The man entered the ring and raised his hand to take a fighting stance. He had covered his hands with bandages, but Aella could tell that they didn't have any injuries.

This time Aella waited for him to make the first move as she stood there, but not entering a stance like her opponent.

He took a few careful steps forward as he kept reading her movements, and after he got a bit closer, he started his charge.

He was quicker than Aella thought she would be, but it was like he was going in slow motion when compared to her speed. Still, it impressed Aella, as she knew that this speed of his was more than what an ordinary human could achieve.

She kept dodging his attacks and sometimes made it seem like he had made an impact, while in reality, she just moved away just inches before he made contact.

He knew she was toying with him, and this was making him angry, while for the rest, it seemed like he had the upper hand, even if Aella didn't show signs of being injured.

But soon, the man got tired and started slowing down, so Aella ended the battle with another punch. However, this time she seemed to had overestimated her opponent, as she used too much, and she blasted him through one wall, making a hole at it.

The crowd went silent once more, and then cheers begun. It seemed like people were excited about the next fight, but nobody wanted to be next.

The person in charge didn't know who to send, as it was his last chance.

The bets had stopped since the first battle, and many people had bet against her, and if she won, he would actually lose everything he had to pay everyone. But, of course, he couldn't let that be, but the woman in front of him wasn't a normal one.

"How about in the last battle, you sent multiple ones? Making it more exciting."

Aella could tell that the man didn't know what to do, so she gave him some false hope.

The man took the bait and pointed to a dozen of people. Aella said multiple people but didn't say how many. He was certain that he had finally beaten her, but he quickly regretted it.

Aella moved so fast that she left afterimages behind, as she punched each person she had to fight in the chest, and she returned to the place she normally stood when the fight began.

She moved that quickly but had used more power than needed, as all of them got blasted outside the building, making more holes in the walls.

She then walked towards the man in charge, who had become pale after seeing the fight's result.

"Time to pay up."

A smirk was on her face, and for a second, her form became like that of the devil after coming to collect.

"You… you clearly cheated. This whole deal isn't…" he didn't have time to finish his sentence as he got trapped into an air bubble and couldn't breathe as it removed all the air from inside it.

Aella had done the same thing for everyone else in the establishment, as it was clear that they would attack her. Or so she believed to be the case.

Either way, it seemed like she had earned the massacre she wanted.

But then a hooded person appeared in front of her.

"That's enough. You have drawn enough attention. Let them go, or you are doomed."

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