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The rescue


He had finally found the whereabouts of one of them.

It's been a little over 30 years since he started the search and finally had a result. It impressed him that the humans could keep that location a secret for so long. If the 8 Magical Races were working together, he could have found this place sooner.

After the King of Vampires fell to a comatose state, even if he left the Princesses in his place, some were working on taking over and raising their power on the Ranking. The Princesses were nowhere close in power to their Father, but they could persuade most of the Council to keep things as it was. Still, there were a few that were working in the shadows.

His people had selected the replacement for the council to represent them. Or so it seemed, as the majority didn't seem to like his way of dealing with things, but there was nothing they could do.

Vlad had left his clan looking for clues for the Vampire Princesses since that was when the humans had become a real danger to them, but their Leader did nothing about it.

He had a few men who trusted him more and would follow him, even if doing so meant to be exiled from their people since their Leader ordered not to do anything against the humans.

But the humans had attacked them and killing or imprisoning their people and the other Magical Races, so how could they just stay doing nothing?

The human base was huge and had many defenses, but Vlad's source of information contained a secret way to enter the base and how to reach the main energy core that would disable most of their defenses.

Still, they had to fight humans and their pieces of machinery, but with the element of surprise, they dealt some serious damage to them and reached the room in the base they aimed for.

It was one of the labs, and in the middle of it, there was a large glass tank filled with greenish liquid that had a single female humanoid inside it. In different parts of her body, there were tubes that, on their other end, connected to a piece of nearby machinery that seemed to be there for monitoring her vitals.

Vlad ran towards the control panel near the tank and brought out a piece of paper with some instructions.

He followed them by pressing the different buttons and switches on the panel.

Finally, an opening appeared at the bottom of the glass tank, letting the liquid be drained, but it wasn't big enough for the figure to get through it.

When the glass tank got completely drained, Vlad punched the glass to get the person outside.

She was completely pale, but Vlad knew that this was her normal color. The paler a vampire was the purest was their bloodline, and this was one of the Princesses, who, other than the King of Vampires, were the only ones with a completely pure bloodline.

Vlad used his cloak to cover her naked body, as he used his innate ability to turn into a gigantic wolf. Then, with the help of one of his men, he had Pyre tied to him and then started running outside.

He had ten people for this operation, and the other eight were causing a distraction. They were destroying whatever they could to weaken the humans for a time, as the humans would recreate what they destroyed. They didn't have enough time or workforce to destroy the base, but this wasn't the reason they were here.

As Vlad and his man got outside the base, they let a loud howl to let the rest of their people that it was time for them to retreat.

The operation was a success, and fortunately, other than a few minor injuries, they came out unharmed.

After a day of traveling without a break and making sure that nobody has followed them, Vlad and his people made a camp and took a rest. The place they headed wasn't too far, fortunately.

But since they were safe for the time, Vlad checked how the Princess was.

She wasn't the Princess of his people, but he respected her and her sister. Unfortunately, he wasn't old enough to have met the King, as it was over five and a half centuries since he had fallen to a coma, and he hadn't even reached the second century of his life.

He didn't hear a heartbeat from her, but that was normal since the Vampires didn't have one, so he had to check her breathing, which seemed to be normal.

He moved up a little one of her eyelids to check her eyes and noticed that the iris was red, meaning that this was Princess Pyre. Her sister, Princess Aella, had light grey irises.

As he kept thinking about what else he could do to make sure that she was ok, he noticed her eyelids moving as she opened them and looked towards him.

It seemed like she wanted to say something and tried to move but was too weak in doing so,

"It is ok. You are safe now. We are going to be back home soon, so rest for now," he said as he tried to calm her down.

She closed her eyes to rest. Vlad knew Vampires didn't sleep as humans or most of the other Magical Races but were getting in a similar state called Trance. The only difference was that they were aware of their surroundings during this state, making it harder for someone to ambush them.

He gently put her on the ground, and he used his Earth Element to soften it up as much as possible to make it comfortable. His people could be born with using multiple Elements, but he could only use the Earth Element as most of his people.

He was more of a fighter and had his magic more to help him in simple tasks.

As for what he said to Pyre of them getting her home, it was true, and he wasn't referring to his home.

They headed towards the Castle of the Vampires.

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